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    Sunday, August 13

    by , 09-16-2023 at 09:55 PM (52 Views)
    Iím sitting towards the front of a coach bus with a smaller group of unfamiliar others. Sitting on the right side, i watch as the bus starts to tilt to the right. At first it almost seems as if itís just settling, but then the lean intensifies, and I can feel tension arise. It hesitates and then unavoidably completes the lean, tossing us out of our seats as it crashes down on its side. After itís over, I think itís not as bad as it couldíve been. Everyone is walking away, just shaken. The driver, a lanky older man, walks away completely, looking embarrassed, which I find cowardly. Now Melissa is here and weíre going through the luggage we have. I notice that Iíve completely forgotten a toiletries bag.

    Iím in a house with Melissa (it feels like our house in the dream and looks nothing like our house in reality). Iím in what feels like the living room, which feels like a big open room with a single-level pagoda built into it. It extends up to the high ceiling, its own roof just below? There are some hanging plants on the structure - in mostly ceramic pots - and Melissa has taken them down, I think without intending to return them. I liked how they looked, but I think they were the previous ownerís.

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    Tags: bus, crash, house, plants