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    Memorable Dreams

    1. False Atonement

      by , 02-10-2012 at 08:50 PM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was in some kind of warehouse that was filled with boxes, and it almost looked like a location from the Halo games. The lighting was very good, because the large windows let in lots of light from outside. (From my vantage point I could only see blue skies outside the windows, so I didn't know where I was supposed to be). There were a few people around whom I didn't recognize, just minding their own business, not really doing anything. I was walking towards the center of the room, where a large wooden crate with metal trim was present. It was rectangular in shape, a good 10x5x5 feet in dimension, and it was propped up on its end, so it was very tall. It was surrounded by a few other metal crates which had large chains wrapped around them, each complete with the a large silver padlock.

      "I know who did it!" I yelled, supposedly to someone who was sitting on top of the rectangular crate, although I couldn't see them up there. There was no response, but my dream-self believed that the person did indeed say something, so I continued. "What this man did was wrong and vile, and we must do something!"

      I looked on the left of the crate to see my sister walking towards me with a disconcerted and fazed expression on her face. I walked towards her, and we hugged each other. Somehow, I knew that she had been kidnapped and made to perform very bad acts in front of a camera, held of course by the kidnapper. Her friend was also forced to do this stuff, but they had run away at an inopportune moment.

      "It was [my boyfriend's name]!" I shouted after we let go of each other. "He is a sick person! He must be killed!"

      The dream fast-forwarded a little. Now, I was sitting on a very short wooden crate in front of one of the large windows, and my sister was nowhere to be found. I looked into the center of the room and saw that the large crate was gone. In its place was a very clean, neat drawing of a large black circular ring, which was probably five feet in diameter. My boyfriend was standing in the middle with his hands behind his back, and he looked at me pleadingly, but didn't speak. I scowled at him and said, "you really think I'll tell the truth?" At this point in the dream, I knew that he didn't actually commit the crime against my sister and her friend, but I was mad at him for some other unknown reason (a petty one, though), so I wanted revenge.

      I don't want to describe what happened next. All I'll say is that a man with an axe came in, my boyfriend got on his knees, and there was blood. Albeit the blood was more like dark powder that burst and dispersed into the air, fading away.

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    2. You'll Never be Good Enough to Use Mjolnir!

      by , 10-04-2011 at 06:54 AM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This dream was totally badass. And I never use that word. The weight of the hammer, and the force generated by swinging it and flying with it, was unbelievable. The sensations were realistic, not to mention the action was some of the best I've ever had in a lucid. Guys, if you want epic flying, speed and power all in one dream, use Mjolnir!

      At the start of the dream, I was in an area that looked like an abandoned town straight out of a Western film, but it had a slightly spooky vibe to it: there were decrepit wooden buildings in two (very straight, neatly-arranged) rows going down a flat plane of rocky, gravelly land. That was often typical of Western locations in film. An interesting twist was that in this town, there were shiny barbed wire fences connecting the sides of the buildings from one to the next, and the coloration of the dream as a whole was very pale, getting dark but not quite midnight, and blue-gray. There were some pale darker browns here and there, too. I saw a few tattered smoky white-colored flags hanging on a slightly upwards angle from the very top of a couple buildings. These flags were pretty small, probably only a foot long.

      I was walking through the town closer to the buildings on the right, traveling a bit slower than normal. I wasn't creeped out and I didn't have the ominous feeling that the dream could turn into a nightmare, but I was just slightly unsure for some reason, being cautious as I walked through the town. My gaze didn't move and I just looked down towards where the town ended, which as a whole was probably only 300 feet long. At the end, spanning from the last building on the left to the last one on the right and blocking the exit, was a large pile of shiny dark grey mud that was probably taller than it was wide, at around ten feet tall. There were large chunks of dried dark grey mud in it which were also fairly shiny, and I saw a few large black garbage bags buried amongst the gunk too.

      I walked towards this pile for a minute or so, and got within forty feet of it before I saw two men walk up to me from behind the third- or fourth-last building on the right. One of them was dressed in a red RCMP uniform and had shorter black hair, along with a black handlebar mustache. He had a long, completely silver rifle slung over his back; the strap being brown leather. The other man was in a pale green military jacket and jeans; I wasn't looking at him too much so I don't remember other details. The RCMP man looked at me intently while the other guy just started veering off, running over to the left and completely out of the picture. He probably went into a building or something.

      I stared down the man for a mere few instances and, most opportunistically, became lucid.

      It took me a few moments longer than normal to realize the extent of the fact that I was in a dream. I kind of just stood there, wide-eyed, but then I smiled and said out loud while fist pumping, "fuck yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

      I looked around and felt no need to do an RC, but I did rub my hands together and walk over to the right, attempting to look at one of the buildings in detail. When I wasn't lucid the buildings all appeared normal, but upon closer observation they looked kind of funny. The building was made of lighter-colored wood logs, almost like a cabin, and was composed of two stories; the second story had a balcony with two supporting columns underneath it. The columns were not smooth, almost as if two trees had been stripped of their bark and simply placed under the structure. The balcony was not three feet above my head, making the entire building relatively short as well.

      I turned away from the building after less than a minute, and looked around. The entire location had a slight halo to it, like objects get from the mist when it's raining heavily outside. This caused things to be slightly blurry, but I was confident that the dream wouldn't destabilize because it's never happened before, even in intense, high-speed or simply exciting circumstances. The area had also taken on a slightly bluer tone; now most of the pale browns were only in the ground. I didn't notice when the change occurred, but I did notice the difference.

      "Huh! That's so cool," I said to myself, sounding interested as I scanned the area.

      The buildings were also looking a bit more destroyed than before; sort of like the ones in limbo from the film Inception. They were still made of wood, but the wood was very pale blue and broken up into lots of irregular fragments, as if they could've crumbled at any moment. All the buildings were probably only an average of ten feet tall, without more than a two or three feet variation in height.

      I then realized that I should probably do something fun. Being me, I forgot about my dream goals once again (lacking memory - I had tried to remember them but then just thought, bah, never mind, nothing good will come of that). So, instead I decided to summon an object; this object of choice was a super-powerful hammer from the film Thor called "Mjolnir" (mole - neer). I first looked back to where the man in the RCMP outfit used to be; he was gone. This spooked me a little but I shrugged and started to turn around, walking slowly down in the opposite direction. I kept my gaze up, level, and didn't look down at the ground at all, paying as little attention to it as possible. I then stopped, put my weight all on one foot (it felt like there was much more 'weight' on it than there should've been), and leaned over quite a bit. I reached my right hand down towards the ground, propping it on top of the newly-summoned Mjolnir. I felt a slight upwards pressure against my hand, as if the hammer would simply blast away if I took my hand off it. I looked down at the ground on my right-hand side now, and there it was; it was a good twenty inches long, with a slightly more elongated handle than it should've had, but it looked pretty awesome!

      It was sitting on top of a small mound of gravel and rocky ground. Actually, it was halfway stuck into this chunk of earth. I didn't move my head or body, but my eyes darted to the right, as if I was hearing something behind me. With a determined and pretty damn pissed-off look on my face, I pulled up Mjolnir in a sudden motion from my right arm, powered mostly by my shoulder. I proceeded to swing it around to the left which passed it directly in front of my face, and spun the rest of my body around, flinging it into a man I expected to be about ten feet away, but I didn't visualize him beforehand (he was dressed in a large black hoodie, the hood pulled over his face, and had a loose chain around his neck. My arm ended pointing where the hammer flew, in a straight line towards him, and I was leaned over quite a bit, with my feet firmly planted in the ground. During the swing I felt the hammer's weight, which would've been a good 20 pounds in real life - the funny thing is, it felt that heavy when I hurled it, but I didn't get a sore arm and the throw itself was pretty effortless. It was a very strange sensation; usually these two sensations don't go hand-in-hand. I guess tiredness and muscle strength isn't a factor in dreams... But still.

      The hammer whizzed right into the man at breakneck speed, going at least 100 mph if I were to guess, and I didn't see the actual impact; the man just curled backwards as the hammer hit him in the stomach and pushed him through the air at the same speed I originally saw the hammer going. There was no slight slowdown in speed on impact. Mjolnir disappeared, along with him, in an instance.

      I immediately raised my head to look up into the distant sky, off to the right, just above the buildings. Then I looked behind me a bit, turning my neck minutely, then spun around again to catch the speeding hammer that I had expected to have been racing back towards me. I let my arm drop and once again felt its weight; I noticed that the handle was a bit shorter than before when I looked down at it with a contemptuous and vengeful expression - not directed to the hammer, but the group of shady individuals I wanted to summon around me - they were here to exploit Mjolnir and take it for themselves.

