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    Friday, December 13

    by , 12-17-2019 at 01:35 AM (201 Views)
    I am at work when, on camera, I see a girl who I recognize come in. She goes straight to the shoes, which is what I think shes tried to steal before. She has a backpack on and a stroller with a kid in it. I watch as she takes at least two pairs, at least one out of the box. Bobby and Laynie are here, so I say we can finally stop her. She then leaves the shoe department and I think grabs a few more things before going into the bathroom. Laynie and I look out of a little window in the wall or door, I think to see how busy it is. It looks pretty busy and it also looks like a high school hallway. We go out there now, outside the two sets of doors past the bathrooms. I think about how were supposed to clear the bathroom but are not going to because its not like shes going to leave the stuff behind. The door opens from someone going in there, and I see Laynie mouthing something at me. I have to have her repeat it a few times before I figure out that she wants me to look in there while the door is open. I go over there and somehow the door is still open, very slowly closing. I cant really see much inside. I go back and now the lady is coming outside just holding the jeans she picked up earlier. Im not sure she had the stroller anymore. I stop her and initially she tries to put up a fight but then she starts coming back. I think I use the kid as leverage. I think we get her back in the office. Now, I am sitting at a table in what looks like a back or side yard. Its a large, square table with a tablecloth and a cake set out. Theres also the lady, Mom, and about two older/middle aged white men who I think are judges or something like that. They are interviewing me, but are smiling, friendly, and seemingly biased against the lady. One of the points the man raises is how when he was turned in a group of papers, mine was the shortest. I reply I believe in quality, not quantity, thank you. He seems to accept this answer, and I also see Mom smile at me. This goes on for a bit longer.

    I am inside a Burger King? and it feels like I am working and on my break. The only others I see here are two girls (I think from work) sitting at a table. I am going through a drive through inside? I think by walking or by moving a table in front of me through it. The voice over the speaker sounds garbled and incomprehensible. I try to figure it out, cant, and look over to the girls. They say they have no idea either. I just move up a little closer.

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