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    The Influence of Captin America

    by , 05-04-2014 at 04:29 PM (229 Views)
    The actor that playes captin America is in this story, so we'll just call him Amer. The other dude with him, I will call A,

    amer and osme wother dude were kicked off of this huge ship (like the ship my mom showed me we weree going on for a xruise when I was awake) and the one dude was holding on to him. Amer had his arms outstreteched at his sides. Then, the army came in and started pouring cement on the ship because it was some kind of threat. The cement started dropping don onto Amer and A. They were sturggling to rise to the surface, and were just staying in one spot. Then amer started thinking "green, light" and images of him flying around in a green suit(like those dudes who wear the green rings). Then he started screaming and turned into a powerful green dude, shooting out of the ocean and telling A to hold on to him.

    -- In this part of the movie, there is Amer, some other powerful dude, who will be called B, and thor's girlfriend, who will be called Beat.
    Beat was in the house, and she was geting beatup by an evilpowerful black dude. Amer and B couldn't get to her, they were stuck in my partents bedroom. Evil dude continued to beat her in my den, the one with the red couch. Beat started tryiing to talk, difficult with someone intermittently choking you, and Evil started mocking her.
    "What are you gonna say?" -throws her across the couch- "That if I let you live, I can manipulate them?" -he laughs, as he obviously doesn't care about that- "That they'll never let me get away with it?" -he starts throwing her up into the air, then lets her drop.

    When on the ground and able to talk, Beat says "I have valuable information."

    Evil dude doesn't believe her, and starts beating on her again.
    "You don't have to keem making sacrifices to bring HIM back"
    Evil dude freezes. "What do we have to do?"
    "He needs to feed, he needs new teeth"

    The Evil dude leaves, and lets her live. "Have a nice day."

    Beat then starts running, because she is afraid of what Amer and B will do now that they know that she has withheld information, and given it to an enemy.

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