      "Piece of cake," I told myself. I looked up to see a big mass of dark clouds in the distance; the sky wasn't entirely dark after all, so shapes were still discernible. The clouds were rather thick and covered a lot of area over the horizon. But my immediate vicinity was to be filled with ten or twenty 'bad guys'. I turned around, facing the same big pile of mud and garbage bags as before (but further away this time as I'd been walking away from it a bit). As I turned, I pictured a mass of people with guns, wearing the same military jacket as the guy I saw when I wasn't lucid - this was a first; usually I don't remember things from before hand.

      I ended up facing about seven or eight men. They were leaning forward a bit and looked intimidating, but their clothing was off; they were wearing regular military camo outfits, and all of them were very dark grey with barely noticeable lighter patches (to make the camo pattern). A few of them were holding tasers, but they all appeared to be frozen and not moving that much.

      "Come on!" I goaded them. "You think you deserve this, but you'll never be good enough to use Mjolnir."

      When I finished my threat, I quickly brought Mjolnir over my left shoulder and, once again, flung my right arm back out towards the group. Instead of simply letting one person get hit, I was going to imagine a burst of light blue and white, semi-transparent energy to explode from it. As soon as I let go of it for the throw, I extended my arm and held my right hand out briefly - jazz hands style - and slightly curled my fingers and thumb inwards, tensing up, and then releasing the tension quickly. A pale blue, fairly transparent curtain of smooth energy burst out in a rather flat disc (not what I'd expected, but oh well...), outwards to the left and right; it reminded me of a miniature spiral galaxy. The men dissolved into thin air, but I wasn't done yet; I wanted to fly.

      "I can hear you behind me!" I called, still facing the same direction. "But you'll never fucking catch me!"

      I maneuvered Mjolnir, again held in my right hand, waving it above my head and bending my elbow so that it was now right on top of my right shoulder. I turned my head around and saw a very dark, hazy person running towards me, in a rather scary fashion - I heard quick, omniscient shuffling noises that were growing louder and louder, even though he wasn't running fast enough to make the sound level grow like that. I scowled and stomped on the ground with my right foot, which caused the hammer to suddenly begin flying upwards at about a sixty-degree angle; it went from being right above my shoulder to a few feet in front of my in a matter of moments. I was almost immediately off the ground. My grip on the handle was firm but I didn't feel all the muscles in my hand working; I just felt the surface of it Mjolnir accelerated fast and I felt the air rush around the front of the hammer, along with some very realistic air resistance, as if it was fighting against the sky a bit. It didn't slow down though; I trailed behind it, but I wasn't really following the hammer after getting off the ground anymore. Initially I did, and I had to hold on, but now it felt like my dream body was pushing more towards the hammer, and the hammer was being pushed forward by me. I expected this force to even out, and it did.

      I flew in the sky, feeling the air and wind circulate, and I could've sworn I also felt slight coldness at one point. I had flown almost straight upright for about ten seconds at first, then I pressed my hand's grip on the handle down so the hammer changed course; I met some resistance because the hammer was set in its course, but it wasn't too bad. I tilted it down and I was now curving back towards the ground. I steered like this and after about twenty seconds I summoned a storm around me: a relatively transparent tunnel of clouds encapsulated me which obstructed my vision a bit, but then I imagined myself creating a burst of invisible energy; this made the clouds in front of me dissipate.

      I woke up when my alarm went off.

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    3. Walter White Wants the Whopper Car

      by , 09-14-2011 at 01:55 AM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Nice piece of alliteration there in the title. Anyways...

      This whole dream took place during the day, more in the afternoon, and in a parking lot that was a good 75x75 feet, with smooth asphalt on the entire ground and a fence on all four sides. This fence consisted of four rectangular wooden stakes that were flat on top, and a black mesh connecting them on all four sides of the lot; the mesh was fairly transparent but you'd have to squint to see what's past it on the other side.

      Three adjacent sides of the lot were lined with cars, arranged very neatly in parking spaces so that their fronts were facing the fence and their bumpers were facing into the lot. You could see all the license plates, but given the situation in the dream I didn't bother looking at them. Smack-dab in the middle of the parking lot, facing the middle row of cars, was a shiny red Challenger. In it were Walter, in the driver's seat, and in the passenger seat was Skyler White of Breaking Bad. Walter was wearing a paler green shirt, while Skyler was more dressed up in a black pinstripe suit and white shirt; it looked like she had just gotten home from work or something.

      During all of this, I was watching from the middle backseat of the car. I wasn't present in the dream at all as a person, but I was simply like a camera that was observing the pair. The interior of the car was grey, with black leather seats (it's a pretty weird-looking color scheme if you were to see it...) and there was a larger-than-normal storage box in between the two front seats, although I forget what the technical name for it is.

      I knew that Walter and Skyler were looking at a car to buy their son, Walter Jr., whose birthday was coming up. They were running out of time to decide which vehicle to buy. However, they had already looked at a few different "parking lots" full of cars, so I guess this was the final decision.

      Skyler spoke first, saying, "I like the mini". There wasn't a mini in the parking lot though, just pickup trucks and midsize cars.

      Walter replied after a brief pause. "We should go to Burger King and get the Whopper."

      He was in fact referring to a car, and not the restaurant.

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    4. Lucidity! Moving the Moon, Licking the Floor, Slow Motion

      by , 07-19-2011 at 02:39 AM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      A nice, detailed lucid that has to be one of my longest ones ever! I didn't do anything too epic in this dream except for a cool slow-motion sequence and a whole lot of observations, just to get back into the swing of things (I didn't want to try teleporting in this one, and unfortunately, I totally forgot about having a shared dream with members of the IOSDP).

      I was in a room that was about fifteen by ten feet; it had tan-colored brick walls and dark, faded hardwood flooring. I'm surprised I could find a picture that depicts close to what the room looked like! It looked like the one on the right; I have adjusted the colors and saturation to how it appeared in the dream. It was darkly lit by one yellow lightbulb in the center of the varnished concrete ceiling, hanging from a short but twisted cord. The glow of pale yellow light was steady and unabated but it was still pretty dark. In the middle of one of the shorter walls was a normal, closed wooden door that was painted white. Against the opposite wall, and again right in the middle, there was a double bed. It had a metal frame with one rounded metal piece for a headboard, and reminded me of a crib. On top was a soft, plush white bedspread that was thicker than a duvet. Room in a psych hospital, perhaps?

      I was lying on this bed, on my stomach with my head turned over to the right. There was no pillow; I was just resting on top of the bedspread with my head in the covers. Then, I suddenly felt extremely relaxed and almost felt like I was going to fall right through the bed - sleep paralysis. However, in the dream, I regarded sleep paralysis as a terrifying, mental abnormality that shouldn't happen to anyone. I sensed an unknown figure made of black smoke walk over to my bedside and stick a small, very thin needle into my arm, right where I'd receive a shot at the doctor's.

      I freaked out; my breathing became erratic and fast, which was very realistic for being in a dream. The episode ended shortly after, when the needle was removed from my arm. I burst out from the bed and ran to the door; I recall the hardwood floor being extremely smooth, without any spaces between the boards or indents. I opened the door to a whole other section of building. This wasn't an insane asylum or anything, but a house that was positioned right next to my school! I had emerged from the room with the bed, into a short, wider hallway which opened up into a central area. This was the second floor. There was a set of crappy-looking, broken stairs going up to a single-room third floor, and a set at the end of the room that went down to the first floor. They looked like they disappeared into the wall, though, because there wasn't enough room for the staircase to change directions. Below is the basic layout of the floor, along with a shaded section for the third floor above it.

      The whole place was lit normally. The floor had nice, lighter hardwood and some accent rugs here and there, all rectangular in shape. Although the stairs leading up to the third floor (closed off by a metal door at the top of these stairs) were broken and cracking, and the set going to the first floor were concrete and didn't match the rest of the floor, the place had a warm atmosphere. I felt welcomed. However, I had to tell someone about what I just experienced while lying on the bed.

      There were many people in the open room here; one person was at a round table made of polished wood, like you'd see in a small kitchen. There was also a group of six or seven people clustered around two windows on the far wall. They were large and slightly rectangular (horizontally) in shape, and if you were to look outside, you'd see the parking lot for my school, and the school off to the left. The house and school were connected. Outside, it was dark. Nighttime. The door on the wall adjacent to the two windows led to a relatively large bathroom.

      Among the cluster of people, I saw a rather grizzled man with pale peach skin that had almost a grey tone to it.

      "Hey," I said, slightly desperate and afraid.

      He turned around to face me and walked over to where I was standing. I knew this man was very kind and didn't think for one time that he was weird or off-putting, although in a real life situation, I may have avoided him.

      I started to talk. "I..."

      Midway through my sentence, I suddenly became aware. "Whoa... holy crap. Am I dreaming?" I asked, stupefied and excited. I did a nose-plug reality check to confirm this, and my lucidity went up a bit more. For fun, I looked at the man, using dream control to make him answer the way I wanted him to.

