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    Posting my lucids

    1. Warcraft healing (LD), Chaotic inner world (LD)

      by , 12-23-2010 at 09:41 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 22, 2010

      Warcraft healing (LD)
      Short fragment involving playing Warcraft in my dream. I actually wanted to do something else, as this dream felt very taxing and tiring. But, I told myself that by letting this play out, it would somehow benefit the game in waking life. And so, I continued the series of dream quests I was doing. I don't remember too much specific about them, but in hindsight, I wonder if my brain was trying to solve something in regards to healing, which I've been finding very stressful and un-fun lately.

      Chaotic inner world (LD)
      I'm hanging out with my friend, Sherry. It was all very abrupt, but Sherry, suddenly finds herself in the jaws of a very big werewolf. Like... a massive werewolf. I called for help... but somewhere during this call, it transitioned that I'm the one instead who was being nommed by this werewolf.

      Once free from the wolf (who vanished), I started making my getaway. I noted that there weren't any bite marks on me, but I was moving painfully and slow. I wondered if it was some kind of paralytic poison? I kept hobbling along. Out on the street, I figured I'd catch a bus so I could move a bit faster. I saw one come along, and it did a U-turn just before it reached me, to pick up passengers on the other side of the road. Another bus behind it, I told the dream, "Stop here," and pointed to the ground in front of me. The bus drove past.

      Fed up, I started walking. I was in amongst what could have passed as the Tacky Disco parade. People were dressed up in all sorts. But as I walked, I lost the paralysis. I remembered that I actually did have a goal to accomplish today. To get to my inner world. I shouted out into my dream, "Please, help me get to my inner world, please!!" I probably didn't need to say please twice. I wondered what I should do? I saw that I happened to be on a hill, and below, were houses. So I pushed off the ground to fly to them, but I merely drifted instead. I didn't fight it, and landed on a muddy patch of dirt. I heard a cell phone ring. I carry a cell phone in my shirt pocket at work (IWL), so I checked there. Nothing. Pants pockets? Nothing. So, I held my hand up to my ear and answered a pretend cell. That worked I can't remember the conversation, but it seemed like I had helped someone with a work related issue.

      I looked around at the houses. My inner world was supposed to be a beach house, last I remembered. None of these houses look very beachy, and this neighbourhood didn't even look like mine, but I figured I would go exploring.

      I opened the door to the first house (not locked). Inside, were gorgeous mahogany walls and floors. There was a pink area rug, and the whole thing felt very Victorian. But, it didn't feel like mine. I didn't walk in very far, but I did happen to catch a glimpse of a woman cooking in the kitchen. I decided to quickly leave before she saw someone invading her home. I got this feeling she already knew I was there, and was just pretending she didn't see me.

      I walked down the block a short distance. I saw a classy looking bungalow, and next door was a salmon coloured two story. I went into the salmon coloured house, first. Inside, was a stark white staircase, with a pink trim. This seems more like me! I instantly knew this house was mine. But as I climbed the steps, they morphed into green metal that curled and twisted in an indescribable way. I love dream houses with crazy features, so this really pleased me. I noticed the stairs ran the levels of the house... like same set from basement to 2nd story. I decided to explore the basement, first.

      I entered a room that had beds... it was blue, and kind of fish themed. And many beds... attached right out from the walls, in bunk beds. In the corner, was a changing table for a baby. And in the centre of the room, on the middle bed, sat a boy with blond hair. "Would you look at this room?!" I exclaimed to him.

      "Serenity..." he said.

      "There's beds everywhere!!" I continued.

      "Serenity," the boy said a bit more urgently. I stopped. I looked at him. I noticed his hair and face. He looked like a very young Danny, from pictures I've seen of him.

      "Is your name... Danny?" I asked him. The boy nodded.

      "Danny! I missed you!! Why are you just a young kid right now?"

      "I can appear in any age, any form," he told me. "Do you know where we are?" he asked.

      "My inner world," I answered. He nodded, pleased.

      My cell phone rang. I tried to ignore it, so I could ask Danny more questions. But it was persistent. "Better get that," he said.

      Frustrated, I picked up the phone (which was a real one this time) and shouted, "WHAT?!!!" into it. The person on the other end just kind of stammered. "Look, I'm sorry... Just tell me your issue," I said, but still sounded impatient. The person was silent. I hung up. "Sorry about that," I said to Danny. He waved it off. But then, through my phone, I could hear a baby crying. "I can't ignore that, even if it is a dream," I told him.

      "We should go find him," Danny said.

      I then noticed the room had changed. "There was a baby table in the corner here..." I said. "Can't I make it change back?"

      "Well, if not, we'll have to just start looking," he said.

