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    Child abuse.

    by , 01-21-2013 at 11:55 PM (314 Views)
    I'm in a kind of hospital room where a young man is immobilized on a bed with his family and two children who seem to be twins. The children are blond , about 4 years old. I begin to play with one of the children and it disappears. Then I started playing with the other. I lie on the floor and lift the child wiht one hand and he begins to laugh. All of the sudden the child goes to the bed where the young man lies. He jumsp on the bed and falls to the other side.I managed to lift the child but soon he seems to have difficulty breathing as if he was choking. The Child's nose begins to ooze and then I ask one of the family a piece of cloth to clean it. The child's head is tilted and I tell the family that the child has trouble breathing. The family is angry. They take the child and put him under the bed. I leave the room angry. I wake up.

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