      "Am I really dreaming?" I asked, and he answered, throwing his arms up. "Yes!" he said excitedly.

      "Awesome! ...Awesome!" I exclaimed and almost ran off without stabilizing or doing any thinking. I stopped myself and started to reason out what I'd do in this dream. "Maybe I should try and get to an airport." But then, I thought the better of it and decided to save that for a time when I was a bit more lucid, and maybe when I was in a brighter location. After all, it was nighttime outside, and in the past I've had difficulties teleporting to daytime areas when I was in a dark area.

      "Stabilization. See how long the dream will last if I do lots of stabilization." I thought for a moment. "The bathroom," I then said, chuckling. "There'll be lots of stuff in there!"

      I forgot all about the people, simply skipping past them and feeling how weird gravity felt. It didn't feel like I was being pulled down to the floor quite as much, but I wasn't floating at all; I simply felt a bit less heavy. The door to the bathroom was open, so I just pushed it open more and walked inside. The floor was pretty gross - it was made of colorful yellow tiles, each probably only two or three inches across, with dust in the grout between each of them. There were pale stains along the floor from water, or something. I really didn't want to know. Altogether, the room was a good 10x10 feet, with a long, single white bathtub on the right that had a long, white clear shower curtain to match. The curtain was half-open. The walls of the bathroom were beige and also had very faint stains, which I guessed were from water. In front of me, at the end of the room was a sink. The left wall, adjacent to the one that had the sink in front of it, had the toilet against it. The toilet was the cleanest thing in the bathroom, but I didn't notice an opening to the siphon or plumbing. It just looked like a big, toilet-shaped bowl (ignore the irony there).

      I walked to the sink. Above it was a mirror, which was probably double the width of the sink with a fancy gold rim around it; this rim was a bit rusty and lightly scratched in some patches. I looked into it and saw myself - I looked as normal as I could have; I thought it was maybe just a trick of the dream and when I were to wake up, I'd realize I looked totally off, but upon closer observation, nothing changed. I looked like I did in real life, with the exception of my hair. It was slightly shorter than it should've been. I took my attention away from my face and looked past it to the rest of the room; I saw the door behind me, and the toilet on the... right? What?

      I raised my eyebrow and turned around. The room had gotten smaller; now it was the side of a normal small bathroom. The toilet was now on the right of the sink instead of the left, and the room was half as long and wide as it was before. The door was mere feet away from me; I'm guessing about six or seven.


      I then expected a shelf to be on the left wall. Turning to the left, I saw a thinner, rectangular white plank of wood coming out from the wall. On it were toiletries; I remember seeing Colgate toothpaste and a toothbrush, along with a men's electric razor. I picked up the toothpaste and it felt like a rock; the white and red tube didn't seem squeezable so I just put it in my right hand and rolled it around for a few moments. I ran my left hand against the wall and felt small bumps, like tiny pieces of grit and stones had been trapped behind the wallpaper. It tickled my hand so I took it off, and then I dropped the toothpaste. I then decided to get (slightly) creative and lick the wall. I did this and it didn't taste like anything. I then knelt down and licked the floor, figuring there was no harm in doing it, no matter how nasty it may have been. The floor didn't taste like anything either. I moved my tongue around and said "bleh". Getting up, laughing as I did, I then smelled the air. I picked up a trace of sandpaper, but that was it.

      After sticking my nose out to smell the air, I rubbed my hands together and looked at them. I counted six fingers on my left hand, but it looked like it only had five, so I counted them again. It was a bit of a mind-bleep. My right hand was very weird; it had five fingers but my thumb was missing the middle segment; it just had the base part and the end where the fingernail was! Yuck! I was able to move it like normal after I stopped looking at it, though, as if it was back to the way it should've been. Finally, I stopped to hear any sounds I could pick up on. I heard very quiet, muffled windchimes, but although the sound was distant, it felt like it was coming from all around me. The sound was quiet enough not to bother me though, and it seemed to stop once I started heading back to the open door of the bathroom. I was now in the main room again, and the lighting had changed - all the lights were off, and the only source of light was from the moon outside, coming in through the windows. It was rather pretty, but...

      "Wow..." I said, a bit frustrated. "There is no way I'm going to change this to daytime." I walked to one of the two windows; more specifically the one on the right, closest to the wooden table, and looked through the glass. It was surprisingly clear. I saw the parking lot, but it was two stories down. I also noticed there were no longer any people around in the room.

      I shrugged and rested my hand on the glass, gradually pushing harder on it until the whole piece of glass just fell down onto the ground. I then stepped up onto the windowpane, first with my right foot and then my left, and pushed off, jumping into the air. I didn't float at all for once, and simply fell back down really quickly like what would happen in real life, then landed on the asphalt with a low-pitched thud that almost sounded like breaking glass. I then looked to the left; in the moonlit darkness I saw the large front entrance to my school, so I began walking towards it.

      Halfway there, I stopped to look up at the sky and I saw the moon, which was in a relatively normal location. Looking up even further, almost so that I didn't see anything on the ground anymore, I saw some tiny stars that were almost faded away completely. There were a few turquoise-colored streaks of clouds, which were also hard to spot. Most of them were near where the moon was. I didn't see a lot of details on the face of the moon itself; it was really just a white circle with some very light gray blots on it. I put my finger in front of the moon and dragged it downwards, towards the earth. I expected the sun to come up in turn, and for the entire sky to get brighter. However, even though the moon moved with my finger, the sun didn't come up and only a patch of sky above the school got brighter. Then again, I'd never been very good at changing the sky.

      "Brighten the sky," I shouted commandingly. Nothing happened.

      "Whatever, be that way," I said in the tone a parent would say to an unruly child, and waved my hand off towards the sky. I walked to the school and when I got there, I opened the furthest left of four wide doors that each consisted of only a metal frame and a big pane of glass. The door wasn't locked, but it would've been in waking life. I walked into the atrium, which was the main area of the school that spanned upwards for three stories, and led to, essentially, all the different classrooms.

      The main section of the school, right when you walk in, consists of a large, long atrium with a triangular glass roof, which allows for much light to enter the school, making it fairly airy and bright. Classrooms are on the left and right of this atrium, and near the entrance there's a large set of stairs on the right, just before the classrooms begin. The main tones in the building include light beige, light eggshell blue tiles, and accents of paler turquoise, such as on the window frames and stair handles.

      The place was actually lit very well; I looked up through the glass roof and saw the dark night sky, but didn't care, so long as I could see inside the building, which was bright. I passively traveled down the atrium and saw many different people walking around, but I didn't recognize anyone in particular. However, since I knew that I couldn't get to an airport and create an amazing chase scenario from here, immediately I decided that I just wanted to raise hell in this dream, by any means necessary. At this point, I'm not even sure if I cared whether I woke up or not. This dream was already longer than the majority of my other lucids, and I knew this.

      I crossed my arms and stood in the middle of the area for a couple moments. I wanted to fight and bring a whole mass of bad guys down on me.

      My gaze then flicked to the side as I imagined (without actually hearing anything) a twig snapping outside the school entrance. I breathed out quickly, acting like I'd been surprised, and then widened my eyes as I heard a group of men entering the atrium behind me, through the glass doors I'd just gone through. I spun around and, without visualization at all, saw that they were wearing dark gray and black S.W.A.T. outfits.

      "Man, I'm sick of these S.W.A.T. teams," I said, out of character for a moment and just complaining about the dream.

      "Oh well," I then said in a lighter tone. Back in character again, I saw a man in the middle hold a gun up to eye level and shuffle a few steps towards me. The gun he was holding looked like it was made entirely of lightweight metal, almost exactly like the one on the left. He was aiming for me and before I could do anything dream control-wise, he shot at me. I jumped up and curved backwards, just in time as the slower-than-normal bullet whizzed right underneath me. My jumping movement was fast, but as I arced backwards it became slow motion, which was an amazing sensation. I wasn't paying attention to the man who shot me anymore, and was simply taking note of how when I tried to move my arms, it would be like moving through a viscous liquid. I didn't try to move my legs, which felt like they were numb and floating. The slow-motion sequence ended in about ten seconds and instead of continuing to curl backwards and end with a backflip, I kicked my legs from in front of me to underneath me, and I landed upright.

      I looked at the men and raised my chin, daring them to shoot again,
      but the dream faded.

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    5. Downey, Your Lines Are...

      by , 07-02-2011 at 10:44 PM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Last night, I wrote out my intentions to become lucid and end up on top of an airport building during the day, but instead I wound up on top of a city building at night. The lucid part didn't really turn out well either. But the "lines" in question were actually lines that I was planning on using in an upcoming MDP dream, further down the road. The words weren't exact, but they were pretty close to what I wanted to use. I guess that's proof that constantly thinking about something will have it end up in your dreams. This dream was cool because I told a DC some lines they would be saying as part of a story, as well as my own lines. Shortly after they said their first line, I forgot my own, but they reminded me what it was. And they were correct.