      And so, we did. Upstairs, we passed by the front hall. I asked Danny, "Hey, couldn't you age yourself to appear a bit older?" I was looking the other way when I asked him. When I finished the question, I looked back and saw he already had done. I thumped against the wall in surprise, and Danny gave me a sarky grin.

      I noticed people clamouring at the front door. They all wanted to see Danny. "Can't we just get rid of them?" I asked.

      "I'll try," Danny said. And we both started shouting at people to come back later. But then these two guys just walked right in. One looked like Willie Nelson, the other looked like Noel Gallagher. And they seemed to know Danny. He looked back at me (now looking a little bit older again) apologetically.

      They started egging him on about bringing a girl home or something, but they never met me. "Willie Nelson" was saying how I was super normal looking, not like a model. "Not like that's a bad thing or something, but she's just so normal..."

      I was offended by this remark, so I said, "You two dufuses aren't much to look at, either!"

      I heard Danny burst out laughing, and the dream faded.

      I tried to DEILD, but no luck.
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      lucid , memorable
    2. Darren goal, closer than ever before! (DILD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:53 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 18, 2010

      So, this dream is sort of hard to re-tell, because it is soooo long. I fell asleep around 8pm and woke up at 10:22pm, so there's a lot to remember.

      Starts out non-lucid. I'm working part-time at this basement salon with these two girls, around my age. But, as they were dying my hair, it was taking so long, I ended up living there part time, too. *scratches head* That's about that, for now. Possibly something about my bunny in there.

      I remember standing in a parking lot, at night. I was waiting for something. I thought about doing a reality check. I was going to ignore it, but we all know that's a cardinal sin, so when I chose to check, I didn't need to do anything physical. I had no idea why I was here, where I was, etc. I stared at my arms, and my body. This dream was so strong and stable, it totally had me fooled. It was even cold on my skin because my surroundings were snowy. But there was no doubt in my mind. Nothing made logical sense. On to calling Danny. I pictured him, called him, I tried to change the scene around me by pretending that when I turned around, I'd be inside a recording studio. Nothing, nothing, nothing. But I got this twinge of being told not to worry.

      Feeling bummed, I decided to go wandering. At first, I was going to fly up to this mountain. But I felt that after a few seconds, my flight was controlling me, so I decided to walk. I got flumped unceremoniously down on the ground and I started walking towards this cliff. It was light outside now. I started walking up some rocks along the edge of the cliff, towards a tree. The grass was a lush green, the sun shone down with golden rays. Over the cliffs was a mountain valley. Everything was amazing and spectacular. I drank it in, the scenery was too cool.

      I approached the side of a building, so I went in. I found myself in some very busy washrooms. Did some walking through there, and saw the out-in-the-open toilet that are so prevalent in my dreams. I deviously thought that I should use it, and shocking all my DC's, but decided against it. I was trying to find the door out, but these washrooms were a maze. I even pushed on part of a wall that wasn't even a door (it turned into one for me). I found myself inside a shower cubicle-sized room. Ughhh. I pushed on the wall and felt water. It startled me, and I feared what else I might find. I didn't really want this to turn into a nightmare, lucid though it might be. So I left, and ended up finding the door to a hallway easily. Late recall: I can't quite remember at which point this happened... it was before I saw the stall-less toilet, I believe. I remember looking into a mirror (I always see my reflection in my dreams) and asking myself why I was having difficulties with summoning Danny. I asked myself this about 3 times. But I noticed my lips in my reflection weren't quite moving with my voice. Was my dream-self in the reflection going to answer me? I stared. Nothing happened, but I swear, this HAS to be my new goal. Chat with my dream self.

      I was in some kind of school. Danny hated schools, so I really didn't think I'd find him here. So I decided to go back to the cliff. I walked outside, and turned left around the corner of the building. Past the parking lot again, which was now full of cars and people milling. I was impressed with my brain's attention to detail... to make this seem as real life and normal as possible. On the other side of the lot was a graveyard. I decided to explore the graveyard. Maybe if I can't find Danny, I might be able to find Darren.

      So as I approached the graveyard, I saw Darren of various ages. A young Darren with his mother. A teenage Darren alone. An adult Darren, sitting back and watching his different generations, and smiling. "Ah, there's a decent age," I thought. He saw me, and his other generations disappeared. But even as he approached, I unconsciously willed his appearance to be a little more my age. When we met, he was about 24-ish. I was confused though... I spent all dream trying to find Danny and no luck. I decide to find Darren, and bang, he's right there.

      I tried to ask Darren why it was easier for me to find him, but couldn't get the question out right. All I asked was, "What are you doing here?"

      "Nothing really," he shrugged.

      I lost my head a little, and we started kissing. I won't share the rest, because it's private.
      Goal incomplete due to a false awakening. I thought that dream-Darren was influenced by RL-Jack, which was incredibly disappointing.

