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    1. tower thingy

      by , 05-13-2014 at 03:24 AM (salty)
      Mostly all I remember is these two big tower building things at a school and I climbed up one of them and took a zip line to the other and jumped down like ten stories inside of the tower to the ground, but i wasn't hurt because, you know it's a dream... then there was some part after where it was like I was talking to people through mics in a video game but it was like real, and I was shooting people, some war type thing. Couldn't remember much because to many distractions waking up.
    2. Lonely stranded group

      by , 05-10-2014 at 06:40 PM (salty)
      I am stranded with a group of people in some wastes of a small town type place. Everything is grayish. Everyone is lonely and insane disagreements arise between people. Over time one girl decides to cut her breasts off after she is tired of all the horny men around her always commenting at her and treating her like trash. Eventually there is some helicopter with marines on it, but the helicopter has some clear sphere around and through it that spins that makes it fly. The pilot is an expert and flys between trees and stuff, they don't rescue us though? There are large grass fields and and hills past this side of town very colorful. There are some school kids playing at what looks like PE or recess on a sort of basket ball court black top type area and that same girl goes there to be with them rather than our group.

      The early parts of this dream were very long but I can't remember all it very clearly so I kept it simple.
    3. stony nap

      by , 02-21-2012 at 05:31 AM (salty)
      I fall asleep I am very stoned
      I am floating through other peoples minds and inner dialogues.
      I am going through their lust
      They think of decisions they make which only bring more suffering
      I tell them to act otherwise
      They seem to laugh and take pride in their foolish decisions
      I forget who I am
      I am waking up trying to figure out who I am or the meaning of the world I exist in knowing that I'm here for some reason I cannot remember
      Ideas and concepts come together and I begin to remember
      I am used to forgetting who I am it doesn't surprise me
    4. Strange conversation with nomad

      by , 09-11-2011 at 05:20 PM (salty)
      I am writing in a note book. I write out a message and the message I receive appears on the lines just underneath where I wrote. I am writing back and forth to nomad.

      So what I can remember was said...

      I said that I see dreaming as a bunch of cords criss crossing in a complex system sort of.

      Then at one point I was focusing in on his energy and wrote to him saying that there was both negative and positive emotions sort of being repressed, and that kind of clouds his consciousness.

      Then he wrote a bunch of shit back and then I went to check and it was all cross out like he decided to take what he said back. Then I just saw I think alot.

      besides those things I can't remember quite everything that was said.
      while doing this more than once these sort of videos came up that I would watch. They were youtube videos. He was like telling me things. Then at one point he's talking about weed. he has some bud plant. He's says don't tell anyone!!! Someone that lives around here will steal it!!

      The environment I was in was changing as I wasn't paying much attention to it. I was mostly focused on the notebook and sending messages to nomad. Then the parts with videos I sort of suddenly was merged into the experience.
    5. Mayatara..... time travel

      by , 08-31-2011 at 02:46 PM (salty)
      OMG WTF I SERIOUSLY just wrote out both these fucking dreams and a pop up come out of nowhere and I exit out and lose both of them..............agghghghghghggh fuuuuuuuuck


      SO i this dream me and mayatara were walking up a hill road thing
      I become fully lucid
      I realize I have been here in the past in a dream
      We are in a white void I look out and swimming pools appear in rows all different lengths
      we fly around and do random fun stuff together
      Later we somehow travel back in time through this place to the time where we had both had the dream in the past
      When we get there we realize that the dream we had in the past was us traveling back in time but we didn't perceive going back in time.
      we do things in this ever changing white void of things
      I wake up and I don't write down the dream because I'm to tired and fall back to sleep

      I am watching this girl do all these things like a movie
      Helps a guy buy food for his son and there is confusion as to what is the right thing he needs to get
      Later she is at an old man and women's house
      The man is talking about god and reality to her but she doesn't understand is uncomfortable around him
      He offers her a job to clean his carpets
      there is doubt that she could do that because she doesn't know how
      There is this random soccer game thing that busts out explaining to her confidence teaching her a lesson
      apparently by the end she learns to be confident and all is good or something