      It was night, and I was kneeling up on top of a taller building with Robert Downey Jr..

      The building was square-shaped on top, only about 10x10 feet, which probably wouldn't have been able to exist in real life. There was a taller building, the same shape, coming up against two adjacent sides of the building we were on, rising up past us by about least 10 feet. Past the building we were on, and the two beside us, were many other city structures that went off into the distance, creating a vast layout of buildings that looked incredibly realistic. I looked down.

      On the ground was a long road going right past the front of our building, which branched off into a few smaller roads. Sidewalks lined both sides of this road, and right next to the sidewalks were more buildings, one of which had a half-circle shaped "deli" sign made from polished brown wood and basic yellow-painted text.

      Since it was dark - the night sky was the deepest, darkest possible shade of blue in which you could still tell that it was actually blue - the whole city had a dark tone to it in terms of hues and shades. The street was lit by a few lights that didn't appear to be visible, and had a very warm, orange and pale red vibe, as if you were driving on that certain highway, one that's lit by street lights, at night. Our building had a paler, more bluish tone. The top of the building we were standing on was made of that tan or greyish asphalt stuff that was pressed down into a flat surface, which was fairly realistic.

      So we were essentially sitting there. I was down on one knee with my arm resting on the other one, just surveying the area. Robert was sitting against one of the buildings right up against the one we were on.

      "Come here," I told him, migrating to the edge of the building but still keeping a good few inches away from the edge. He quickly walked over and sat down next to me, the same distance as I was from the edge.

      "Downey, I'll give you your lines now. First you're going to say, rather dejectedly, they're still not going to stop. Nothing's changed. Then I'll say, keep trying. They're tired and uncertain now."

      He nodded. "Okay."

      "Then, I can see that. I'll try again. My last line will be, I'll be waiting for you downstairs. Got it?

      Again, he nodded his head and then got up, looking over onto the street. I too leaned over, still half-seated, and saw a few police cars parked half a block down the street, the red and yellow lights on the top of their cars flashing around and around.

      Robert Downey Jr. shrugged and started to say the lines, slightly different but still very similar to what I'd told him to say. "They won't stop." A brief pause and, "nothing is different."

      I turned to him to reply, opened my mouth, and totally blanked. I could remember my mind racing, trying to remember, but I couldn't. He then caught my eye and held his hand out in a gesturing motion. "Keep..." and looked at me expectantly.

      "Keep trying, they're tired and uncertain now."

      "Good. I can see that. I'll try again."

      Then he started to turn around and walk away. My gaze followed him for an instant and then I looked back to the police cars.

      I woke up.

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    6. MDP #2 - Finding the Whereabouts and Fighting War Machine

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:15 PM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      MDP Rating: ★★★★★

      This continuous lucid dream story will revolve around the aftermath of the films Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk, which will not culminate in the Avengers team but something different. Many of the lines are rehearsed in daydreams so the actual dreams should play out relatively well. I don't know much about the Marvel universe (I've only seen the movies) and dreams are often unpredictable, so the story will probably have errors and mishaps, but I'll do my best. This is "part 2" of hopefully more dreams.

      My Notes:
      A bit less vivid than the last dream, and I lost my lucidity only a few minutes too early.

      I started up on the top of a building. Who knows how that happened for me to end up there - but somehow, I had this very recent memory of being inside the building, which was like a library: I was in a small, off-limits section, which had warm lighting, smooth, concrete or laminate-type flooring of a more saturated tan color, and beige walls. There were also lots of bookshelves. I was in this room because I was looking for someone's phone number.

      At this time, I was seeing from a third-person viewpoint for a few moments. I ventured toward a certain bookshelf that I somehow knew was important, and then I knelt down and pulled out a pale yellow book, only about 200 pages, that read "Phones" in bold, dark yellow, arial typefont on the side. I had pulled the book open to about a third of the way through, and I remember reading "Barry Vaven" and "Jurn (insert last name here because I can't remember it)". The text inside was incredibly small, probably six-point arial font, and the paper was almost translucent.

      Back to the top of the building - the outside atmosphere reminded me of the scene when Cobb was leaving the helicopter in Inception , except it was day time, and the colors of the entire scenery were a bit warmer in nature. The building was probably thirty stories up - very tall, and there were other buildings, many other tall ones but some shorter, scattered around in a relatively realistic way. There was a basic black, straight railing lining three edges of the top of the building I was on. I walked to the edge with no railing and looked down, seeing all the tiny cars move on the very-detailed streets. I did not see any street lights at intersections, though. I then looked back and saw stairs; there was no small building on top with a door, just a neat, square hole in the building with concrete steps going down it.

      I didn't take them though, because I became lucid. I looked around and did a nose-plug RC, which didn't allow me to breathe - if I was less aware, it probably would've stopped my lucidity there, but it didn't!

      I was very unsure of what to do now, being in a place that I had no idea how to teleport from, and I knew that I probably didn't have time to walk inside, go down the stairs, and find a door. Thank goodness I knew the people involved in this part of the plot, though.

      I looked out towards the city, still near the edge of the building but confident that no DCs would appear and push me over and have me fall. I stayed like this for a few moments, then I expected Betty Ross (Liv Tyler's biochemist character from The Incredible Hulk) to come up the stairs. I imagined there had been a meeting in the lower part of the building, a conference involving leading scientists, and it was over. Anyways, I heard her voice and turned around, only to find Natalie Portman's character from Thor, Jane Foster, instead. Her brown hair was down to a few inches past her shoulders. She was wearing jeans and a tan leather jacket; her shirt was white and had lace around the neck. I sighed and my head dropped disappointingly when I saw her, because I was trying to create a scenario and this wasn't what I had in mind.

      "Hello, did you ask for me?" She sounded exactly like Jane Foster.

      "No," I replied. "Sorry for the confusion. Is Elizabeth Ross around?"

      Then I saw Elizabeth come up the stairs - it looked almost as if she wasn't walking, but more floating up the stairs. The last two or three steps did look normal, though. Portrayed in Liv Tyler's image, she too was wearing a brown leather jacket, although it was a chocolate brown, compared to Jane's lighter, almost tan jacket.

      "Can we speak alone?" I asked Jane.

      "Yeah," she said lightly. As I was facing her briefly, Elizabeth has appeared right beside me; when I turned to see her, I jumped a bit because of how much closer she was - it startled me.

      Jane was gone now. That was weird.

      The words I wanted to use came out perfectly, thanks to a high level of lucidity. "I couldn't risk saying this inside," I began. "I know a lot about you, probably... more than I should, but regardless. I know about Bruce."

      She looked at me. I noticed that besides from the clothes, she almost resembled Arwen from Lord of the Rings - younger, in a sense, with longer hair, but I didn't want to be too picky about appearances. "I don't know who this Bruce is."

      "Now's not the time to bullshit about this," I said, a bit fearful that I was losing both my dream control abilities and her actual character. A DC had behaved in an uninformed way once before, even though they were the exact character I'd wanted to show up.

      "Do you know where he went? Where he is?" I pressed. I also asked this question again with a different wording, but I can't remember what exactly I'd said.

      "No. I don't know where he is. But I'm thinking he's in B.C." She was a bit more open than I thought she'd be; I was hoping she'd think I was working as a military agent at first. Then she said, "who are you?"

      "That's fine, thanks," I said, not wanting to struggle with any more dream control stuff.

      Then I envisioned a squadron of military personnel coming up the stairs. Still looking out over the buildings in the city, I spun around when I heard a loud, metallic "thunk" on the ground behind me. I didn't expect that, but I did expect a confrontation - four or five men, in dark grey S.W.A.T. outfits and all holding metal, rifle-like guns, were crouched over them slightly and advancing towards me. Elizabeth spun around and started to panic. She said something inaudible.

      "They're not here for you," I said, "they're here for me. I got information from them, and they didn't like that."

      "What?" She sounded dazed, but incredulous.

      "See you later," I told her the, starting to back up while keeping an eye on the people walking towards me.

      And, I didn't mean to trip and fall off the side of the building (more like spin around and have an epic jump off the edge), but I did trip. Somehow, the edge of the building got way closer than I envisioned it before. My heel landed on the edge of the building and slid off, sending me backwards. I felt the air, and felt the dream start to blur vertically around me; on the way down, I was just saying angrily, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." I was certain I would lose the dream.

