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    Saturday, November 2

    by , 11-02-2019 at 08:44 PM (72 Views)
    I am at work when I find out there has been a shooting at one of the quads. It seems to happen so quick and it feels unreal and all too real at the same time. I am either watching it on video or seeing it like a scene in a movie (or seeing it from a perspective above the ground?) The quad is in a slightly large, open area (none of the quads we really have) and the shooter is inside the quad. With a handgun he shoots down the associate Fitzie. She’s about 20 yards away but still goes down hard. Someone said Imie tried to protect her, wondering which one got hit. At one point, I see w body on the floor. I think we barely see the faint rise and fall of breath, but someone says she’s definitely gone. Later, we know for certain that she has died. I think someone mentions or comes looking for her, and I know we’ll have to break the news.

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    Tags: shooting, work