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    Side Notes

    1. Starting Over #1: Beast's Windshield Fail, Flying Ant Suit

      by , 01-19-2012 at 02:30 AM
      Type: Regular dreams.
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      I'm making a serious attempt to LD again, starting with improving my dream recall. But since my recall and lucid count is so poor, I'm going to start slowly instead of pushing myself to remember every single detail of my dreams. Last night I recalled two dreams (along with some others from previous nights), which I'll combine in this single entry.
      Dream 1 - Beast's Windshield Fail

      I was the cockpit of a small plane that was supposed to be the X-Jet, but this "cockpit" was huge. It was very similar to the final place where Captain America and Red Skull fought in the film Captain America: The First Avenger, except with no junk or clutter everywhere. The flooring was tile and there was the same huge contoured windshield, which let a large amount of light into the jet. I was right at the windshield and I knew that there were seats behind me with Moira and Charles sitting in them, but I didn't turn around to see. I was looking outside, there below I could see trees and plains. In front of me, a bit more upwards, I could see wispy clouds whizzing by. On the jet's left-hand side I knew there was an exact same X-Jet with Beast, Banshee and Magneto in it. They were with us trying to fight off some enemy ships, which were quite a ways in front of us. I was strongly aware of their presence in front, even though I couldn't see them.

      All of a sudden, our jet suddenly started moving downwards sharply, but I didn't actually feel a shift in gravity or even fell over - I just saw more of the ground, because we were tilted towards it. We did a few maneuvers and ended up leveling out again without getting that close to the ground, but then, I saw something fly into view from the left and smack into the middle of our jet's windshield. It was Beast. I didn't see his face; I simply saw his body make contact with the glass, making a bit of a crack, and ricochet off. I also heard the "thump" noise that one hears when a bird hits a window. I wasn't concerned, and I simply continued to look out the windshield. I heard the same "thump" again and looked back to the windshield to, somehow, see Beast once again smacking into the glass! This happened two more times and I ended up getting pissed off that "he kept doing that".

      Upon waking, I laughed. It was very comical.

      Dream 2 - Flying Ant Suit

      I was in the front grounds of my school, which basically consists of a parking lot on the right side (coming out from the front of the school) and a much larger grassy area on the left, with a sturdy black metal fence on the two sides where the property is next to the streets. It was daytime; the sky was a light, pale shade of blue. I was in the grassy part of the schoolyard but instead of it being empty like in real life, there was a play structure in the middle of it. I was about ten feet away from the structure, in the shadows it cast from a random light source (I couldn't identify the location of it upon awakening, as there wasn't a sun...).

      In front of me was a stuffed animal made of that shiny, plastic-like beanbag fabric; it was supposed to be an ant. The whole thing was relatively dark grey and it consisted of a large head with two big plastic eyes, and a round, slightly pointed body. It was very cute, and the whole thing was a couple feet taller than me; it was a suit of some sort, which I could get into and fly off in. It was sitting upright but I noticed that there weren't any legs, like I somehow knew there were supposed to be, so I walked up to it and lifted the head up; there was a dark mesh hole (like some mascot costumes have where the face is) underneath. I pushed on it with my hand and, even though I didn't actually see them appear, there were now six plush legs hanging from the ant's body. I tried to find a zipper or opening to get into the suit but I couldn't. I was looking for three or four minutes until the dream ended.

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