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    [INCENEOR] Early LD's - Hill field

    by , 02-12-2016 at 09:57 PM (422 Views)
    I'm watching TV with my dad and Fellowship of the Ring is playing. The scene with the battle of Dagorlad is happening and the scale of the battle is almost doubled. I'm mesmerized, but my father isn't even paying attention to the movie and hes about to start talking to he's phone. I hesitate and try to stop him, so he could enjoy the experience as well. I shush him to be quiet. Suddenly the elf army transforms and the troops look like stick figures out of some early 2000's video game. The orc army loses over 90% of it's mass as well. I'm left with an extremely poor movie experience. The dream moves on and my father looks at my computer screen. There's an mmorpg game that I used to play on the screen. He says something weird as he watches someone farm npcs on this island place. Then out of nowhere Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants pops up onto the screen. I tell my father : " This game has been around for twelve, no, eleven years already." He replies with : " Oh." I then tell him four times that Iv quit the game long ago.


    I get lucid when I'm sitting on my stairway's steps with some 8-year old boy. He is is sweet and he has blonde hair. I ask him for an atonement ( if that is the right word for "making peace between to people"), because I think he could be a nightmare in a disguise. He smiles at me, I guess he accepted and I smile back. I then say : " Don't move." I look at his black t-shirt that has some cool pattern on it, and I try to remember it so if I'd want I could draw it later to my dream journal. Can't remember it anymore, but it was white and complex. The dream hops me into our house's "basement" that doesn't really exist. It's about two and a half meters under the surface I'd say. I'm accompanied by two to three other guys that seem to be in their early 20's, and then there's the little boy too. I get an idea what to do with the lucid, and I start to prepare for a full blown Eldar war. There's a red door on the wall of the basement. I tell everyone to think about a battle field and war behind it. They do as I tell them and I open the door. A black sky and dark field opens in front of me, there's battalions of Eldar warriors marching everywhere. We then decide not to enter this scenery, huh. I'm confused. I remember "bringing my vision from the back of my head into my eyes like in real life." Every time I do this the dream's quality enhances. We're back in the basement I guess and I open another door, now from the top of some stairway. I enter into a sunny world with a blue sky and fresh air. The warmness of the sun hits my skin and I can see an yellow field down the hill. I have left a cabin I see, down the stairs there's still the basement and the other guys. I look to the distance and there's no ending to an evergreen forest. I tell the other not to look, because the sight is too beautiful. We could forget our battle plans. They come up anyways, and we just stand there staring at the landscape.

    With the war and fighting still in my mind I notice the earth trembling beneath my feet.
    I look behind the small cabin and there's an 80 meter tall evil robot running towards our hill through the woods. It looks like a garbage truck mega transformer of some kind. I'm the dreamer and I instantly accept the challenge. I can feel my body gaining height and in under a few seconds I'm 80 meters tall as well. I try to make myself Striker Eureka from the Pacific Rim movie. I somehow succeed, but I can't see my robot body. I run towards the other robot and we clash above the trees' tops. I jump to the robot's side and take a grab of a giant rusty tire on it's back. I rip it off with force. At least I feel like an 80 meter battle mecha if I'm not one. The battle is over almost as fast as it began and I'm back to my normal size. I decide to take flight. I point my hands forward in the air and I fly over the trees. As I make my hands into fists I gain extreme speed, like from 70km an hour to 700km an hour, and over. I see some ancient giant pillars in the distance and there's a desert as well. Because I'm so fast I'm there in ten seconds. I then want some to fly with me, but I fail to make anyone appear beside me.

    I'm at a city's center somewhere. I take off and fly to one of the nearby roofs. I land and I see that it's a luxury house's large terrace, I can somehow sense that it has been used by celebrities. A couple of dream characters have appeared next to me and I try to have some k-18 with them. They're not the type of people I want to do it with so I try to make more appealing ones appear. I turn to look away and then look back and there's different kinds of dream characters every time I do so. None of them pleases my eye, maybe I'm too picky. I give up after a while and drop myself to the lower terrace. I decide to give it one more shot... and hello beautiful. But the dream character then drops to the floor suddenly as I try to approach it. Only a puddle remains.


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