      I didn't have more than three seconds before hitting the ground below, not feeling much of an impact at all; rather just the feeling of slowing down very fast, as if I'd landed and had sunk down a bit - but no, my feet were not in the cement; I'd landed normally. I looked up and noticed the building was much shorter than it was before; it was only three or four stories high now. I saw Elizabeth look over the edge, now wearing a white coat, but I didn't see the other people anymore. I did look around me, at street level, and observed a white strip of crosswalk rectangles; I was on the sidewalk, and there were no cars whatsoever. I looked around for S.H.I.E.L.D members. I didn't see anyone, but then I saw Whiplash's full-armor suit from the end of Iron Man 2 land in front of me, right on top of the crosswalk I'd seen earlier.

      I was annoyed. I was expecting War Machine, but I hadn't visualized enough. "Wrong guy," I told him sternly, in the way I'd tell a character in a play to do something. "Go back, when I turn around, War Machine had better be there." I turned around and looked back; War Machine was now there - his suit looked thicker and slightly larger, especially around the shoulders and feet, but that was fine.

      "You", I said in fake surprise. "You're still working with these fools?"

      "Sorry man, I don't want to do this."

      "Too bad, you're here now. Come on. Fight me. Set an example for everyone else up there."

      War Machine held his arm out and fired a small, long bullet at me (it was just positioned loosely on top, without any attachments to the armor); it almost looked like that "ex-wife" thing that totally failed in the movie. This one, however, exploded when it hit me. I used my invulnerability, a very simple power, which let the fire slide right around and past me. The fire spread out and impeded my ability to see for an instance, but then it floated around me, as if there was a current in the air.

      The air was filled with disbelief; I actually tried to make sure of this because I knew I was starting to lose my lucidity, and I wanted to keep the fight going with the same style and using the same plot. "Stay lucid, I'm dreaming, for crying out loud!" I said to myself.

      As I become less and less lucid, the fight became less realistic. I got to hand-to-hand combat with War Machine, in which the blows only landed softly. When I was hit by a punch or another attack, I'd feel a bit of an impact, but then it'd slide off me like I was made of jello. When I punched his armor, I'd feel my hand flinch slightly, which I definitely didn't want to happen (not unless I was an ordinary character with no special abilities). At least I didn't lose in the end. He flew away a good two or three minutes afterwards; after he landed the last blow, in which I wiped my hand across my mouth and smirked confidently.

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    7. MDP #1 - The Pentagon - The Data

      by , 06-21-2011 at 03:18 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      MDP Rating: ★★★★

      This continuous lucid dream story will revolve around the aftermath of the films Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk, which will not culminate in the Avengers team but something different. Many of the lines are rehearsed in daydreams so the actual dreams should play out relatively well. I don't know much about the Marvel universe (I've only seen the movies) and dreams are often unpredictable, so the story will probably have errors and mishaps, but I'll do my best. This is "part 2" of hopefully many more dreams.

      Plot Intro:
      - I'm a qualified computer sciences and biochem scientist who is good at hacking computers.
      - I moved to New York a few days prior to the incident with Emil Blonsky in Harlem, then I saw the news flashes about it and statements from General Ross and figured something just didn't sit right.
      - I hacked into the mainframe of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database and got intel on Bruce Banner, including files of the preliminary "accident", and Ross's amendment-violating treatment of him.
      - Because of sheer luck, I found a suitable cure for Bruce's gamma poisoning and managed to successfully test it on myself after a lot of headache-inducing equipment and resource scavenging. Now I needed to find Bruce before S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ross did.

      As you might be able to tell, you'll be seeing more of Bruce Banner than any other character. He is currently played by Edward Norton. I've also noticed that in the majority of my lucids, I'm invulnerable and have super strength, hence the reason I decided to make myself a guinea pig for this "cure". It fits my preexisting lucid dream profile and will make things easier. I will also run into Eric Lensherr, played by Michael Fassbender, who will also side with me and perhaps instigate some cool dream fights of his own. Maybe he will cause problems.
      My Notes:
      The majority of this dream had high-level lucidity, good control, and really, really good recall. I'm satisfied with most of it.

      I was at the mall. Actually, this was a real mall, and one in my city that I just went to the day before. In real life, it has two floors chocked full of shops, a big opening in the middle so you could look across the mall and see other stores. It also has a tall glass ceiling. But in the dream, it had three levels, with ceilings that were slightly lower than normal, and the lighting had an almost "warm" tone to it. There were lots of people walking around.

      I became lucid within moments. I did the nose-plug RC which failed, but I was positive that I was dreaming, so I counted my fingers. I don't just look at my fingers and count them, though, because I might skip a number or a finger. So, I bent each finger as I went along. One, two, three, four, five.

      Hm. That's not right.

      I looked up, shook my hand out, and looked at it again. I didn't realize anything strange about it until I counted again: one, two, three, four, five, and six! I bent each finger until I got to the last one, which didn't bend until I willed, or expected, it to. It felt strange, as if I really did have an extra digit. "Yes, I thought I might be dreaming!" I exclaimed, rubbing my hands and looking around. I looked up at the glass ceiling of the mall and realized that it was cloudy, and fairly dark outside, as if the sun was about to set. "Okay, first thing's first. Teleporting."

      I turned around and was facing a jewelery store. This store was open and had no doors; it was just a walk-in one. It had deep purple walls and a beveled, golden sign at the back of the store (it was only about twenty feet deep) that said something like "Ben Moss" in italics. Inside, there was the usual line-up of rectangular glass display counters, which I didn't really take the time to observe. There were no lights, but the the store was well-lit. I saw one man on the right-hand side; he was older, grey hair, and was wearing a black suit with a pale peach tie. It was rather ugly. His small, rectangular-shaped glasses with gray frames suited the tie well - I guess I could say that both of them were ugly!

      I had to summon a door. Teleporting from the inside of a building to the outside of one is an easy task, so I just turned away from the store, and turned around. I forgot to visualize there just being a door and no more store, but that didn't really stop a door from being summoned - the store was still there, but on the left wall, there was a basic wooden door like you'd find in a house. I opened it, visualizing strongly - I wanted to be directly outside the pentagon, a large, uh, military base, I believe. The building would be gray, and it would be relatively dark outside. There would be a couple military guards in their camouflage-style outfits, standing up on a ledge with rifle guns, and a fence with barbed wire encircling the area. There would be one main door, a relatively well-hidden one, behind a fenced gate.

      This worked out well - I opened the door and walked right into the location I had visualized; I was about fifteen feet away from the front gate, and I could see the pentagon-shaped building behind it. On either side of the front gate was a taller, silver-colored metal fence with a cylindrical ring of barbed wire circling along the top. It was a good setup, albeit it was lighter outside than I'd hoped, and there were only two or three guards. I looked at the sky and put my finger on a moon that I had summoned, dragging it further up into the sky, and rubbing it out with the side of my right hand, lowering the opacity (brightness) of it, like I'd do with an eraser in Photoshop. The light level lowered itself in a choppy fashion instead of smoothly, but regardless of the process, it was now darker. I couldn't see any stars in the sky; it was just a very dark, pale blue that faded into a lighter, more turquoise blue at the horizon - it was actually quite pretty.

      I walked forward, not really expecting anything in particular to happen. But, what did happen was what I'd expected - a guard up on the right-hand size of the tall ledge pointed his gun at me. I had to squint slightly to create more details of the person, as it was fairly dark and I could only essentially see his silhouette and the shine of his rifle.


      I stopped and slowly put my hands up to my head. At this point, I was slightly afraid of losing my lucidity because right here was when I'd step into character and start the first part of the dream plot story. I didn't think much of it, though. I just said to myself, "I am dreaming, do not forget I am dreaming". I intended for that to be said outside of the story, so the DC guard wouldn't react to it. And he didn't react, which kept the story from breaking.

      "Hands where I can see them!"

      I lifted my hands up into the air, and got down on my knees. I could hear a few people running towards me, and I also heard the jingling of ammunition and guns. I could smell toast, for some reason. I looked to the side and saw two men coming at me with handcuffs. One of them was older than the other; I'd estimate their ages to be forty and probably late-twenties. As soon as the younger man reached out, with the larger-than-normal handcuffs dangling from one of his hands, I took the opportunity to swing out and land an uppercut against his chest, sending him flying back. I could feel the momentum in my hand as I did this, which reminded me of a wrecking ball; the actual contact was more like punching a pillow that was filled with fluff. The guy probably went a good ten feet or so, right past the older man, who looked behind himself and then back at me. I didn't look to see where the person landed or if he just disappeared into the dream, because I was looking at the remaining man.

      I casually expected the man to pull out a walkie-talkie or some other form of transmission device. He reached his hand around to his back and pulled out a device that looked like a Cobra MicroTalk MT200, except without the large antennae (it only had a small, short one).

      "Tony, we need you", he said.

