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    hell is a club

    by , 06-24-2014 at 04:30 PM (192 Views)
    I was on a cruise. It had this one deck where there was this deep, wide hole in the ground with a pile of books on top. there was a rope of silk over the hole held up by two poles. I had to use the silk to go over the pile of books and grab one like tarzan. Jason's dad was there sitting near the cave, reading.
    I was in constant search for dessert, but never got some.
    These two dudes were 'cleaning' te ocean. Basically, they were walking on water and using brooms to clean the surfaceof the water and make it bluer. They were cleaning it just like you would clean your flor. One guy was a fem gay, and he was sexually harassing the other dude, who was obviously very uncomfortable.

    I went to heaven. I wasn't completely dead, and I would be waking up soon. I saw a bunch of people that I thought would be in hell, and that were actually pretty nice now. I went to se Lt and Barbara and started crying. But both of them were in this weird sleep, Barbara especially so. I saw the chick put a orange pill on lt's pillow. I picked it up. Lt started chocking me so I wouldn't be able to go back to life: he wanted me to stay. Somehow, I got away. They super drugged him up. Barbara woke up tho, and she escaped.
    I went looking for her through the neighborhood and through a forest. However, the angels stopped looking for er when we got to a certain location. I discovered this location was hell. It was very sexual. I saw bisexual orgies going on in elevators, herd club music, and everything was slightly dim. However, I got the feeling that there were bad things coming for this place that the participants may not have been aware of.
    Eventually, because we were looking for a lost angel, a lead angel took some of us with her across the hell barrier to talk to someone at a desk about getting passes.

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