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    Beautiful Minecraft-shore, Beautiful Friend

    by , 11-12-2012 at 04:56 AM (731 Views)

    Due to not writing this down upon waking, I have lost my memory of a fair amount of it. (I didn't want to write it down because there was just SO MUCH to it!)

    At the beginning, I was doing something I don't remember, and then I went into this sort of cafe/floral mall. After exploring around a bit (man, I LOVE exploring!), I ended up working there for the day. At the end of the day, there occurs a gap in my memory.

    Anyways. When my memory picks up, I'm on a shore talking to someone that reminds me of my dad about some destination or something. He hands me an advanced volt meter just like my dad has back home and turns the dial to a certain setting. He told me to input a certain set of numbers that seem much like coordinates, and I did. The screen flickered, and then started up like a colored pixel display. (e.g., an LCD.) A horizon appeared on it, and as I would tilt the meter, the image would shift. The image also would shift relative to some unseen variable, and I assumed (accurately) that I was to keep it stabilized -- with both the horizon and the sun, centered, in view.
    As I did, we began to float and then to fly away from the shore we had been standing on. We flew in a straight line toward the sun, and soon we were flying over parallel, minecraft-style (read: blockish) outcroppings on a shallows. An out-of-place tree was on one of the outcroppings.
    Outcroppings? I don't know... like a sandbar, but made of secure dirt. With grass. Like in Minecraft.

    Quickly we arrived at the shore, and all the land about us was like im Minecraft, except it was like the generation algorithms were actually accurate to real life. (sans dirtbar-outcroppings)
    I don't remember what we did there or what the purpose was in us going there, but I do remember that it was a pretty awesome if not somewhat mystic sort of place.

    Another breaks occurs in my memory, and then I'm in my dorm room (sort of). A is there, and she's reeeeaaaaly tired. I'm pretty much hugging her nearly-bare self to keep her from falling in a heap onto the floor. I look to the other person in the room (Maybe J or M) and ask the something, but they're "not sure".
    I decide to lay A down on the bed, but when I do she pulls me down on top of her. I realize that she's already completely fallen asleep and decide to just forget it (that is, whatever it was I was worrying about) and go to bed there.
    And so, for the first time ever, I actually fall asleep in my dream.

    When I woke to real life, I could still feel her sleeping there, even though I was alone.

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