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    mansion, prison, and highway

    by , 10-26-2013 at 05:31 PM (251 Views)
    I was crawling along the hardwood floor. It was a narrow pathway that passed many things on the side of the hallway: a curtained window like those at my grandma's house, a black metal helmet with long narrow spikes, purses, etc. This hallway was circular, and when you got close to where you started, there was a staircase. I knew She lived here. I saw the stairs, then hid behind the wall to them when I heard something. I looked back and saw my dad, who surprised me but didn't scare me because he wasn't Her. He had something in his hands he was fiddling with, and then he did something wrong. She knew about it, and her steps were like thunder coming down the stairs, not from her weight, but like actual thunder. I hid behind the wall again so i wouldn't see Her. I can't remember if mom hit him or not. Mom said it was raining, an he went to go open the door for to let in Her poofy west highland white terrier. Dad opened the door and started calling him. The dog said "never open a door in my house again" when he came in, and i saw the doggie door he could have entered through. Then they were at there pool, and a tall skinny black man was in water up to his chin, talking to mom about something dangerous that was coming, and she seemed to be taking him seriously.

    I was in prison. Many people here were imprisoned at a time when being homo was illegal. In fact, i think we were all homo. We were separated by bars from this street. the street was under some kind of cave arch, and free people walked under it from time to time. Some flamboyant dude walked under, and a gay dude behind bars says "LUCKY YOU!", because even though the anti-gay law was no longer in effect, because we were tried when the law was in effect, we couldn't leave. Me and Shadae were in the part of the prison near a soccer game. Savanah (from work), who everyone knew was crazy, was coming down the hall dressed as a fairy. She was separated from us by bars, and would have to go a long way around to get to us. Shadae said "hey, come here!". "I can't!" savanah responded. "try!" said shadae. and then savanah bent the bars apart and walked over to us. then she came over, bent the bars near us, and walked in next to us. We could escape! We hesitated. Was this the right time? Would we just get caught? Then we saw the crowd of girls running from behind us, and we went out. I was alone. I could have gone in the direction of the city, or the trees, and I chose the trees. I was on my hands and knees (or feet, im not sure) running through a field full of dog or cow shit, getting closer and closer to the trees, wishing i was a werewolf.

    I was driving with my mom in the passenger seat, and i was doing pretty well. we got on the highway, i was perfect. when we got off and she wanted to turn somewhere, i missed the turn. my view became that of a traffic helocopter. i crossed over three lanes and almost had a head-on collision.

    It's almost like I change my mind during the course of the dream, but I'm not lucid. For example, when I see my dad, I kinda choose not to get scared an make my mom the scary one, kinda going against the stereotypical direction. When I'm actually crawling through the hallway, I think about how cool this place will be to describe later. When I'm running on hands an knees like a wolf through crap field, I start thinking how prison would be easier if I were a werewolf, almost like I'm thinking of ideas to improve my dreams with while still in the dream.

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