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    A Transformation.

    by , 01-21-2012 at 07:05 AM (587 Views)
    Used some Maca and B-vitamins after waking last night, and felt like "just weird" Maca is good for energy and stamina, not a stimulating kind like caffeine, but more of a conscious awareness, and apparently also Libido, tho I never noticed that. Anyway on with my dream: I slipped into a dream, rather easily last night after going back to bed for a wild. The dream began with me in a dark room, where a mirror was by my bed, A mysterious voice said you have used it before, haven't you? I said I used it to turn into an animal. The voice said how did it feel, realistic? I said yes, and that it made me feel free. The voice said how so? I said it opened up my mind to odd ideas not possible, in waking life. The voice said what is waking life?! And I suddenly was in sleep paralysis. Strong electricity, buzzing, and total oblivion. While fighting it, this same voice said it's going to change your life, fight it off and it will set you free. The buzzing subsides and I just know I beat it back to a dream. The same voice said welcome back to the dreamworld. At this point I said what's going to change my life? Voice: That you remembered. I was like wow, this is one incredibly vivid conversation for a DC, so I asked who are you? My dream name is Silver Ghost, but I am also you. I have a dream name? Yes. Do others know this name? Yes. (Goggled it after the dream, and got a 1906 car) After that the voice said look at the mirror, and change. I changed into the same Fox-like animal that I have done a few time's before, only this time was way more vivid with white fur. "Now run around someone's dream your connected to. You don't know them but do whatever you want" is the last thing the voice said. I left my house and was in apparently someone's dream. I think it was just my own dream, but I'm open to anything, really. There a woman said look at that dream character, hey wolf are you a wolf? I said I don't think so. Are you dreaming too? I said. She looked at me sexually, and this wearied me out. Are you real doggie? Want to play a dream game? I asked what that was and she said A Transformation? How did you do it, in my dream? So I approach her and she pets my hair, winks at me and I woke up. So complex by far my longest most comprehensive conversation and totally meaningful.

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