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    1. Abusing Richard Branson's hospitality

      by , 09-20-2014 at 07:32 PM
      This lucid dream is brief, and I think came in the middle of the REM cycle, so my memory of it is hazy.

      I'll start with the non-lucid parts, which I only remember in fragments. The dream seemed to revolve about Richard Branson being my new manager at work. He has also let me stay with him in the spare room of his house, and I have to share the room with a coworker of mine - a young woman who I see often but don't speak to very much.

      The two of us start hanging out together a lot. We seem to get pretty close to each other, although no sex or anything like that. At one point I am sitting in our room and she returns with some weed. She rolls up a joint and shares it with me. I get paranoid about the Branson's finding out, so I open a window and smoke leaning out of it. At one point Richard or a member of his family turns up in our room and I have to hide it.

      At another point in the dream, I walk through my city during a beautiful summer day. I am walking with Vicky, a girl I knew from school and haven't seen since. We meet another girl I haven't seen since school at a crossing.

      Here is the lucid part: I end up doing a lot of travel by train. It was in one of the train station that I realized I was dreaming. I think I am with the coworker mentioned above. I see two women who work as cleaners on the station and I decide to speak to them. Whatever I said (or did) seemed be horribly offensive to them and everyone around them. I must have been lucid because I always feel the need to do something completely innapropriate.
    2. Escaping in the night

      by , 09-07-2014 at 09:32 PM
      I forget how this situation arose, but I find myself being held captive in my own house by a group of people I can't remember. The thing is, no one is pointing a gun to my head or anything. I could leave, but for some reason I'm afraid to. There's some real psychological issues to unravel in this one.

      I become lucid when I meet a woman who I have seen in the past as a hypnotherapist - only she doesn't look or sound like her. It is night, and she tells me that we should just get up and leave. I know this is a slightly nightmarish dream by now, so I decide to go with her, just to see what would happen. Despite knowing this is a dream, I am still hesitant to leave. Like I'm not supposed to do this or something.

      We just walk out of the door without any opposition and get in her car. She drives us away and chats to me as she does so. The streets are empty. I'm really nervous for some reason. I look into the rear view mirror and I see the silhouette of a man in the road behind us in the distance. He seems to flit in and out of view. He looks like he is wearing some tribal headdress - like a bear-skin or something.

      The hypnotherapist notices that I'm staring into the mirror and has a look herself.

      'Oh yeah,' she says, 'it looks like there is a man behind us.'

      This was the point where I woke up.
    3. Harassing people in gym

      by , 08-19-2014 at 11:29 PM
      The non-lucid part of the dream involved me having to attend multiple family weddings in one day. But every time I show up to the party, it isn't on for some reason.

      The lucid part is where I found myself at my local gym. The weather outside the windows looks grey and wet. I notice a man who I haven't spoken to in about 10 years. I realize I am dreaming because the only time I have ever seen this guy since then is in my dreams. Also, he is doing a bench press on the floor instead of using the rack, and his set is taking forever.

      I run over to him to see how real he is, and I jump and try to pounce on him. He disappears before I land, leaving nothing but the barbell on the mat.

      I get up and move around the gym, just to see what else I can do. This must be the point where I either woke up or lapsed into non-lucidity, because I remember nothing else.
    4. Spanking the manager

      by , 08-09-2014 at 12:12 AM
      My dream recall last night was pretty fragmented, but I remember being lucid. I'll get the non-lucid fragments out of the way first:

      I am visited by an American comedian I like, he gets bored quickly so I take him to this crappy takeaway place. I queue up to pay for the food, and the cashier makes things unnecessarily complicated. While waiting for the cashier to sort things out, I meet an old school friend in the queue, and we complain about living in the town we grew up in.

      I am resting on a couch. A magpie flies around the room and rests on my head.

      A plane crashes into the sea near China. A group of Asian kids (Japanese? Korean? Not sure about nationality) survive and are separated from their families, and have to start new lives in China. I watch a BBC documentary about how they are mistreated in Chinese schools.

