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    1. Two dreams alternate and then mesh together

      by , 12-01-2012 at 03:47 AM

      It's difficult for me to tell if in this dream I went to a location and then returned to said location, or if I had a (complex) false memory while in the dream of a dream I never had.


      One part of the dream would cut to the other fairly often, I think.

      One dream-plot is that my brother E, my father, my mother, E's wife M, and I were on a road trip. Maybe is would be more fitting to call it an odyssey, as it was winter and snowy and we just kept having to stop to make the road or help people or whatever. We were in a minivan.

      I remember at some point in this story-arc we were outside on the road, effectively at our destination... or one of them. We were all placing equally spaced boards in the snow next to the road.
      Don't ask me why. I just thought it was funny when M put one in the snow and it stood upright.

      The other dream-plot is that I was re-visiting a great concert hall. Here's where the difficulty occurs: I don't know if I'd actually been there previously in a dream or in this dream or ever, yet I remembered being there before and talking to the director of an orchestra that was to practice there soon. Somehow that memory included a mock-train onstage and (I remember very clearly) the orchestra playing music from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6.
      But I was there again. For some reason.

      When I left, (and I know this was in the dream, not a possibly false memory) it was in a small crowd of college-aged people, mostly guys. I chatted a bit with one on the way out, and when I got back outside I got in the van (that's where the two story arc come together). As soon as I got in, though, the thought was that at least some of the guys coming out of the performance hall were to come with us in the van. (Which now only had my mom and myself.)
      Some of the guys got in the middle seats and then I helped another guy (a really pleasant person) get in back, where I was.
      I mentioned to mom about the odd music playing in the context of it being a memory. (more confusion about that upon waking.)
    2. Beautiful Minecraft-shore, Beautiful Friend

      by , 11-12-2012 at 04:56 AM

      Due to not writing this down upon waking, I have lost my memory of a fair amount of it. (I didn't want to write it down because there was just SO MUCH to it!)

      At the beginning, I was doing something I don't remember, and then I went into this sort of cafe/floral mall. After exploring around a bit (man, I LOVE exploring!), I ended up working there for the day. At the end of the day, there occurs a gap in my memory.

      Anyways. When my memory picks up, I'm on a shore talking to someone that reminds me of my dad about some destination or something. He hands me an advanced volt meter just like my dad has back home and turns the dial to a certain setting. He told me to input a certain set of numbers that seem much like coordinates, and I did. The screen flickered, and then started up like a colored pixel display. (e.g., an LCD.) A horizon appeared on it, and as I would tilt the meter, the image would shift. The image also would shift relative to some unseen variable, and I assumed (accurately) that I was to keep it stabilized -- with both the horizon and the sun, centered, in view.
      As I did, we began to float and then to fly away from the shore we had been standing on. We flew in a straight line toward the sun, and soon we were flying over parallel, minecraft-style (read: blockish) outcroppings on a shallows. An out-of-place tree was on one of the outcroppings.
      Outcroppings? I don't know... like a sandbar, but made of secure dirt. With grass. Like in Minecraft.

      Quickly we arrived at the shore, and all the land about us was like im Minecraft, except it was like the generation algorithms were actually accurate to real life. (sans dirtbar-outcroppings)
      I don't remember what we did there or what the purpose was in us going there, but I do remember that it was a pretty awesome if not somewhat mystic sort of place.

      Another breaks occurs in my memory, and then I'm in my dorm room (sort of). A is there, and she's reeeeaaaaly tired. I'm pretty much hugging her nearly-bare self to keep her from falling in a heap onto the floor. I look to the other person in the room (Maybe J or M) and ask the something, but they're "not sure".
      I decide to lay A down on the bed, but when I do she pulls me down on top of her. I realize that she's already completely fallen asleep and decide to just forget it (that is, whatever it was I was worrying about) and go to bed there.
      And so, for the first time ever, I actually fall asleep in my dream.

      When I woke to real life, I could still feel her sleeping there, even though I was alone.

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    3. Drive Into the Tornado

      by , 10-28-2012 at 01:49 AM

      Generally hanging out with dad. At least one thing I know of the dream is that we had finally sat down and watched an anime (not sure which one), and I remember noting to him that, yes, even that one (something like "Dual!") had martial arts in it. "It's [part of] their culture." I said. After an interruption, I added "Like the British "Stiff Upper Lip".

