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    Tuesday, April 23

    by , 05-07-2019 at 07:17 PM (139 Views)
    I am in what seems like a large, dim room. The building seems industrial and empty/abandoned. There are only a few others here. They are doing some sort of bomb test. I think I ask someone if itís a hydrogen or atomic bomb. I think they say itís a big bomb, but not that big. Now, the bomb (that looks more like a grenade) is being throw from the other side of the room to over here. There are actually two of them, and they land in a corner/inlet to my right. There is a wall between them and me, but still I panic a little. They then detonate with a much smaller explosion than I had expected. The explosion looks like mostly black smoke in a sort of mushroom head. After a moment it sort of goes off again, sending a powerful wave of aftershock. There are people against a fence on the far side of the room; I watch as they are violently thrown up and against the fence. I go look at the location of impact, finding two small craters. The bottom is bright yellow orange, like it has turned the ground molten. I think about sending a Snapchat of it.

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    Tags: bomb, explosion