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    [ZADMOS][WILD] Early LD's - Yellow doors

    by , 02-06-2016 at 06:58 PM (484 Views)
    A slow transition in the darkness. I find myself in a dark apartment and I'm moving in the air towards a bathroom door against my will. The Grudge appears ( Shes been present quite often when I'm either paralyzed or in the phase of entering a dream.) For a second I'm startled but I calm down immediately, because seeing her is a good sign and she has even helped me to become lucid a few times. I see that she is still the embodiment of my fear of the situation. So I do what it takes to calm my subconsciousness down, and I kiss her. She turn 20ish. We kiss for a few seconds and then she says :" I will always be in the shower." She probably means that I will always be scared for a brief moment when becoming aware of the transition phase, which is only natural I guess. I reply : " I know." The dream becomes bright and it's day time. My father enters our apartment and I leave to the stairway. My father insists that he'd come with me to my adventure, no way. I try to push the door close with physical strength as he tries to join me, and finally succeed. I always fear that either my father or brother keep following in my lucids, I want to have my adventures alone. So I'm now in my stairway thinking of what to do next now that I got rid of my follower. I first start with stabilizing the dream by touching the surfaces and doing the nose reality check. Everything is life like now, good. I begin thinking a door that would appear behind my back, and as I turn around there's a yellow wooden door standing still in the middle of the corridor. I prepare to fulfill one of my main goals, to get to my own dream house to a beautiful tropical island with a beach and all things that make up a paradise. I say clearly and loud :" Cubiculum." That's what I named it, it means "a room" but what ever I like how it sounds. "This is what Iv been waiting for."I say to myself. I'm perfectly anchored into lucidity and the dream is stabilized. I think of a beach and enter, without intention...

    I appear into a gloomy and stale beach. There are coniferous trees further into the island and a boring field, and then there's what is supposed to be my perfect Cubiculum house. But it's just off, it's like a recently abandoned cabin. I try to make it bigger at least by turning my face down and then looking back up again. I do this twice, and both times the cabin just grows smaller. I laugh. Suddenly there are tourists arriving into the area. I look up to the forested hill next to the cabin and briefly think of some forest creature war I could have to compensate my failure. I drop the idea and create another yellow door to behind my back. I decide I'll go sit to the Lincoln Statue that Iv seen frequently in movies. I again forget to exploit intention. But I make it this time, I open the door and I'm here, at the Statue. The hall is quite big and somewhat beautiful. There are three openings, front, left and right. There is no roof however. I let Lincoln sit in peace and so I sit down as well to the highest step by the front opening. I'm not in Washington ( if that is where the statue is supposed to be located I dont know.) but at the end of some sand road. The view is simple but extremely sharp, I guess it's more realistic than reality. The statue was normal in the beginning, but now that I go look at it again it's head is halfway merged into the rest of the statue. I go sit to the steps again. I say to the dream : " You have five seconds to introduce me an interesting character."Nothing happens, there are only bats flying on the orange colored sky. I'm starting to go back to the statue when I see a figure nearby on the street. I run up to it. It's a woman, but she's a bit... disturbing. She's overweight and dressed in a black robe. She has her teeth tightly pressed against her lower lip and she doesn't speak. She looks straight into my eyes, as if she had no soul. I see that she also has eyelashes on her elbows and on the tips of her fingers. I feel disturbed enough so I swing my hand at her and she disappears.

    The dream turns into a setting of what seems to be like Half-life 2. The street's of City 17 I'd think. It's night time now. I see a dementor from the Harry Potter universe approaching me and I shout : " Expecto, patronum!" at it with my hand pointed forward. A great mist of light consumes the dementor. I lose a little bit of lucidity. I then proceed to fly around, killing more dementors with the same spell around the street. I see Harry and his friends and I tell them to go do something nice instead of being out here on the street. I once again create a door and it's yellow. (My lucidity goes up and down from now on.) I go through it and I'm in a hallway made out of metal-looking material. It's pretty future like. I decide to "go with the flow" and see what the dream does. There are people and semi humanoid-looking people walking around. The doors of the hallway open by themselves when people walk towards them. I'm accompanied by some people and they begin to lead me somewhere. I can hear some Eurovision music playing nearby. After walking for ten seconds we're suddenly at the back stage of a big warehouse and there's some 10,000 people cheering for a band that is playing on the stage.
    A sudden impulse leads me to go to the stage and sing along with the band in front of the huge audience. I know the lyrics by heart but I don't really know what I'm saying. I suddenly sounds like a real singer. I go and fly over the audience but they soon disappear and I fly to the wall and into the darkness.

    I'm eating at my high-school with my friends when some boy comes and sits besides me. I suddenly have a WILD "within the dream" and first I reluctantly rise in tothe air and towards the light, but then completely surrender myself. I try to reach for the light, it's so amazing. I can see some red text and I try to read it without success.


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