      Later, during a nap:

      Sort of hired-on-the-spot by a gas station owner/manager to help him out refitting a new location. He, I, and his young (~8 y.) daughter hop in a van and head off to the location, but on the way the van starts to rock. "Mmm... it's a tornado." I say, and the guy is hesitant, but doesn't think so. Makes sense, because it was a totally clear day.
      Right then, up ahead, we see rotation and I say "Yeah, it's a tornado." Before he (seemingly) had time to stop the vehicle, the tornado formed completely and twirled around until the bottom of it was parallel with the road, and... we... drove into the tornado.
      It immediately picked the van up off the ground. We spun around a fair deal for about ten seconds before slowly dropping and then landing with a bump.
      Not shaken, we all promptly continued to drive to the location, which looked like a blown-out 1800's-style warehouse. Actually, it looked older, like 1700's and with large window-spaces, and it was three stories tall. It was only about a thousand feet from where we landed, so when we got there the tornado was still around. It doubled back and headed for us, and I told everybody to hold on to a beam we were standing next to. For some reason (or lack thereof) we were all on the ground at this point.
      The tornado actually entered the hollow, be-windowed building after hesitating at the large entrance at one end. We all held on as it writhed and moved and shuddered like a dying snake in the smaller area. (This actually made sense, because a tornado would have no effective amount of wind-power backing it up inside a building. Even one as blow-out as the one in my dream would be a massive detriment to it.
      When it finally dissipates, we get up and head back outside to meet the rest of the people who came to help out do... what ever it was we were going to do to this building. And my uncle C_____ is there (and overweight??), and he tells me where to find some tools.

      And I wake up.
    4. Frag.+ideas on stage 1 sleep

      by , 09-16-2012 at 09:14 PM
      Hmn, now this is some odd happenings.

      So I have this dream, right? And the only part I can remember is right at the end where I (in the dream) am exhausted and hug/lean against a certain lady-friend of mine. Well, she think is best that we sit down before I crumble into a zero-energy mass, so she starts walking me (whilst I lean my head on her shoulder) over toward a park bench. (Weren't we just in a gymnasium??)
      Well, the motion of walking/dragging me over to the bench caused my head to slip down... down her front a little over half a foot.
      Now it should be clear why I didn't feel like just forgetting this dream.

      Okay, so I wake up. And it's hours before I need to 'rise 'n shine', so I attempt to re-enter the dream. Creative, imaginative guy that I am, that shouldn't be hard, right?
      True. I can see the dream-location in my head, I'm there, she's there. Now poke her, Elliot. 'Kay, that works.
      But I didn't feel it. It's not me, it's "me".
      Waitasecond... I'm in third person perspective, falling into a stage-1 sleep reconstruction (or continuation) of my dream, right? Okay, then WHY is it that I can't get back into my dream-self? I mean, the dream is even throwing in some odd things and non-sequitors like it would if it was a true dream. Because it IS.

      Well. Does the counsel of my peers here on DV tell me anything about this conundrum?
    5. Third Lucid: I start to LD like I want to.

      by , 07-13-2012 at 12:45 AM
      Lucid dream #3

      Blah, blah, blah.... doing whatever, talking to his one guy, noseplug...
      "Hang on a second."
      Shove fist into brick wall.
      Look at dude with expression that says "Oh, I was talking to you? Too bad. See 'ya!"

      Oh, yeah.

      The rest of my lucid I used to test dream powers, including long- and high-jumping (no flying yet), punching through things, making people believe me/making them go with the situation, and...

      something else I forgot about.

      Oh, materialization! I made myself a ring that I'll wear only when I'm lucid. That way, It'll be harder for me to forget lucidity within my dreams!

      Anyways, some of the dream took place at my old Church building, where I would jump through the ceiling to get to the next floor.
      I woke up right after a segment that had me talking to some Stryper fans. T-shirts, and all, they obviously loved the band. One thing about them, though, was the logo on the shirts. Three of them were shirts for the "Reborn" album, a couple I don't remember, but two or three were for some album that doesn't really exist.
      Which is a shame, 'cause it was cool album art.

      The thing about this lucid dream that puzzles me is that my recall of it is just as hazy as ever. Go figure.

      The thing about this lucid dream that I absolutely LOVE is that I actually had the time and took the opportunity to just go wild.

      Oh, and jumping twenty or thirty feet across a street was sweet, too.

