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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I've been asked many questions about my dreams, so I made this FAQ page to answer the most common ones. I've also added some other questions related to my dreaming. If you have something to ask me but it's not answered here, please do send me a PM.

    1. How old are you?
    At the time of writing in 2023, I am 29.

    2. How long have you been lucid dreaming for?
    Since October 2009. I was 15 years old.

    3. What techniques do you use?
    I use DILD, combined with a quick WBTB on occasion. These are achieved using sporadic moments of intense awareness to induce my lucid dreams, which you may have seen mentioned around the web as "Sporadic Awareness Technique". I also use WILD using techniques found in Lunar's WILD Guide.

    4. How many total lucid dreams have you had?
    Hundreds, if not thousands, with varying degrees of awareness.

    5. Do you use a dream journal?
    Yes. When I first started lucid dreaming, I kept a paper journal for a few months, then I started posting my entries in a thread DJ (in what's now known as the "Grandfathered DJs" subforum). After a while, I moved my journal to this new blog system. I took a long break from dream journalling, but I resumed it recently. Now I switch between a paper dream journal, the digital dream journal blog on this website, and a voice recorded dream journal. I often transfer the voice-recorded dreams into the blog for safekeeping. Sometimes I'm lazy and will simply post in the one-line thread.

    6. What do you like to do in your lucids?
    When I first started lucid dreaming, I enjoyed exploring and flying. This became boring relatively quickly, so I decided to try different things like driving cars, falling from great heights, running fast, pyrokinesis, and various other superpowers. Oftentimes however, I like to simply explore the dream world and observe the details in it.

    7. What's the easiest thing for you to do? The hardest?
    The easiest is invulnerability. Almost by default, when I become lucid, I imagine myself with diamond-hard skin, which comes in handy when I want to try daring activities like falling, crashing into things, or being shot. Flight is another easy activity because I have a well-practiced "flight" schema associated with the Iron Man suit, so I can fly as soon as I assume the flight pose. At present, the hardest dream activity for me is phasing through walls. In dreams, I often have the innate belief that walls are somehow always impassable putty, rather than transparent and permeable. I am working to unlearn this.

    8. Do you have a dream guide?
    I have no interest in learning whether I have a dream guide. I'm unconvinced of their existence.

    9. Do you dream-share?
    No. I don't believe in dream-sharing.