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    15.04.2015_DILD_flight, red shoes, surgery preparation.

    by , 04-15-2015 at 07:26 AM (995 Views)
    After a normal dream - that I have voice-recorded - I found myself playing with hypnagogic imagery. I see a city street and practice flying by extending my arms and try to fly Superman-style. At the same time, I feel my self in bed pretty well (I am quite sure - now, after awakening - that this was a dream-bed, so the next LD was a DILD). I have the same problem I have in most of my lucids - inability to gain height. I run, jump superman-style and I land and slide with my belly - again and again. I am on a terrace by now and keep on jumping and landing on my belly - but the dream has cleared by now and I am fully there.
    Next jump, I grab my parachute controls, pull down hard and immediately I gain height and I am now flying over the blocks of flats - I am in a city, but I don't recognize the place. I try to get more height and after some difficulty, I succeed. There is a slight covering of my left eye - left from the dream blankets but I know that if I ignore it, it will clear out - as it eventually does. I make a 360 turn on air and enjoy my flight. I then decide to land and accomplish some lucid tasks of mine. I land and think of making some affirmations but it's getting dark fast and some kids are around, so I walk and try to stabilize the dream. My daughter appears and says that her shoes are not right. I notice that she is wearing a red dress and simple, red shoes. I say dont worry! I will change them to better-looking ones. So, I cover them with my hands one-by-one and try to make them pretty - but hey remain quite similar.

    I say, it's ok - they will soon change, we are in a dream now and kiss her on the forehead. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom being in the dream and think, what should I do now? Well, let's rehearse a surgery (arthroscopy). I go into the nearby block and start climbing the stairs, imagining that the surgery room is upstairs. Next floor, it's indeed the preparation room, quite luxurious for its purpose with a large mirror and thick carpets.

    There is my surgery suit waiting for me in a hanger. I take of my coat - wondering for a moment if it's safe to leave it here - but then remembered that yea, it's a dream. I have some difficulty getting dressed - and I find a way around: put my suit in front of me, look in the mirror, take the suit aside and I am dressed (in another one, same to the first). So, I walk to the main desk, greet the stuff - the secretary said that the next surgery is about to begin - and as I walk into the theater, the dream fades
    and I am in bed...next time...
    That lucid felt really good - not only the flight, I had a sense of freedom throughout the dream. Woke up quite happy!
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      That lucid felt really good - not only the flight, I had a sense of freedom throughout the dream. Woke up quite happy!
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      Thanks Tihiti!
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