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    Sunday, August 5

    by , 12-20-2018 at 03:26 AM (105 Views)
    I have gotten home to Dad’s house (it looks different though - large and antiquated. As I write this, I realize it’s similar to some of the buildings in Old Town Sacramento). I go into a room that has two beds. Dad is asleep on his back in the closest bed, and Emma and Makayla are in the other, laying on their stomachs so they can face the TV that is playing a movie. I see an empty Stone beer bottle or two by Dad and think he must’ve been trying to ease the pain. I then think I’d like to get a beer for myself and go to do so. I think I look in the pantry, but do not find any and realize they’re in a different room. I go into this room, with the beers and my keys with the bottle opener on them, when I hear a fairly loud and disconcerting sound. It sounds like something deliberately tapped or knocked or something. I look at the TV on the wall and instead of being off, it appears to be on, but not on any channel. What’s on the screen is black and dark green, amorphous and moving fairly fast and ominously. I turn the TV off but it simply comes right back on. This happens a few times. There is also a painting of a girl in this room. The fabric where her nose is painted is ripped, and it appears real blood has flowed from it. A few times I look back at it, there is more blood. I think I ‘broke’ the nose. I think there are more noises and instances of the presence of a spirit being strongly felt.

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