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    1. First WILD

      by , 08-15-2010 at 11:36 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Finally WILDed... I just barely managed to hold onto awareness as I got sucked into the dream, AND barraged by false memories so the dream could set the plot up. But, I did it!

      The Store Coupons - Lucid - 1/5
      We had somehow acquired a large stack of store coupons for this place... it was much like one of them Walmart Superstores. Anyways, some dream character lost our coupons somewhere in the store. I was passing through an aisle of brightly coloured fuzzy socks, there were almost every colour of the rainbow... bright reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blues, and blacks. I remember thinking to myself, "Sometimes, all you have to do is turn the corner and what you seek will be there." I was about to do just that, when the dream started dissolving. I went back to the socks and started rubbing them against my face. It started to bring the dream back in.... until I stopped. Then it faded out again

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    2. Mixed Priorities

      by , 07-30-2010 at 03:53 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Note from the author
      Hey guys. I've had a couple of very personal goals of mine come up that I would really like to focus on. This includes attempting some shared dreams with both my brother, but also my best friend. The ones with my brother are top priority, as they are leading to something else much bigger. We are trying to get a message across to another brother of ours who we lost contact with, some time ago.

      While I won't devote ALL my lucid time to this (since that'll likely burn me out, and I like to do fun things, too), it is rather the top priority at the moment. Don't worry, Kraftwerk and Mosh! I haven't forgotten about you, I just really need to focus on this, now that I've got a fairly decent amount of monthly LD totals rolling in...

      July 29, 2010
      Jack and i entered someone else's apartment. False memory told me it was our old apartment, but it didn't look like ours.

      I needed to have a shower, so I went into the washroom. There were towels all over the place and in the tub.

      I started throwing them all out on the floor. The door was slightly ajar, and i started feeling a little horny. I clued in at this point that I was dreaming (probably because of the random, sudden horniness). I thought maybe someone could walk through the door right now...

      A very average looking guy came through the door. He'll do I guess, it is just a dream. "Take off your clothes, we're going to have sex!" I told him. He looked shocked! "Oh, get over it, it's just a dream," I told him

      He seemed alright with that, but then his looks changed. He became old, bald, and was missing teeth. "Ugh," I thought. "Change back, change back!"

      Then, Jack comes in. He starts quizzing the guy on having sex with me. He's not outright asking, and the guy is dodging the answer. I was trying to will Jack to go away (poor hubby!). Then, I could work on morphing him into something hotter...

      The dream dissolved, but I managed to chain back in, sort of. I was still lucid, but in a new room. I was staring at a phone and I remembered my goal of phoning Naiya for the DV TOTM.

      I held down the 3 on the phone for speed dial (I have you all on speed dial!). "Hello?" a girl's voice answered.

      "Hey, Naiya, it's Serenity."

      "Hey, what's up?"

      "I'm just calling to remind you to dream share with Walms."

      "I did that already!" she answers.

      "Oh. Alright then, talk to you in chat later!"


      That was short... Right then, well, having not satisfied my dream horniness, I thought about another guy coming into the new room I was in. This one was so much better with very nice abs and arms

      Dream ended before we could get down to it though, and I couldn't chain back in.

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