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    My Wallet!

    by , 01-30-2013 at 03:43 PM (360 Views)
    I had many dreams but I only remember the last one, me and two other anonymous people were on a road trip and we stopped by a fast food station. The overall theme of the restaurant was mostly white with like blue and brown cushions on the seats. Usually my dreams have extremely weird architecture so this dream was rare because it was a normal set up. We sat in one booth and we all left temporarily at the same time, probably to a bathroom? the dream was really fuzzy at this point. At that point I realize I left my wallet on the table. I feel like someone is stealing my money because we are in a fast food restaurant. I go back to the table and theres three guys with one guy "exchanging money" and theres less money but he says he was just trading my 20 for his change. In the dream somehow this is something thats technically ok to do for some reason. I start getting angry and ask for my wallet back, they throw it at me and I catch it but my hand hits a guy behind me. The guy behind me starts saying like wtf why did you do that, i said its cause these three retards threw it and I would have beat them up or called the police or something but that's when my dream ended.

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