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    1. Secret teleporters, hidden in desks

      by , 05-25-2011 at 11:11 PM
      [color=violet]Puuh, a pretty long one now[/color]
      [color=blue]Skiing again. I just got up from a lift and now took my backpack to the front while driving slowly. I'm in a hurry and just now I got to put one of the two sunglasses I am wearing into the backpack, which is pretty hard. If I don't hurry, I will miss my family at the next stop where we wanted to meet. I notice the weather is about to get worse. Suddenly a staff-guy appears, he even got 3 sunglasses upon each other. He drives next to me and we talk a little. Suddenly he almost falls to his right, but in the last moment pulls himself back to the left and managed not to fall. He now asks me whether I feel it too, when I am about to fall off my skis. Now he asks me "How much time you've got left?" and my Dream-SC suddenly lets me scream "8 MINUTES!"[/color][color=violet] ( I know that was the time between now and my 'death' and not the obvisious delay between now and my planned arrival at my family's ) [/color][color=blue]Now I turn my right wrist around and look onto my watch, it says *:27, which means I got 3 minutes left. We speed up and go R E A L L Y fast, take another lift and then drive down a small way ('Ziehweg' in german) where you have no chance to gain more speed. To the left, there is the mountain, but to the right, there aren't even trees. The way now does a curve around the hill, which is icy in the moment. The other guy screams "JUUUUMP" and I jump, just before the curve, so I fly out of the way. In midair I turn hardly to the left and get upon the way again, now annoyed by the staff member who almost killed me.
      The way now comes to an end, with a really high vert (quarterpipe) you have to drive up. I fly out on top and he tells me to do "backwards movements", so I move my feet as I would do when trying to walk backwards on the snow. I start to gain horizontal speed and then fly around the pinnacle in a helix-shape. Right on the other side from where I flew up, there is a cable car track which I pass really close, flying between to wires, still cursing that guy. Now the 'dream camera' fades away from me, showing some thawing leaves and grass. Also I hear my mum talking to the guy, who was just telling her, that I probably died, but still feeling my own body. I know they finally found me and got me back home.
      I am sitting in the bathroom and the notice the whole story above was just a story on a CD which was given together with a cosmetic product. I walk out of the bath and tell my mum how unlogical the whole story was and google its name on a laptop. I find out that the story is even got a homepage.

      I am in the 'House of the King', which I amn't allowed to be in. I am in one big room with only a desk near to the wall and a door next to it in. I see there is something special about that desk and try to get on the chair behind it, but it was made to block that. I try to get behind a few times but then give up and gog through that door. It's another room, and there is the same type of desk again, plus a few bookshelves around. I find there is a mechanism, you have to push one button, then a part of the desk slides inside the deskplate, and there appears another button, until you can get behind it. I now sit on the chair and see there is one last button below the main table plate, and I know it'll teleport me somewhere else if I push it. I want to wait until someone appears and then say some like "Haha, you'll never get me", then push the button and disappear, but I think it'll maybe take to much time and the person may shoot me before I can get aware.[/color][/center]