      I hadn't expected the man, who wasn't familiar at all, to presumably talk to Tony Stark. I wondered if I was looking at my dream's rendition of Colonel James Rhodes, which wasn't exactly part of the plot. But I decided to use this to my advantage.

      "Do you realize what project you're truly working for?" ..."Project" wasn't the right word, but I didn't realize that in the dream.

      "What do you mean?" he said, now starting to sound a bit like Rhodes, even if he didn't look like him.

      "I know who put you up to this. But do you know the whole story?"

      He pointed the gun at me, squinting and, for some reason, lowering the gun. "Who are you?"

      "I know your boss has confiscated the data from Case 20 (a name made up on the fly, because I didn't know what else to say). I know what your boss has done. I'm here to take that data to help the man's life that he's going to destroy."

      I stopped to allow for a reaction of some sort, but he just stood there, the gun suddenly pointed at me again, which had happened without a discernible transition or movement. It's strange how dreams do that. I also noticed that it was getting a bit lighter outside.

      Continuing, I added, "You have anything to say?" I attempted to coax a statement out of him using dream control.

      "I obey orders."

      Sometime during this conversation, the man assumed the appearance of Don Cheadle's portrayal of James Rhodes.

      "There's something else I should tell you," I warned. "I've found a permanent, well, not quite a cure for his condition."

      "That's great," he said, starting to come out of character, which concerned me. He should have been upset with this and hostile. But I ignored it, because I was starting to lose my lucidity. "I am dreaming," I said once. Then I continued. "The thing is, I had to duplicate the gamma infection so I could test it."

      I almost felt the dream starting to fade, so I quickly stood up and ran toward Rhodes, trying to look intimidating and throwing a strong punch towards him. He was no longer holding a gun, so he didn't shoot me. Sadly I can't remember any more details past this.

      After this, I awoke into a false awakening - I was in bed, and my eyes were shut. I saw four very small numbers behind my eyelids, exactly like the red digits of a digital alarm clock. Believing I was really awake, I tried to DEILD. Nothing happened; it just faded and I woke up for real. I was immediately pleased with the dream and how much it felt like a segment from a movie.

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    8. I'll Deal With It This Time

      by , 06-04-2011 at 07:35 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      You know when you have a dream, and it's in a complex location? And you know exactly what it looks like, but when you try to visualize it more strongly, the details don't come? And then you find it even harder to put it into words as time passes and you forget even the pieces you do know how to describe? That's what happened when I tried to remember and write this entry. At least this dream gave me an idea for a new dream plot. I've been thinking it may be fun to do an overarching plot in my lucids.

      I was in my house, on the second floor in the hallway. In this hallway, there is a half-wall that opens up to the first floor, which you could see if you peered over it. If you look out towards the wall, there's also a big window that looks out the front of the house. Below this window is a large pair of white doors (the main entrance to the house), and basically a big room with plain beige walls and cream tile flooring. It was like this in the dream. However, I couldn't see outside the big window because while I could see the yellow light of the sun shining through, the glass appeared to have many, very small raindrops, almost like mist, on it. Like it was fogged up.

      I became lucid here. This wasn't the first time I'd become aware that I was dreaming while in this location; it's happened a few times before. The lucidity wasn't particularly high, but it was high enough to have some sense of dream control.

      "Yeah! I'm dreaming!" I exclaimed, as per always. Then I put my arms straight at my side, shoulders back slightly, and bent my wrists so that my palms were perpendicular to the ground, my fingers tilted more behind me than to the side. This was the flight position for the Iron Man suit, my main method of flight. For this, I already imagine that I'm in the suit, just to save dream time. I imagined the flight stabilizers turning on and the rockets under my feet to begin going.


      "Fuck," I complained. "...Forgot to turn the button on," I finished, improvising wildly, trying not to get disconcerted because I knew it would make dream control twice as hard. I pushed a random area of the suit, not feeling a button, but only imagining the feeling of it being pushed in. The button I pushed was located on my right shoulder. I tried to take off again, with more conviction than before, and it worked - I took off. The half-wall was now gone (who knows when that happened; I hadn't been paying attention), and the window had opened like a garage door. The glass and frame was now perpendicular to the ground, at a 90o with the ceiling. Outside, I saw a huge forest with two big empty patches. Behind the forest were mountains. From where I was, these patches just looked like bare, gravelly ground and box-like, metal and smooth grey concrete factory buildings.

      I started to fly, pushing off out through the window and blasting towards these buildings. I aimed for the forest patch on my right.

      During this, I lost my lucidity. The dream skipped, and I was now on the top of one of these box-like buildings, crouched up against a smaller wall on the rooftop. Beside me was Bruce Banner, a character from the Marvel franchise, who is currently played by Edward Norton. He was looking around.

      The buildings were made of solid sheets of grey concrete, which were rather smooth (albeit still slightly rough), and they had nails in the places where the sheets met. The buildings were in very, very close proximity to one another.

      A bomb went off on top of the building to our right. Not many chunks of building or anything else came flying outwards, but I did see pieces of fabric and a relatively small spray of concrete; the pieces sprinkled down in front of us, some falling in between the two buildings, down to the ground which we couldn't see. We also couldn't see on top of the exploded building, because it was taller than the one we were crouched down on, but we knew that there were people coming to exploit some sort of fuel for powering rockets. This wasn't spoken, but it was simply intuition.

      I looked at Bruce and finally observed what he was wearing. He was wearing slightly baggier pants, and a loose, cream-colored long-sleeved shirt made of somewhat heavier fabric. There were two very thin, cylindrical gray lines, made of perhaps leather, that curved from the neck of the shirt to around the sides of the waist. The shirt looked very normal, but the details were cool.

      We both had our back against the wall; I was really crouched down, but Bruce was standing up more. He looked at me, leaning in slightly and his gaze darted around nervously. Then he turned away and peered up slightly, trying to get a better view of what was happening above the building to the left of us. I could hear small bombshells, and guns going off around, but the sounds weren't too loud.

      "We going to do this?" I asked, tired of waiting, and started to get up and run towards the building.

      He held out his hand and stopped me, my shoulder pressing against his hand rather painfully. As soon as he took his hand away, a mere moment later, the soreness went away. "No, I'll deal with it this time," he said. His eyes turned a pale shade of green and he looked back at the building. "You've done enough," he said.

      A man in a black jumpsuit, and black ski goggles with an orange accent around them, appeared. He was carrying the metal end of a grappling hook and a handgun, and he aimed the gun at Bruce. I heard a tapping sound, which I assumed upon waking that it was the gun shooting a bullet, but instead of a bullet, it shot a grappling hook. No smoke or any other effects appeared. The other hook was still in the man's hand as the gun's hook traveled, somewhat slower than it should have, towards Bruce. He held out his hand and as soon as the sharp front end of the hook contacted it, it ricocheted off and traveled fast into the adjacent building, as if the contact with Bruce's hand had caused it to accelerate. It disappeared without a trace after that. During this event, I seemed to take a third-person point of view. I watched myself and Bruce from ten or so feet away.

      The dream skipped again. I was now back in first-person POV, and I was in a passenger plane that had beige leather seats. I knew that it was a higher class plane. I could also hear that weird, quiet drone you experience while flying in an airplane. But I cannot remember anything past that.

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    9. Kevin Spacey Wants the Van

      by , 01-13-2011 at 12:33 AM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      There was a whole other dream before this one, but I seem to have forgotten it. Maybe I'll remember over the course of today and write it down, too.

      I was in the center of a ground-level vehicle parkade, which had low ceilings and was made almost entirely of gray concrete. The parkade was situated in a vehicle-centric city, because I could hear many cars driving around outside, but the noises were very quiet and hollow-sounding. There were small pot lights in the ceiling, but most of the light came from the sunlight outside, because there was a fair amount of it pouring in from the open sides of the building.

      I was standing right beside a silver Toyota Sienna, or at least it looked like one. It's difficult to tell in a dream unless you're lucid, and I wasn't paying much attention to it from the start. At this point, I knew my mother was outside the parkade, paying for a parking ticket. She had started up the van with her remote vehicle starter, and I was keeping an eye out for it in case someone decided to get inside and steal it. Anyone could just walk into the van and drive away because it was all ready to go. That's when I saw a man walking by me. He was wearing a purple hoodie which looked fairly large for him, and blue jeans.

      He then stopped and turned to me, saying, "hello, what's up?"

      I said, "just waiting for my mother to get back and drive us home."

      "In that case," he said, looking at the van and starting to walk around to the driver's side, "I'll take it home myself." The words carried a hint of aloofness, like he didn't care what happened. But clearly he wanted to steal it.

