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    Tuesday, October 13

    by , 12-13-2020 at 06:54 AM (168 Views)
    I am in a large library with Seth from work. The aisles are small and randomly arranged, curved and linear and somewhat labyrinthine. We are one some scavenger hunt for the classics? As we walk down one aisle I notice how hot it is in here and make a comment about them needing to turn it down. Weíre in a little dead end area, maybe 10 x 5 feet and I notice that itís crowded here. Thereís a young Hispanic looking girl or two and another group just in here. I think I tell Seth something that he didnít know. At one point weíre looking at maps of museums in Ireland, and there are many. (Part of this dream?) Iím with Britneyís friend Kinney? talking about traveling all over the place without having to pay for the actual travel. Thereís a sense that we both seem earnest yet itíll never happen.

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