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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 12.02.2015. OBE+DEILD+3FA - Raduga style...

      by , 02-12-2015 at 08:51 AM
      Wow! What a night! I had an OBE-like experience, a Lucid, and 3 FA - while doing 3 times the Raduga technique and feeling the separation! Wow!
      Well, went to bed at 23:30, WBTB at 05:00 for 15 mins and back to sleep with my Rem Dreamer - lights only. I said to myself that if I succeed in Raduga again, this time I will be in my house - I will have an OBE (wanted to see if expectation matters, as it should). It took me some time to sleep (about 45 mins) and at some point I found myself in bed remembering the dream I just had. I thought I was late - some time has passed since awakening - but nevertheless I tried the Raduga separation technique. I felt a moving sensation, not strong but it was there. I alternated techniques, moving my limbs and then my body, and relaxing at the same time. I felt I was being dragged but not strongly as usual - I struggled to separate. But then in an instant, I floated out and I was flying in my living room! It was dark but I could see that it was my living room (and after awakening, quite strangely, it was - no false memory this time). I landed and walked a little bit - a sofa was out of place (I knew it then and same thing after awakening) and ...the RD lights went on - in bed again... Tried the separation again and in a few seconds, strong moving sensation again and I am thrown in darkness. I do a RC (nose pinch), negative at first and positive (breath through) a few seconds later! I am in total darkness. I take my RD mask off in order to see, but no use. I imagine I wear black glasses and take them off - no sight again. Then I just imagined seeing around and simply waited... A few seconds later I started seeing, and I was there: in a blue room decorated with stars. I'm wearing a silver spacesuit also with stars and the room is like a child's room, decorated with stars and planets - very beautiful.

      I feel my hands in the gloves and try to stabilize by rubbing them and touching around and it's quite steady by now - not perfect, but steady. I'm very happy and I say my pre-planned affirmations: I am Lucid dreaming every night and I'm always calm and peaceful. Meanwhile, the dream starts to destabilize... I have difficulty speaking and...
      my wife moves in bed and the RD lights go off again... I am in bed and in apparently no time I had a FA. I take my RD off and take notes about my lucid, when the RD lights flash again...I am in bed and tricked by a normal dream... RD Lights flash again and this time I concentrated and started the separation again. I feel the movement sensation quite strongly, but as I am about to separate, my wife turns around again (she was very tired and didn't sleep well) and I am back to bed.... slowly I take my RD mask off (for real) and take notes on all this....WoW, what a night!

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