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    Sunday, June 16

    by , 06-27-2019 at 08:59 PM (76 Views)
    I am walking around at work (it looks very different, still like a department store, but not the one I work at) when Ryan calls 432 and says I need change. I am not on a phone and think I actually hear him say it since I just so happen to be a few yards from the register he is at. I see three different women in his view and figure one must be who he is calling about. Two look like moms with strollers. The other looks more suspicious, with sunglasses and a large purse. I think they all see me and take off running. There is a small pile of wadded up dresses on the ground that I think the girl with the purse must have dumped. There is also a set of keys, which I pick up and keep. I am now briefly in a room or at a table taking a picture of one of the keys (or some metal piece attached to a key) that has some identifying number on it. I think Laynie is here now and we are watching this girl. She goes somewhere downstairs a bit before going upstairs. I thought she would have been spooked, but it seems like we think she might still steal. Im now walking around and getting ready to close when I notice there are still a lot of people here.

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    Tags: stealing, store, work