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    Boring Dream

    by , 06-20-2014 at 03:10 PM (191 Views)
    It was night and my little sister and I walked out of the house to watch the bus come, which was supposed to be filled with money. I was also holding the trash can that we were supposed to take down the hill. Then we heard dog barking. Morgan took off running into the backyard and I saw it follow her up and down the hill and through shrubs, but it was like the trash can was holding me down and I couldn't stop her. My mom came out and opened the garage and I started yelling for her help. For some reason, the dog hadn't bit my sister. In my dream, I thought this was because she wasn't filled with anxiety like I was when she was being chased. She was simply determined not to get bit. I let go of the trash can and picked her up bride-style, and I ran her through the garage and into the house.

    I was following Kelcy down airline road, and he was on his way to get some strawberries. I decided I could get a free lunch. I somehow got onto this spiraling stairway that led down to where a bunch of lunch ladies were working in a condensed, layered, factory setting. The bottom of the stairs were touching a window from which Styrofoam boxes of food were coming, each box made by a machine and lunch lady I could see through the window and brought by the conveyor belt. A lunch lady spotted me and told me to leave, but I didn't leave until I stuffed one of the boxes up my shirt.

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