      Back to sleep, I was back at the hair stylists house. They wondered why I was there, cos they had finished my hair. I said it was just dyed, so maybe I should get it cut then. The other girl checked my hair and noticed that some roots didn't get done anyways, so she took me to a chair and was about to re-do it, when I woke for real.
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      false awakening , memorable , lucid
    3. Photo op! (LD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:51 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 16, 2010

      I can't remember how this dream started, but my first point of recollection was being in a room with the Beatles. We were all just kind of... there. Then I realized, we were having our picture taken. So we all lined up, with me in the centre and smiled.

      Then everyone just sort of wandered off. Paul was giving an interview off to the side of this white void we were in. As were John and Ringo. George was right next to me. I hugged him, and kept my arms around him, which he didn't seem to mind. Then, I nommed his hair. Yep... full on nose buried into George's hair, nom nom nom. George thought it was hilarious, but I felt a little daft.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Darren fragment (DILD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:50 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 13, 2010

      I had a baby in my arms... something to do with whatever was happening earlier in the dream. I saw Darren, which made me lucid. We walked up and greeted each other. He wondered why I was carrying a baby. I don't think I really knew why, so I made it vanish. At first, Darren was all smiles and friendly. But as we walked and talked, he kept walking faster, and seemed like he was in a hurry to leave. I had to jog to keep up with him. I remember him getting in a car, and I decided not to go with him, since I was a little put off by how distant and distracted he seemed.
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      lucid , memorable
    5. Breaking free (DILD), My Companion (DILD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:48 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 11, 2010 - G/C night

      The first dream is natural, the second dream happened after the G/C.

      Breaking free (DILD)
      Dream starts out with mum and I watching this show on TV, but it was also almost like being there in 3rd person. I was watching David and Marissa (two characters from All My Children). David had Marissa chained up to a wall (I have no idea why. In the show, she is his daughter... although he's more than slightly deranged, so, it could happen).

      Marissa says to him she needs food, she hasn't ate in two days. David suddenly panics, and starts running around, clumsily getting some food together for her. He fries up some veggies in a pan and mum and I think this is a trick on her part. He's released her bonds so she can eat. He comes into the room, and she kicks him. The food gets all over him, and Marissa tries to escape, only she's unsuccessful.

      Weird transition
      I said to mum, "You know, she could have tried to build his trust up more... the situation is worse now. He doesn't have to feed her," or something along those lines. As I said this, I suddenly am looking through Marissa's eyes. I closed my eyes and opened them. I had troubles seeing, and realized its a dream. Then, my vision came back. I was in a dark room, chained up to the wall. Jack was my captor. He was trying to cuddle with me while he slept. I decided that the key to unlock my cuffs I could control with my mind, so I started willing the key (which ended up looking like a triangular piece of cheese, but oh well) out of his pocket, through the air and towards my cuffs. Jack realized what I was doing and woke up. I tried to cover it up by saying, "I'm not doing anything, hahaha, go back to sleep!"

      He did so, and I tried again. I was successful this time, and it woke Jack up again. I ran to the door (it wasn't even visible, I just sort of willed one to be there). He tried to catch me, but as soon as I was out, I started flying away. Dream-Jack can't fly, so I was free!

      I flew to a house. Inside, my brother handed me my glasses. They were only my reading ones, but I figured they would do. Putting them on caused the light to reflect off the lenses oddly, distorting my vision a bit. Then, I was uncontrollably pulled upwards again. I relaxed, and let myself be pulled. Only, I was "released" and standing back inside my room. Not my WL room, but a room that was mine in the dream. I noticed it was snowing outside the window, at the foot of my bed. I noticed it was snowing outside the window at the head of my bed too.

      I took a moment to stabilize and enjoy the sensation of being fully immersed in the dream. I decided to explore the house. I left the room, and to my left, there was a glass door that led outside. To my right was a hallway that led to the bathroom and kitchen. "This house is as small as the little cabins I build for my sims when I'm starting a legacy file," I thought.

      I went outside and jumped onto the roof. I debated how to get back into space. There was a DC-girl in my yard. She was lucid too. She congratulated me on jumping onto the roof. I don't remember more about her, but I recall going to the swings in the yard. I would swing and fling myself upwards into space. However, my alarm rang for my WBTB.

      My Companion (DILD)
      Companions are a term from a series of books about the Heralds of Valdamar (written by Mercedes Lackey). They are typically white horses, and basically bond with one person who they choose. That person becomes a Herald, which is like a guardian for the country. Heralds can communicate with their Companions via telepathy.

