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    Strange conversation with nomad

    by , 09-11-2011 at 05:20 PM (1004 Views)
    I am writing in a note book. I write out a message and the message I receive appears on the lines just underneath where I wrote. I am writing back and forth to nomad.

    So what I can remember was said...

    I said that I see dreaming as a bunch of cords criss crossing in a complex system sort of.

    Then at one point I was focusing in on his energy and wrote to him saying that there was both negative and positive emotions sort of being repressed, and that kind of clouds his consciousness.

    Then he wrote a bunch of shit back and then I went to check and it was all cross out like he decided to take what he said back. Then I just saw I think alot.

    besides those things I can't remember quite everything that was said.
    while doing this more than once these sort of videos came up that I would watch. They were youtube videos. He was like telling me things. Then at one point he's talking about weed. he has some bud plant. He's says don't tell anyone!!! Someone that lives around here will steal it!!

    The environment I was in was changing as I wasn't paying much attention to it. I was mostly focused on the notebook and sending messages to nomad. Then the parts with videos I sort of suddenly was merged into the experience.

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