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    Claiming what is mine

    by , 02-05-2013 at 06:52 PM (326 Views)
    Apparently my brother and his friends are sleeping in my room and they are using my stuff for a snowboarding trip. Which is ridiculous even in this dream world so I start taking all my stuff, my sleeping bag, my snowboard pants, and my jeans. The sleeping bags were all laid out in a row and I look for the one that is mine, its the orange one inbetween a green and white one and a blue one. The outsides of all the sleeping bags were grey but the insides were where the colors were. and I begin to zip up my sleeping bag and pack it. And for some reason I sit in a chair and try on the snowboard pants and the jeans when I hear my mom walking upstairs. I just take off the snowboard pants and I have my jeans on, (they are my weird skinny white jeans that I own that I never wear), and I felt as if I should hide the fact that I'm taking my stuff back from my brother. then the dream ends. I had other dreams but I forgot to record them in my journal. I'm going to begin to attempt DEILD, starting today.

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