      Now, if you'll excuse me while I go and WILD...`
    6. A Most Epic Not-Quite-Lucid Dream

      by , 04-30-2012 at 12:21 AM

      Took a nap at 2:45, woke at 5 o'clock

      I don't know the original setting of the dream, but I know that early on in the dream I performed a nose-pinch RC and it worked. I was somewhat surprised and shifted my hand to a spot that I was more sure would block any possible nasal air passage. It still worked. Over and over, probably upwards of a dozen times in a row, I did a nose pinch and every time it came up as breathing through anyways.
      And so I concluded that my nose was broken and that I'd have to ask about it later.
      HUFP()@(RYHOPIQWHDUNP@J(CO$EU$@P#R!#(%$(*#)%$@#()* JECHQUWPVEHIJ@ECVDUJQWHC)(FQ#YT*(PROE()&$*$*&#(@$& !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Okay, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way...
      Memory gap. (grrr)
      I remember after some point in the dream that I was back home in Iowa and that I had been hired for some company to do some work at a sort of facility that looked like a retrofitted barn. Retrofitted to seemingly have a six-foot-wide, five-foot-long rail gun (which is basically a completely unworkable design. I helped set up the rail-gun-type-thing in the top of the barn. After a couple hours of testing and what not, we fired it and the shot went about ten feet out of the barn before dropping to the ground.
      Did I mention this is in the middle of my hometown? Actually, a larger version of my hometown?
      Anyways, the round itself was hollow and square with clipped edges and no bottom edge. This was so that a person could look through it and stand with it (the round) around him as it fired. And that lucky person was me.
      Luckily the firing didn't make much noise.
      The third time it fired, I wondered how I would get my hand out of the way of the shot. You see, my job was to reach out in front of the round before it was fired and push a safety tab back into the wall. This somewhat troubled me, as I was to do so only within about a second of the round firing. When the rail gun fired that third time, it didn't seem to push very hard on the (square) round, and it barely cleared the 5' "barrel", if you will, before it tipped down and went crashing to the floor of the barn.
      So much for a rail gun.
      I took my leave at that point, because it was my break then, and biked around the city some. Again I'll say it was my hometown, Cedar Rapids, but it was larger than normal. (In retrospect it reminds me more of Manhattan in size and building type.)
      There's a gap in my recall here, but I know at some point that I stopped to talk to my dad as he was walking somewhere. He mentioned that I didn't need to remotely blow up the rail-gun barn at 3:30 (I had a wireless trigger in my hand), and I panicked because it was 5:23. {note: though my watch was different than normal, it was accurate to the amount of time that had passed.} I reasoned with myself that it must have been intentionally diffused before that point, as I hadn't heard it blow up while biking around. Soon after I and my dad parted ways and resumed biking (me) and walking (him) to wherever it was we were individually going.
      After a while I biked across the river on the 1st street bridge and back over on the 2nd street bridge. I parked my bike there and clambered up the wall-like steep side of the embankment for the road that crossed the bridge where it meets the land. On top, the road was suddenly the flat, tar roof of a building. It was also midday instead of evening (as it had been earlier), and the roof was hot and... bouncy? (Weird.) I walked around on the massive, flat, multi-building roof that I had found until I ran into my dad again. (not literally) We talked some more and he began bouncing on the roof, which was now as resilient as a trampoline. We ended up agreeing on some task to finish before the day was out, and I returned to the area of the roof where my bike was and explored some.
      After another gap in my memory, I know I was back at my house. Sort of. The exterior was pretty messed up, and I remember that I was chasing around some young'uns through the house and around it even. I know at one point out behind the house that I needed to go from one end of the house to the other. However, behind the house there was a lot of equipment like you'd see behind a large store or hotel, but smaller. On my right, halfway down, there were two shiny steel boilers or cookers like you'd see in a pricey restaurant. They were running full steam, and when I walked near them I saw that the only path to get to the other side of the building ran right next to them. One problem I noticed was that there was a small metal arm of sorts attached to the nearer boiler and it reached out half of the width of the walkway. It had a 6" disk-like thing on the end, and there was no reason that I thought I couldn't just duck under it or slide by. Don't ask me why I thought it was stopping me, I just did.
      I pushed the arm a bit to see what it did, and when I did the lid on the closer boiler raised a little and some of the contents leaked out. It looked like some sort of soup or sauce.
      Well, I figured that my best bet was to just getthroughasquicklyaspossiblenandhopethatIdidn'tsp illanything. So I did. I did spill some on me, though less than I expected and only on my arm. As I continued to run, rounding the corner of the house, I (the curious George of a boy) licked some off to tell what it was. It tasted a lot like tomato soup, but stronger, and it had some other flavors and textures that makes me think it was probably a sauce of some sort.
      So I clearly do have taste in my dreams, I can finally say with confidence.
      Well, when I got back inside my (first) brother was in the kitchen on the phone. I sat down, exhausted,and noticed that his hair (which he like to keep shorter than about two inches) was now thin and long, falling past his ears. When he got off the phone I commented that it made him look like Don Moen. (This was actually a completely incorrect comparison. Don Moen wasn't even close to right; he looked more like Don Francisco.) He laughed at that and reached to a point on my hair (also long) and said that "it'd have to be ten inches longer that that" to be Don's hair.
      Again, that should have been Don Fransisco, not Don Moen, but it wasn't.

