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    Friday, October 4

    by , 10-08-2019 at 07:49 PM (72 Views)
    I am with Melissa at Burning Man. I’m sure it is Burning Man, but it doesn’t really feel all that far away from anything. In fact, we seem to be right by a freeway overpass. It seems like we are among the first here. We are filtering into a small building or canvas tent with couch like seating. I watch everyone arrive, all in the same, generic Burning Man garb. I do notice a shorter guy with thick and curly brown hair wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. I think it’s brown or brown tie dye with a large print of ‘Bertha’ on it. I think that he might possibly be interesting to talk to or that it could just be a fashion statement. I then realize that no one is really doing anything except sitting around just like they could anywhere else. I wonder if this is it - to just come here to sit and watch everyone else do the same. We are now trying to leave; there are a few exits, but they are all also being used as entrances for a mass of people heading this way. We try to go against the grain bt it proves impossible so we submit to it and veer off to our left. This brings us much closer to the overpass. There are crowds everywhere, but I notice a bunch of arms sticking up in the crowd under the overpass, waving, beckoning us to go over there, as if they see us fighting the flow of people. So we oblige and go over there. Over there, the space between the ground and the overpass is much smaller, probably only big enough for a kid. In fact, that is who is under there. There are different sections, each with school aged kids (mostly girls?) sitting in a circle or just along the wall. In the middle of each group is an adult laying on their back, eyes closed. They are conducting some ‘alien experience’? and beckoning us to come try it. I’m uneasy from my first glance at it; it looks creepy and I don’t like it. I make a comment to Melissa about how creepy it is and how we’re not doing that.
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