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    Tuesday, November 26

    by , 11-28-2019 at 07:23 AM (51 Views)
    I am outside somewhere with Sage. We are on the bank of a wide and seemingly shallow yet rapidly flowing river. Itís width (~50ft?) is broken up by protruding rocks and the resulting rapids. I think we are trying to cross it but end up coming back, because we never do get to the other side. When I attempt, the water reaches up to my lower thighs. Despite the depth, the strong current makes each step a task. Back on the bank, Sage is casually talking about some gecko club sheís created. I think sheís trying to get me to join. I ask what it entails, and it seems like a lot for the low monthly payment. Iím just not sure Iím that into geckos. Dad is now here and sort of ridiculing us for trying to cross this river. He doesnít seem to appreciate our trying.

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    Tags: geckos, river, water