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    Thursday, October 25

    by , 12-29-2018 at 03:13 AM (305 Views)
    I am inside a vast warehouse with a very high ceiling. It has a sense of isolation, like it is far from much development. It also seems run down; I think part of it is broken down and exposed to the outside. Sand has blown in and blended the indoors and out. Atop towering shelves, product is precariously placed. I think about trying to knock it down by bumping into the shelf, but then think about the real damage that could be done if it fell onto me. The place is so very quiet, emanating silence. I think Melissa is here too. Now, I am outside of the warehouse, rising into the air. I look down and watch everything become smaller as I rise. This compels me to continue rising, and I do so until I am hundreds of feet above the desert dirt below. Itís almost effortless and entirely exhilarating.

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