      I ran around the side of the van and grabbed one of the white drawstrings of his hoodie, the ones that came from inside the hood. I pulled on it, not thinking I could do anything else, and started to yank him away. I saw the other drawstring and grabbed it too; now I was pulling on both of them. I proceeded to yank him away from the van, despite his protests of "hey! What are you doing?" and other, more nonsensical phrases that I can't remember.

      After waking up, I realized the man looked exactly like Kevin Spacey, and he spoke like him too. I also laughed because I realized how stupid I had looked, pulling on the strings of the guy's sweater to get him away from the van.

      Additional note:
      I had a WILD breakthrough last night. I tried my luck at WILDing to see if I could break my dryspell that's lasted for over a year. I listened to white noise this time, a static-like sound, and within about twenty minutes I was extremely relaxed and felt my thoughts going in strange directions, without me voluntarily thinking about anything. It was a strange feeling, but one I remembered from a while ago. I also started to see small dots of white flashing around, which I observed for a mere few seconds. I accidentally forgot to stay calm and woke myself out of it.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Loaf in the Hotel, Computer Files

      by , 09-19-2010 at 05:07 PM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This was my first dream with a DV member in it.
      I was in a hotel room. This hotel had high ceilings, at least five or six feet higher than an average ceiling. The room I was in consisted of a flat dark maroon carpet, and beige walls. The door that connected the room to the hallway was centered in the wall, not to the side. On the opposite side of the room were two tall, skinny windows that each had a brown wooden border around them. On either side of the two windows were a bed, and both beds had red duvets and a brown frame, which looked a little old-fashioned. The headboards weren't solid, but instead they were an arc with round carved columns below it.

      There was a mother, a father, and a young girl (probably around the age of three) in the mother's lap. They were in between the two beds, leaning up against them. They were asleep, and then I turned around to see Loaf behind me. He was wearing a pale red sweater (yes, more red), and acting as if it were cold in the room, placing his hands in his jean pockets. All I did was say, "hey," and then left the room. I did this by turning to the right, and, on the wall adjacent to the main door, was a hallway. This darkly-lit hallway was short, only a few feet long, but it led to another room. I walked through and entered the new room; it was half the size of the one I'd left, and only had one bed with the same red duvet.

      I looked at the bed for a while and then heard someone walking towards me. I spun around to see my sister in a bath towel; apparently she was completely surprised that I was in the room. "Sorry!" I exclaimed, and the dream skipped to a new setting.

      I was in my basement. My basement, in the dream, consisted of a light gray Berber carpet and was pretty large. There was an entertainment center but I paid little attention to it, because I was sitting on a swivel chair, at a computer desk, and looking at the computer screen. It was solid blue at first, the backlight making it appear brighter, and then my account popped up on the screen. There was a folder opened up, windows-style because that was my operating system, and the files were listed alphabetically in the same typefont and size they'd be in real life. I saw that there were a few of my own files, but most of them were titled something like the following:


      I distinctly recall seeing the phrase "Best Buy" in the file names, as well as other real companies, but I can't remember those. I deleted the files and then closed the folder. When I got the feeling that they weren't completely deleted, I opened it up again with a single click of the mouse in the middle of the screen. There was now a sidebar on the right-hand side, along with all the files I'd just deleted, back in the folder. On the sidebar, there was a screened-out folder icon and a file name centered below it. Underneath that, it read something like "do you wish to permanently delete this file?"

      I clicked "yes", because that was the only option.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Zodiac Movie

      by , 09-12-2010 at 07:09 PM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This was a scary-accurate dream.
      I was walking in the living room of my grandpa's house, which is out in British Columbia. The room was around twenty by twenty feet, making it pretty open, and the lighting was a bit darker than normal. The ceilings were high and the walls were beige with wood panelings on one wall. The floor was softer dark tan carpet.

      Against one wall was a tan sofa that would seat three people, and on the adjacent wall there was another one, which would probably seat four people. My father was sitting on this sofa, and had asked me if I had any movies to watch. I'd picked up the movie Zodiac from somewhere and I was walking towards him. I had recently bought it from a store for $6.99 (previously viewed), and this price was labeled on it with a yellow circle sticker. In the dream, the sticker was on it, in the same place. And the cover looked the same, too.

      I remember reading "Mark Ruffalo," "Jake Gyllenhaal", and "Robert Downy Jr." in the same order that was on the real case. I gave it to my father and acknowledged the condition of the case, saying, "yeah, it's previously viewed, but the disc is in perfect condition".

      He asked if it was a good movie and I replied, "it has a 89 on Rotten Tomatoes."

      I never produce the exact same numbers in my dreams as real life, so this tipped me off when I woke up. Look here for the current Zodiac rating.

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    12. Extreme Deja Vu - Fugitive Status

      by , 09-10-2010 at 10:13 PM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Every once in a while, I experience dreams that create intense deja vu sensations, which is pretty intriguing to me. This dream is an example of that.

      I had just walked into a public restroom. It was the kind you'd find at a McDonald's restaurant or a gas station; the cubicles were light, pale blue, and the sinks were white. As for the lighting, it was a bit dimmer than one would normally see in a public restroom, but it wasn't too noticeable and certainly wasn't an issue. The room itself was shaped like a rectangle; the entrance was along one of the longer walls, over to the right. Right when you'd walk in, there were four or five stalls in the light blue color in front of you, a few feet back against the other long wall. To the left, walk down the stalls and past them; you'd get to the sinks. They looked normal.

      I needed to go in a certain stall and get something I'd hidden there earlier. I entered the stall furthest to the right, against the corner of the room. For some reason, although I wasn't lucid, when I opened the door I expected a mirror to be on the back wall. The stall itself was fully closed, and there weren't any spaces underneath the dividers or door; finally, it was a bit narrower than a real cubicle but still spacious.

      I closed the door, sliding over a basic metal lock that was fairly rusty, and turned around to face the mirror. I can't remember exactly what I looked like, but I do know I looked fairly normal: blue eyes, brown hair, normal clothing (I can't recall what I was wearing, either). My hair was a bit messy, with some flyaways and stuff, but that was the extent of it. I looked into the mirror for a few instances, drew back, and then smashed it with my fist. Since I've used invulnerability so much in my lucids, I think it carried over into my normal dreams, and this one was no exception. I felt no pain, and saw no blood as my hand practically blasted into the mirror and into the concrete wall. The mirror shattered into larger-sized pieces and fell as one whole object onto the toilet. Behind it was a section that was punched-in because of me, and there was a small hole inside that area. I pulled a tightly-folded square piece of yellow paper out.

      The dream skipped and I was now in a mall-like setting: light-colored floor tiles, high ceilings, a few leather chairs in the aisle for people to sit down in. I was at the end of one wing of the mall, in a small Starbucks-like store right next to a major department store that was similar to Sears. It looked almost exactly like this (see the green sign on the left? That's where the store I was in was located).

      The Starbucks had a few bar tables against the walls, and a coffee shop-like atmosphere. The cashier desk was not against the wall like in a normal cafe, but by itself in the middle of the shop. There was nothing else around it; everything else, including the chairs, was against the bar tables. I was with one other person, a guy who was a bit older than me, and we were crouched down behind this cashier's desk, peering out the sides to see if anyone was coming. I knew that there was a big crowd coming after us, trying to kill us.

      I was also saying something extremely bizarre out loud. It wasn't just strange because I wasn't lucid, but also...

      "I've had this dream before... I know exactly what to do this time".

      I felt like I'd been in this dream before. I recognized the coffee shop, the mall, and the mob, and I also knew that another person would come and ruin my chances of escaping those people. I was expecting him to come, and I knew what to say this time so I wouldn't get caught. Last time, Jesse Pinkman (from the television series Breaking Bad) had come with a friend of his and asked where to hide the body of someone they killed. I'd told them to stash it in the car, which somehow caused the mob to find me and end the dream.

      Jesse and his friend appeared. They were both wearing dark gray hoodies and jeans, and Jesse was carrying a garbage bag with what looked like a body inside it. "Hey," Jesse asked with an anxious expression, "what do I do with this thing?"

      "Bury it," I said after a brief hesitation.

      They walked off, leaving me and my accomplice (just a guess) still sitting behind the bar. "We don't have to worry about the group of people anymore," I told him. "I fixed the dream."

      When I woke up, I realized I'd never dreamed of a scenario like that before, and the deja vu was generated entirely by the dream.

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    13. Family Members in the Kitchen

      by , 09-07-2010 at 01:45 PM
      Type: Regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was in a small kitchen. It was barely 10x15 feet, and the tiles were small beige ones. The cabinets and countertops were wood, and there were a few unwashed dishes on the counter.

      I was holding a white dinner plate, with a steak knife on it. The knife had a baked apple or something tasty-looking pulled over the blade, and I knew it would be for someone to eat. I turned around and saw a small table, big enough for four people, but one side was right up against the wall so only three people could sit down. My uncle was sitting in one chair, and my mother was sitting in the other one.