      ^shortened version of my dreams, don't have time plus psychic vampires all around me making noises for no reason. Trying to bug me. I feel oppressed.
    6. history of the earth

      by , 08-27-2011 at 09:01 PM (salty)
      Me and erii are flying through a world
      The world is not seen but felt
      It is intense
      I am becoming exhausted from continuing to push through
      We reach what we came for
      It feels right
      as we approach it, it is overly intense
      The intensity makes me feel almost sick
      I keep pushing and make it through some kind of barrier
      I am overwhelmed with information all at once
      I am above earth
      It looks extremely different
      I see something flaming hurtle towards earth
      it is so large there is a massive shockwave that covers most of the side of earth I'm viewing
      It looks brown
      Now all that was green and blue I saw from air is nothing
      things begin to change and energy shifts
      now I am not seeing anything but feelings are all over the place
      The earth is red completely
      It glows red
      energy is intense and very hyper
      I am on the surface
      I see nothing but smoke
      I feel alot of heat
      Now I am slipping into darkness and losing my awareness of this scene
      I see a huge twisting ball of energy that is white and blue
      It is very chaotic
      it seems to be pulsing
      it feels sick
      like a dying heart
      like an old person with a dying body
      hurting all over
      its very strange and I am confused what this is exactly
      I cannot leave
      I feel stuck
      and it grows more and more chaotic
      then at once it is nothing
      and now it is everywhere
      the energy which was once a ball is spread across in every direction incredibly far in particles
      Now I feel like monster compared to these sand like particles
      I feel all of them
      everyone filled with life
      its own sentience
      they are like stars
      I see lines interconnecting them
      In three dimensional patterns
      the patterns are infinite as far as I can see
      They appear chaotic just as the ball
      Now I am small
      I am flying through space
      Still incredibly large
      I come to a whitish blue star
      It feels aggressive
      With nothing to be mad at
      It is so isolated
      it is individuated
      and nothing can effect it
      yet it seems angry
      and resentful
      at what?
      It feels like it angry at the universe
      It makes no sense
      I feel hatred
      I feel pain
      Why does it feel these things?
      It is nothing more than a piece of the larger ball of energy
      yet it is alone and cannot be harmed
      But it hates?
      I am confused so deeply it hurts
      I feel sick
      I feel like I'm melding into a painting which is this star
      Then all at once I realize that the star is me
      And the world of stars I called space was all humans
      all dis unified
      All lonely
      It hurts so bad
      The loneliness is killing me
      I can't stand it
      I am going insane
      I am incredibly confused and scared
      I felt fear I didn't know existed
      every human seems so distant
      Every star is so far away
      I am floating alone
      Yet I enjoy it
      I am not sure why
      But I enjoy it
      I feel like I could float here forever in acceptance
      But then something happens
      I don't feel like a star in this strange universe or whatever anymore
      Now I am in my dream body
      Floating in a monster of energy beside erii
      The energy is ripping like a storm
      Yet we are safe
      I see her body glowing
      I cannot even make out physical features just the glowing shape of a body that is red
      I am exhausted
      eventually I push through and we are flying as hard and fast as we can to get out
      We return to the place which we left before we came here
    7. I love you!!!!

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:38 AM (salty)
      I telepathically tell everyone on dreamviews I love them as I wake up impulsively. Its weird. I do one person at a time telling them all these crazy things as I'm half asleep in bed. I don't even remember exactly what I was telling everyone. But its mostly about me loving them.
    8. this song pretty much sums it up

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:53 AM (salty)
    9. Me and my friends

      by , 05-01-2011 at 02:53 AM (salty)

    10. RPG shape shifter adventure

      by , 04-07-2011 at 06:29 PM (salty)

      I am on my horse standing in the exact place in this picture. Except I don't have a shield and my sword is different and is in a sheath on the side of my horse. I look around. To my right I see a barren rocky valley with a river in the middle. In front of me and to my left the land becomes flat and there is forest. I take off galloping on my horse down the steep rocky hillside. I come to the bottom and enter the forest. I ride my horse through the forest in a slow trot. I come to an oval shaped wooden mirror standing in the forest. I get off my horse and look in the mirror. I look exactly as I do in the picture. I stare at my self in the mirror for a awhile. I get back on my horse and gallop through the forest. I eventually come to the edge of a steep mountains side. Below I see a town in the valley on fire. Huge flames and clouds of black smoke rise in the air above the buildings and high in the air. I smell the burning wood. I suddenly feel the urge to save these people and get revenge on whoever did this. I wake up.