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    FALSE AWAKENING FOLLOWED by lucid dream.

    by , 01-20-2013 at 02:51 PM (309 Views)
    The sound of the alarm wakes me up and I hear that it is raining. I head toward the bedroom window to open it and I decide to leave it ajar. I can see small pools of water in the garden. Then I go into the kitchen where my mom is making breakfast, but my mom does not live with me, she does not cook anymore and also she lives in Cuba. I was not sure if I was dreaming so instead of making a reality check I went to the window of my room and saw that it was locked , That convinced me that I was dreaming. (That was wrong on my part because..... What would have happened if the window had been closed? )

    As in much of my dreams, I was barefoot and covered only by a sheet, but I did not care because I was dreaming..I went to the back of the house and instead of a lake what was there was a huge swamp. I head into some of the houses surrounding the lake and knock on the door of one of them.
    I notice that there is no sync between the sound of knocking and the time of actually hearing the sound. Inside the house there are three children and I decide to leave. Outside there is an expanse of deep green trees but nothing out of the ordinary happens. I try to make contact with people but all are elusive.

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