      I put the dish I was holding on the counter and sat down in the third chair. There was a dark-colored steak on the table, and I couldn't tell if it was covered in pepper or char. My mom was speaking to my uncle and telling him good news, but I can't recall what she said because first, she was doing it fairly quietly, and also because the dream wasn't extremely vivid.

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    14. 200th Lucid - Flipping Cars

      by , 08-29-2010 at 05:22 PM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This dream was pretty cool.

      I was in the kitchen of my house, although it looked different. It had black granite countertops, light wooden countertops, and an island in the middle of the room, topped with the same black granite. There was a black modern stove in the middle of two pieces of counter, like most people have in their homes. I looked at the clock and was already more aware than normal. I became lucid as my gaze turned to the clock, and it read 5:8, aligned to the left. There was a space where the third number should have been.

      I did my usual simultaneous "yes" and "woohoo", and turned around to face the door, twenty feet or so away, located in the entrance way. I really wanted it to be light outside, unlike previous lucids. This wasn't exactly a false awakening, but I was in my house, and every time I'd exit my house, it would end up being dark outside. However, the lighting in the house was very close to normal, so I was hoping that'd help in keeping the lighting equal. I walked towards the door and opened it, expecting it to be light outside. As the door turned, I became a bit excited because the whole neighborhood was light, as if it were daytime. I slowly walked out the door, expecting my mother to be on the other side, and she was. I ignored her because that was pretty much just a control test, and walked down the driveway and onto the two-lane road. My street's a crescent, so it's a T-shaped road; one large road turns over into a small loop, which was where my house was. There was cars slowly driving by on the road, but in the wrong direction. I recognized this and laughed.

      I looked down the crescent and that was when I saw a shiny red truck, similar to an F-150, going down the street, onto the curb, and then onto the front yards, destroying grass.

      "Stop!" I shouted to it.

      The truck let out a hollow-sounding honk and kept going.

      "Where's my control now?" I cursed, upset.

      Then I saw a young girl, probably four or five years of age tops, playing with a yellow toy dumptruck in the yard. The truck was heading right towards it.

      Should I save her, even if she wasn't real? I didn't want to waste my lucid time doing that. "Fine," I said, somewhat arguing with myself, and ran towards the truck. It began to drive over me when I pushed my hand into the bottom bumper and it shot up into the air, flipping a few times and then landing on its side. Its wheels were still turning as a generic man got out of the trunk... From the bottom of it (not visible because it was overturned and I was on the other side), not using the doors or windows.

      I forgot all about the girl and continued to fling and punch out cars as they drove by. My control had returned; if it hadn't, I'd probably have gotten run over.

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    15. Road to the End

      by , 08-22-2010 at 06:32 PM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: regular dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This is probably, by far, the longest dream I've ever had!

      I cannot remember exactly how this dream began, although I do know that I was in a mall setting. The floor was made of large smoky tiles, the walls white. The lights were dim, as if it had just shut down for the night, and outside it was dark; I could tell this because the triangular ceiling consisted of transparent glass panels. I was standing beside Will Graham, a character from the film Red Dragon (probably because I'd watched that movie the night before), and we were facing two other people, both of which were my classmates and good friends from school. We made a square, each of us at one point. There was another man sporting a suit and a long navy tie, positioned ten or twelve feet away from us, and was presumably the announcer of this each-man-for-themselves "duel". He began to speak.

      "Each of you have been given a special power to use in this fight." As he spoke, Will stepped away and backed up against the wall, holding his hands up. "I'm not going to do this," he said. "I'm nervous." The remaining three of us continued to listen. "Puffin gets invulnerability." And then he pointed to my two friends consecutively. "You have the ability to run fast, and you have the ability to control electricity. Good luck." With that, he backed away and sat cross-legged on the floor beside Will, who was still standing. For some reason, I knelt down onto the ground and waited for the other two to charge at me. After a few moments of silence, they finally did. The fight itself was really just basic hand-to-hand combat, and no one used their powers. But I did get punched in the nose and didn't get hurt.

      The next instant, I found myself in my bed with a white duvet pulled almost completely over me, my eyes already open. "Must have been a dream," I said to myself, and got up. The room wasn't my actual bedroom, but it was pretty large, around fourteen by fourteen feet, with soft tan carpet and light pink walls. I walked to the door, which had a white paint job, and opened it. The door led to a room with the same carpet, but it was much smaller and had a large flatscreen television on a black wooden desk. There was an ipod nano plugged in somewhere (I could see the cord and the device), and the computer screen was on but I can't recall what was on it. There was a cylindrical white garbage bin under the desk with a bunch of stuff in it; on top was the legible wrapper for a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar.

      "We have these?" I asked. Someone had obviously eaten it, so I immediately went to our horizontal white freezer, which was in the same room right next to the door. I opened it and didn't feel any cold temperatures, but instead saw a cardboard box with the same type of label among other freezer foods. There were a few bars left, so I pulled one out and opened it. The bar looked exactly like the above picture. I took a bite and didn't taste strawberry filling, but something else. It took a few moments to realize what flavor it was. "Blueberry?" I said, surprised. "Gross". I looked where I took the bite and there was blue filling, not pink or red. I turned around to face the computer again, and there was another white door right beside it. I opened it and saw that it led into the street. I was facing a four-lane street with broken yellow dividers; cars ran along them at highway speeds. I stepped out of the door and looked around; around me were large city buildings that looked like ones a banking or insurance company would own, all with large glass windows. There were small buildings too, and I noted a convenience store that had a logo like 7-Eleven but didn't pay any more attention to it. I was only a few feet from the door I just walked through, when someone stepped beside me. I turned my head and was looking at a teenage boy, around seventeen years of age, with short brown hair. He was wearing an olive green t-shirt and blue jeans. He looked at me with a serious expression and said, "you're the only one that can do this. No one else will listen to me."

      ...Or something like that.

      At that moment, I knew what I was looking for: a large car that looked like an Porsche 918 Spyder, except it was twice the size, covered with custom armor, and was carrying an atomic bomb. It was being driven by a heavily armed, schizophrenic man.

      I looked at the cars rushing by on the highway, and began to run towards them. I took a huge leap, landing on top of a car that looked like an Audi R8 and crushing the front hood. I recoiled slightly from the landing and then heard a quiet exclamation from a man inside the car. But I didn't care, his car could be replaced. The world couldn't be. The car I landed on was still moving, just slower than the other vehicles now, and I jumped again, this time into the middle of traffic, contacting the pavement. I looked behind me and saw cars about to run me over, so I faced the direction of travel and began to run alongside traffic, in between lanes so I wouldn't get run over. After a while of running with the traffic at inhumane speeds, I heard the sound of a speeding engine. Still running, I looked behind me to see a large, generic black car rushing towards me, knocking out cars in its way as if they were made of plastic. It came up to me and I crouched down, pressing up with great force as it began to run me over. It flew into the air, a good hundred feet, and contacted the side of a tall business building. I looked at my hands and was covered in dirt, and I smelled blood. It wasn't coming from me though, I knew, so I continued to walk down the street. The vehicles on the road kept their distance from me now, slowing down practically to a crawl and moving in a uniform speed.

      I kept walking for the next few minutes, occasionally looking up at the sky that was filled with thick clouds. There was no sun appearing today.

      The road then ended. Cars that were travelling along this road with me disappeared, and at the end of the strip was a rectangular single-story building with a dark green stucco exterior. It had a single large, square-shaped wooden door. I heard muffled thrashing inside the building, as if someone was banging on the walls with a large object, trying to get out. I gathered myself and rammed into the door, breaking it down. But as I did, something huge broke through the walls and door, and zoomed right over top of my head. It was the massive car; I could see a large hockey puck-shaped piece of metal on the top of it. I looked back at the building, which was nearly totalled from the car. Then my gaze returned to the threat. I was determined to stop it.

      I couldn't see the man, neither inside or outside the car, so I'd be spared gunshots and injury; for the most part anyways. I quickly walked towards the car, and music began to play in the background of the dream. I'd never heard an actual song playing in a dream before, so this was different. It was the distorted tune of Dani California, a song I listened to the night before this dream happened. When I got in close proximity, I hurled myself at the car and punched it, creating a huge hole and causing it to fly away from me a few feet. I continued to do this, beating the metal up. Each blow I delt, the car became more and more unrecognizeable. But hello, what about the bomb?

      By now, the car was the consistency of a crumpled piece of paper. I backed up a few feet and then ran at it as fast as I could, landing one final hit. The car blasted away into the side of a semi truck and there was a massive explosion, mostly smoke but there was fire as well. It wasn't from the bomb, just the impact of the car against the truck. And I knew that the bomb was now deactivated (somehow). I'd find the man behind this someday.

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