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    1. Third Lucid: I start to LD like I want to.

      by , 07-13-2012 at 12:45 AM
      Lucid dream #3

      Blah, blah, blah.... doing whatever, talking to his one guy, noseplug...
      "Hang on a second."
      Shove fist into brick wall.
      Look at dude with expression that says "Oh, I was talking to you? Too bad. See 'ya!"

      Oh, yeah.

      The rest of my lucid I used to test dream powers, including long- and high-jumping (no flying yet), punching through things, making people believe me/making them go with the situation, and...

      something else I forgot about.

      Oh, materialization! I made myself a ring that I'll wear only when I'm lucid. That way, It'll be harder for me to forget lucidity within my dreams!

      Anyways, some of the dream took place at my old Church building, where I would jump through the ceiling to get to the next floor.
      I woke up right after a segment that had me talking to some Stryper fans. T-shirts, and all, they obviously loved the band. One thing about them, though, was the logo on the shirts. Three of them were shirts for the "Reborn" album, a couple I don't remember, but two or three were for some album that doesn't really exist.
      Which is a shame, 'cause it was cool album art.

      The thing about this lucid dream that puzzles me is that my recall of it is just as hazy as ever. Go figure.

      The thing about this lucid dream that I absolutely LOVE is that I actually had the time and took the opportunity to just go wild.

      Oh, and jumping twenty or thirty feet across a street was sweet, too.

      Now, if you'll excuse me while I go and WILD...`
    2. I forgot that I had a lucid dream?!?

      by , 03-26-2012 at 09:20 AM
      Now I know what they mean by "you couldn't have a lucid and totally forget it if you don't keep a dream journal"!

      I'm not sure if you'd call it a WILD or MILD, due to the ~20 minute gap between sleeping times, but when I did fall back asleep, it was like I was presented with some sort of messed-up (de-bug) version of the "Need for Speed II" track selection menu. The difference was that instead of "track 01", "track 02", and so on as one might expect (even though NFS2 doesn't have that in real life), instead it had "track 1a", "Track 2b", and so on.
      bear with me, 'cause this is weird: to change to the normal tracks, you'd press up or down... which didn't exist because the visual was all that existed. I did anyways.
      But then by pressing right or left (again, how the heck was I doing that?), I could switch to tracks like 2a, 1c, 3a, 4e, etc.
      I selected/loaded 2a (I think), which deposited me in a first-person shooter setting. I wandered around, knowing I was in a video game, and picked up a MASSIVE gun. Kind of like what Heavy uses in "Team Fortress II", but longer and more hi-tech. I hoisted it onto my shoulder and messed around with the keys (again, HOW the heck was I doing that?!?). After a minute of not figuring out what key to press to load it, I put it back down and wandered into a side room of the over-populated compound that was the setting.
      Inside the room, there were maybe four or five people, and I went over and started to talk to the bored girl in the corner. She was... the girl from my previous dream!
      Then I became (as I call it now) passively lucid. I was lucid, but I didn't start jumping around the place and freaking out.
      To clarify, I had tried to WILD back into my previous dream by mentally repeating that I would "wake" back into the dream next to the girl so that I could punch the lights out of the hobo. Maybe that didn't happen, but I'm still happy to say that in a more MILD-ish sort of way, it worked.
      Anyways, back to the dream.
      As soon as I was lucid, I stopped having to control my dream-self by "pressing" the right "buttons", (thank goodness), and could function normally and fully.
      I talked to the girl about nothing memorable, and I poked her on the nose. I didn't have to explain to her (but I'll explain to you) that it's a thing I do to close friends. Random quote that stuck with me: "You know, you would really be more fun to talk to if you were wearing clean underwear."
      Okay, for one how did she know that? And for two, what the heck is that supposed to be? An awkward pickup line?
      Anyways, after probably almost a half-hour, I got up and...
      Crud. Gap in my dream recall.
      Well, I do remember that I fought a little when the room got attacked, and when we moved to a different room (I was the last in) and I went to sit down by the girl and talk to her some more, there was her slightly possessive older brother there.
      And... I woke up soon after.

    3. Well, itís about time

      by , 01-06-2012 at 02:36 AM
      [probably D3]

      Like the title implies, Iíve been waiting. Not so patiently. And......... LUCIDITY!!! [I think.]

      Okay, so I was having a dream (duh) where I was talking to my friend A while on some sort of field trip or museum tour of some sort. Without any prompt at all, I became lucid and promptly began doing what any sane veteran of lucidity lore and study would do in my situation.
      I started royally freaking out.
      Really, I was getting all sorts of excited. I even grabbed A by the shoulders and said ďHey! Iím dreaming! I know Iím dreaming!Ē
      And... shortly after that, the dream ended. I didnít even wake up from all that freaking out, I just... stopped dreaming.

      Stupid happiness overload.

      The weird thing is that my recall of the whole thing is no more vivid than my average (recalled) dream. That might be due to my late (or technically early) bedtime last night (again, technically morning) cutting down on my sleep and clarity relatively, but...
      Eh. Who knows.

      Anyways. I am now officially a lucidity virgin no more.