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    Partying with Daniel Radcliffe; Dancing in the mirror

    by , 10-12-2014 at 08:47 PM (443 Views)
    I woke up at 4:30am, so I decided to try WBTB for 10 minutes.

    When I tried to sleep, I kept feeling the onset of sleep paralysis, which freaked me out so I resisted it for a while.

    I eventually fell asleep and dreamed about a GTA-style game in which two women are chasing each other in their cars. The pursued woman traps the other woman somehow and paralyzes her, holding her hostage.

    Then I am in this game, in a race against another woman driver. I quickly get bored as the track is small and circular, so I get away into another part of the map.

    The dream turns lucid when the GTA setting turns into the trailer for some action movie with a "buddy" theme. The stars are two young men, with specific ages - one aged 17, the other 23. The 17-year old is played by Daniel Radcliffe. The 23-year old was another famous actor, but I can't remember him.

    I end up in the trailer with them, racing through the streets in various vehicles until we get to their home - a large house somewhere off the map.

    I hang out with them in a poorly lit room somewhere on the ground floor. I think it was the living room. We chat for a while, then they both leave to another room in the house, leaving me alone in the room.

    I notice a wall-length mirror, so I look at myself. I look as I normally do. I decided to dance in front of the mirror, and this is where it gets interesting: when I exaggerated my arm movements, in the mirror my arms were still at my side. I waved my arms around wildly, but the reflection only showed me making smaller movements, still at my side.

    I decided to leave the room and explore the rest of the house. Outside the room was a long hallway that was dark. It was only lit by lights from behind the doors along it. The first door to the left had a red light, possibly coming from a TV, where Radcliffe and his friend were hanging out. I thought about walking in, but decided to see the rest of the house first.

    The other doors were slightly ajar, and seemed to be bedrooms. All of them seemed to have a female occupant sleeping on a bed. I decided against walking in there and disturbing them - I could not be bothered to deal with a DC screaming about a strange man in their bedroom.

    I walked further along and ended up in a wood-panelled kitchen. It was spacious with a lot of cupboards mounted from the ceiling. The counter was in the middle, and I walked around it to explore the other side of the kitchen.

    This is where it got scary: when I reached the opposite end of the kitchen, a man emerged from the door that I came in from. He was a tall, elderly man with an eye that was messy somehow - like half of his face was rotting. He spoke to me in a Scottish accent, and started coming after me around the table.

    He chased me around the table, reaching out for me, trying to grab me. I don't think he had malicious intent - in fact, judging by how he was smiling, I think he wanted to hug me. But I wasn't sure. Besides, he looked so freakish that I didn't want him anywhere near me.

    After a while, I got sick of being chased around the counter. I stopped, turned around and slammed one of the cupboard doors in his face, shouting:

    "Get the f*** away from me!"

    He turned and fled back through the door.

    My sudden aggression woke me up. It was 6am.

    I went back to sleep and had some dream where I was being chased by gunmen in some sci-fi setting, my recall is a little hazy on that one.

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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Very cool LD Pickman! Congrats again!!