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    Thursday, March 5

    by , 03-09-2020 at 03:34 AM (293 Views)
    I am outside and approaching a Starbucks. It looks more like a concessions building that youíd find at a theme park. There are a ton of people waiting, then I see that they are in three lines. I keep walking and get into the furthest line which is significantly shorter. I then notice that each line corresponds to a method of payment, this line being one that I do not qualify for. Since Iím almost up, I hope Iíll be able to slide by or tell them I didnít know (the signs are rather small and high up). I am up now and the short and pudgy blonde barista about my age takes my order without regard to the line types. I get some kind of black iced coffee. We start talking, and I tell her how Starbucks kind of sucks. I tell her there are just so many more quality options, then realize that she works at a Starbucks so this might be uncomfortable for her.

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