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    Pills, Mall, Road Trip, Lucidity

    by , 11-02-2013 at 11:51 AM (355 Views)
    Hi! I had another lucid :D. Every time I go lucid I am always in a car, hopefully I learn to go lucid when Im not in a car. Last night I went to sleep early because I was tired and also my stomach was hurting. I just kept falling asleep on the couch so I just went to bed at around 8 or 9, really early for me. I usually have trouble falling asleep by midnight. Anyways here's how my dream went.

    Earliest part I remember was buying pills in the mall. It was inside this weird store that was pretty much purple and had a little stand in the middle where I got my pills. I let this girl see the pills and I thought she gave them back. I had a bottle of my new pills and my old pills, she looked at the old ones. As I was leaving the store I looked inside the bottle for my old pills and there was nothing there. I looked at her and she started trying to walk away, I chased her down and kept trying to get my pills back. I got this little pamphlet from her with some of the pills in a baggy on it or some pills that stick to the pamphlet in an orderly fashion. I couldn't check if they were all there so I kept chasing her and getting my pills back. After a while, like 5 minutes dreamtime, she got to this maze. I kept going along the side of this maze and she came out right in front of me and I took my bag of pills back. Then she tried to grab them back and the bag ripped and it went all over the floor.

    The next part was my sister and me in the car going somewhere, she was driving. For some reason I think she is the girl trying to steal my pills in the mall. I also tell her I have to go home but she gets her friends in the car and she says nope and they start driving somewhere else. So at this point I am really angry over everything she has done so far so I smash her head through the windshield and push it against the window through the broken glass so her head comes off. Her friends keep driving and somehow her head grows back. I sit there a while and then [COLOR="#0000CD"]I realize I'm dreaming. I look at my hands in the car (my car) and it looks exactly like real life its crazy. I look over to my sister and shes reaching her hand out trying to touch me like a zombie, I fly out the open window and land along the side of the road. I quickly try rubbing my hands together and it works for a bit. I look around and I'm in a road with wheat on both sides, or very tall grass and a tree on the right side, when I'm on the left side. Past the wheat is a forest, it's in the afternoon and everything looks awesome. I fly into the air again and I chase the car down, Im about to shoot an energy blast to blow up the car from the air but I accidentally wake myself up.[/COLOR]
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