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    Tuesday, August 10

    by , 08-16-2021 at 06:29 AM (156 Views)
    I’m at work when a taller blonde man comes up to the counter. I think he is trying to check out, but is being deceptive about something in an attempt to steal it? I see through what he is doing and say I’ll need to see the items, or something similar. He then gets defensive and starts walking out. I start following him. Now, there is something about a girl with a ton of books outside, and me taking one of them. There are so many that I think there’s no way she’ll have them inventoried or know which I’ve taken, but apparently she does, and becomes aggressive. I have to run from her (it seems like we’re in a large, old school or castle). Her books are out here in an open area or courtyard in bankers boxes. It takes up probably 40 x 40 feet, with stacks 2-3 boxes high. Looking at the random seeming assortment of books in one of the boxes, I can’t believe that she really knows what’s here. There are also chain stanchions around the area. It seems dark out.

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