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    by , 01-24-2013 at 01:21 AM (322 Views)
    I am walking down a street in a small town. Suddenly I notice that people are alarmed and star running. Instinctively I run into and old building that has a large wooden door leading to a staircase. I climb the stairs to the third floor. The floor is a long office with three hunge glass windows facing the street. Two of the windows have curtains, the third has none. I and two of the employees run towards that window and look out to the street where a black figure similar to the spiderman terrorizes the crowd. Suddenly the black figure jumps to the edge of the window where we are, but he does not see us. The two employees runt to the other end of the office but I remain in the same place for fear of being discovered. Finally I move to where the rest of the employees are talking. Some esmployees begin narrating how they starting working for some japanese entrepreneurs. They speak in english and Spanish. I star talking to a lady with a short red hair. I tell her that the building appears to be an old hotel. The room has a high ceiling adorned wiht reliefs. After that I decide to go out but I cound not find my car so I begin walking.It starts to rain and I try to cover myself wiht a raincoat but I get wet anyway.

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