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    1. 4.02.2014-short DILD- flying in a room- visualization induce

      by , 02-04-2015 at 06:03 PM
      Visualization training 22:30-23:00 (a few quite clear images plus a feeling of movement), went to bed 23:30 doing again visualization (a few minutes and then fell asleep). Brief awakening at 02:00. WBTB at 06:00-06:20, again visualization ( a few unclear images) and fell asleep. At some point I am flying inside a room in order to see over the top shelves. I float easily, see and take a few things (a marker and some toys) from over a wardrobe when I realize that I am in a dream! I continue my flight (wrong - I should have landed and stabilize) and enjoy the weightlessness while thinking that it's getting dark - I intend to dissolve the ceiling and fly to the stars...
      It soon got dark - I float in darkness, feel my body in bed,
      and I am there. I could have DEILDed by I simply forgot, so I quickly moved into a normal dream...

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