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    Friday, February 1

    by , 02-15-2019 at 11:24 PM (323 Views)
    I am at a house. It seems like I may be staying here for a little while, as in a few nights. Andrea from high school is here too. Iím about to take a shower, and I find out, as she comes over at the same time, that she was about to too. I think there is some discussion, after which I end up taking a quick shower first. I am getting ready to go see a therapist? Mom and Makayla are coming with me, or at least are in the car. I think Iím driving. The landscape is sort of empty and drab. (*The following is not the best recollection, and almost seems like it was from another dream but like it fits with this one too). While talking with the woman therapist, I become angered with the inefficiency of the whole thing and end up beating her. (*This feels very gross to write; in the dream there didnít seem to be too much emotion behind it, just simple physical contact).

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