      I was lying in bed. I don't know what prompted me to do a RC, but I did (nose pinch), and found I could breathe. "Really?!" I thought, surprised and excited. Pinched again. Really. I opened the windows in my room. I'm not sure why, but it proved useful, anyways. My goal was to ask Danny for his help, so I called for him. Nothing. My door was open, so I asked him to walk through it. Nothing. Hrmm I saw my mum, and I wondered if I was talking out loud IWL, which might have disturbed her (totally faulty logic, I can't even begin to point out all the flaws in that thought, but oh well). She came into my room, and I exclaimed, "Hey mum, look what I can do!" I meant to phase through the window screen to fly, but I ended up just busting through it Mum freaked, and I heard her call to dad, but I just flew away, nonchalantly.

      Since Danny wasn't responding, I decided to try for space again. Up I went... and suddenly my dream dropped me into the middle of a field. "Seriously?!" I said out loud. I realized I was on a farm. I looked over to my right, and saw some horses wandering behind a wooden fence. I wanted to call one, so I whistled out the 6 notes from Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (the one used to call Epona)

      Put it to 1m08s to bypass the lead up, if my link doesn't start there, already.

      So, I whistled those 6 notes, and I noticed a mare with gorgeous eyes. She wasn't white - more of a beige colouring. She transformed into a bird and flew towards me. I caught her gently and looked her in the eyes and greeted her, "Hello, there!"

      The bird didn't fight me, it just waited patiently. I released the bird, and it re-transformed back into a horse, only this time it was saddled and rider-ready. In WL, I've never rode a horse, so, I got on, hesitantly, but it felt very natural. She walked gently for me as I figured out how to situate myself. "I should give you a name," I said out loud.

      "That sounds nice," she responded, in my mind. It didn't surprise me.

      "How about... Gwenivere?" I asked.

      "I like it a lot!" she said. I could feel her being pleased with the name!

      I patted the side of her neck happily, but maybe a little too strongly. "Hey!" she said. "Gentle, now!"

      "Oh... sorry... I've never been on a horse before." I figured in this dream, Darren could live on a ranch, and I should go see him. I wondered if Gwenivere knew how to get there. I didn't ask her, and she kept walking.

      I felt myself lose the dream a little, and Gwenivere called me back in. "You've got to keep your mind occupied with something when you're dreaming," she warned me. "You can't just let it idle and think of nothing." I thanked her and we continued on our path. She started talking about ancestry and heritage. I tried to focus on her words, but I ended up losing myself again, and woke up.
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      lucid , memorable
    6. Rescue (DILD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:45 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 7, 2010

      I was walking along and I saw this person, who appeared unconscious, lying on some ice. I rushed over to her and noticed that underneath the ice, there was someone in the water. I didn't think they would be alive, but when I looked closer at the victim, I saw their chest moving. How is she breathing under water?!! I figured breathing underwater is only possible in dreams. I phoned 911 (they answered this time!) and immediately started stomping on the water (I happened to be wearing what I call my "ice pick" boots... they have a long heel). I cracked the ice and managed to drag the person out. I conjured some blankets and started wrapping them around the person. (I keep saying "the person" because, even though they were naked, they were about as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll).

      The paramedics came. I went with them to the hospital. One of the EMS needed to go back to the scene with me, so she could survey what happened. I demonstrated kicking in the ice with my ice pick heels.
      lucid , nightmare
    7. Train or Bus? (DILD)

      by , 12-21-2010 at 02:43 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      December 5, 2010

      I was on this... train... but the inside was done up like a bus (bus seating, and the seats were laid out in typical bus fashion... I guess like the c-train, but I maintain, it looked like a bus. ANYWAYS, for most of the dream, I can't remember, but when I try to get off the bus, I had to walk up some stairs. I started feeling very heavy and was slowly drifting backwards. The chick behind me pushed on me to keep me going forwards, but it didn't help much. I stopped, went back down the steps and told her to go first.

      I pondered why this was so difficult. I don't weigh that much. Why do I have to try so much harder to get off this train? I came to one conclusion. Dreaming. I walked back up the steps with ease now. I told the DC up there that I would just fly off. She seemed a bit skeptical, but I told her it was alright, this is a dream. She accepted that answer and then wondered how I'd fly from a moving train. We were on an open train car, so I climbed up onto the wooden railing. I told her it's just a matter of "fixing a point" towards where you want to go. And jumped.

      I was soaring through the air. I missed this feeling! I saw another couple of dreamers flying through the air too. I thought I might hit them, but I raised myself upwards a little, and everyone was fine. I saw a snow covered school below and decided to go down for a visit. Only, my dream kept pulling me upwards. I didn't fight it, instead thought, "Fine, I'll have a space adventure instead." However, once I reached this "barrier" between sky and space, I started spinning uncontrollably and woke up.