      Here is the lucid dream:

      I am being marched down a dark underground corridor by one of the managers from work. She is okay in real life, but in this dream she seems evil, like a concentration camp guard. I don't know where this corridor leads, but once I turn lucid, she stops moving and seems to freeze. I turn and try to talk to her, but she seems utterly still, like a mannequin. It's like she has become catatonic. The only movement is her eyes that look at me and follow me as I try to get her to react.

      At first I just do the normal things, like say her name loudly, clap my hands in front of her face, gently pat her on the cheek. I get no response. She's like a shop dummy.

      Then I slap her ass. I thought that might get a response, but still nothing. I had to have been lucid at this point, because there's no way I would have done that if I wasn't 100% certain I was dreaming.

      I leave her and head back the other way up the corridor, looking for something fun to do.

      I must have either woken up or lapsed into a non-lucid after this, because I remember nothing else.
    5. Bullying the Teacher

      by , 07-31-2014 at 10:22 AM
      The first dream was a non-lucid:

      I have moved into a new flat with a large group of people, and for some reason, someone has thrown a party. This means that there is a table in the kitchen that is filled with cakes. Someone else from the party seems to be intent on making off with literally armfuls of cake. I just have my eye on a single chocolate cake that looks appetizing, so I make off with it, although I don't get to eat it.

      I meet my brother at the party. He has a new black dog, and he warns me off feeding it with chocolate.

      Then I perform a WBTB, and finally get a lucid:

      I am in one of the old technology classrooms from my secondary school, but I am surrounded by my current coworkers. A short Indian man is giving us a Physics lesson.

      Being lucid, I get up from my seat and decide that I am going to try and hit on one of my coworkers. The women I have my eye on are not sat next to empty seats, so I can't get near them. I don't know why I didn't just go up to one of the DC's next to them, throw them off their chair and take it, but never mind.

      Instead, the only empty seat I find belongs to the teacher, so I take it while he is moving around the class. When he approaches me, I tell him "too bad, this is my dream, GTFO".

      (I'm not this much of a dick in waking life btw)

      He looks really sad and dejected, and suddenly I feel guilty. I stand and let him have his seat. Unfortunately, the dream didn't last much longer.

      I wake again and attempt another WBTB.

      This time it fails, and I have a non-lucid dream about being Kevin Smith's PA. For some reason he is in my home city, and staying in my parent's house. We get back home one night, and he tells me that I can go into the kitchen and make myself a glass of coke if I like. I accept, and I ask him if he would like one. He says yes, but gives me these crazy instructions for how he wants it made. It was like a bizarre cocktail of ingredients he wanted in his pint glass of coke, and all I could remember was that it finished with two cinnamon sticks.

      Instead of going to the kitchen, I end up in the local city centre in the daylight. The ground is strangely slippery, and find myself sliding along the streets like it's winter and the ground is frozen.
    6. Burning Building; Justin Bieber's funeral

      by , 05-03-2014 at 10:28 PM
      I see myself as a character in an old videogame from the early 2000's judging by the graphics. My character is a Londoner and a "guard" of some kind - a rough, macho character. I am with a group of other characters in a huge building that is on fire and falling down in places.

      One of the other characters is a famous BBC newsreader (Susanna Reid if you are familiar), but instead of being herself, she is a timid, anxious "librarian" in boring clothes. She is running around a lot, and doesn't seem comfortable around me in my macho Londoner guise.

      I can't remember the other characters. For some reason we are all split up, trying to find a way out of this place. My character falls (jumps?) from a walkway down onto a room in the ground floor below where the roof has caved in. The room has one door, but outside the floor is burning and resembles molten lava. The only way out is through the roof and back onto the walkway above. I know there is a way, but I'm not sure what that way is.

      There was another part of the dream where I had memories of my life as this tough London geezer, where he would create fake public funeral's for Justin Bieber for a laugh, and watch as his fans would go hysterical over it.