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    Saturday, December 29

    by , 01-19-2019 at 10:41 PM (223 Views)
    I am outside, at what seems to be a beach, with Melissa, Brooke, and possibly Breezy. It is dark out, and there seems to be some sort of smaller event going on. There are some tables and bar counters, etc. I break off from them to go buy some shots, unannounced. Iím not really sure what to go; after talking to the bartender, I end up with two shots of Ďsomething fruityí. I can smell it, and it is fruity. I take them back to give to Melissa, but Brooke grabs them and takes them both at the same time. Iím now in a different area. Thereís a nicely dressed guy here buying a bottle of something. Iím worried about money, but then remind myself to live a little. A bottle of fine German Riesling for only $126, he remarks, as if thatís a steal. I agree, but then start to think Iíve seen that for less.

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    Tags: alcohol, beach, wine