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    Saturday, February 15

    by , 02-24-2020 at 10:28 PM (88 Views)
    I am somewhere outside, by a fairly wide and deep seeming river and what looks like an old, overgrown stone bridge. I think I am somehow above the water and under the bridge, moving forward. Now, I am either under the water or envisioning the sensation of myself under the water. It feels very real, and I seem to be on my back and drowning. I submit to it (I think itís supposed to be like Iím laying on my back in bed and feeling the sensation of falling asleep).

    I am downtown (it looks slightly different - I am on more of a grassy hillside with walking paths) and it is very crowded. The paths are all filled and everyone is walking very slowly. I get irritated and go around them, walking on the grass uphill.

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