      {Don Francisco: http://greatgreatjoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/forgiven.jpg}

      I woke, and I tried to make a WILD. I even successfully cleared my mind of most thoughts other than that I would wake up on the bench in the kitchen where I and my brother were and he'd tell me I was dreaming. When I did fall asleep again, however, I didn't dream before my roommate had kicked me in the rear to wake me up. It was dinner time, so it was okay, but I do wish I could have continued the dream.

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    7. Quick-wake, minor time compression

      by , 04-29-2012 at 07:46 AM
      Okay, so I woke up, sat up, crossed my legs, and fell asleep again.
      Somewhere in that sleep (I probably slipped right back into my REM sleep-stage), I dreamed that I was back at my Church's old building. I was sitting on the floor of the foyer next to a water fountain and was talking to [one of] my brother[s] about something he'd recorded. He was handing me SD cards from a holder of sorts as he was talking because he wasn't sure which one was the one we were looking for. I, on the other hands, was checking the contents of the cards on a sort of netbook. Sort of. It wasn't easy to do so because my ten-year-old niece was sitting in my lap at the time so that I had to reach around her to get to the netbook.
      Oh, well. Life's tough.
      Anyways, after about four of these cards, my brother handed me a ZIP disc which he remembered that the video was on. (was it a video?) Because my hands were busy working with the netbook-ish thing, I actually bit it at the corner and held it in my mouth instead. I tapped my niece on the head with it for squirming to much and was about to ask my brother if he had a ZIP drive to read the disc with when I woke up.
      Only about ten minutes had passed in waking life, but the deam was more like twenty.
      But I woke up. And my legs were asleep. >_<

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    8. Failed MILD

      by , 04-06-2012 at 06:47 PM

      Okay, so I stay up until 5 o'clock in the morning chatting because it's Good Friday and I can sleep in.
      I set my alarm to ten, planning to wake up to it, re-set it for eleven, and try to have a MILD.
      It worked... for the first half. I dreamed something about being at my Church's old location, but I only remember one clip from near the end: standing facing west in the foyer and wondering who a certain black-haired little girl was. She almost looked anime-ish, but... nah. To realistic, not big enough eyes. :/
      Anyways, I woke up at ten and tried to cause a MILD by repeatedly telling myself (mentally) that when I fell asleep and dreamed I would walk up to the girl and ask her what her name was.
      Well, you can't win them all, I guess.
    9. I forgot that I had a lucid dream?!?

      by , 03-26-2012 at 09:20 AM
      Now I know what they mean by "you couldn't have a lucid and totally forget it if you don't keep a dream journal"!

      I'm not sure if you'd call it a WILD or MILD, due to the ~20 minute gap between sleeping times, but when I did fall back asleep, it was like I was presented with some sort of messed-up (de-bug) version of the "Need for Speed II" track selection menu. The difference was that instead of "track 01", "track 02", and so on as one might expect (even though NFS2 doesn't have that in real life), instead it had "track 1a", "Track 2b", and so on.
      bear with me, 'cause this is weird: to change to the normal tracks, you'd press up or down... which didn't exist because the visual was all that existed. I did anyways.
      But then by pressing right or left (again, how the heck was I doing that?), I could switch to tracks like 2a, 1c, 3a, 4e, etc.
      I selected/loaded 2a (I think), which deposited me in a first-person shooter setting. I wandered around, knowing I was in a video game, and picked up a MASSIVE gun. Kind of like what Heavy uses in "Team Fortress II", but longer and more hi-tech. I hoisted it onto my shoulder and messed around with the keys (again, HOW the heck was I doing that?!?). After a minute of not figuring out what key to press to load it, I put it back down and wandered into a side room of the over-populated compound that was the setting.
      Inside the room, there were maybe four or five people, and I went over and started to talk to the bored girl in the corner. She was... the girl from my previous dream!
      Then I became (as I call it now) passively lucid. I was lucid, but I didn't start jumping around the place and freaking out.
      To clarify, I had tried to WILD back into my previous dream by mentally repeating that I would "wake" back into the dream next to the girl so that I could punch the lights out of the hobo. Maybe that didn't happen, but I'm still happy to say that in a more MILD-ish sort of way, it worked.
      Anyways, back to the dream.
      As soon as I was lucid, I stopped having to control my dream-self by "pressing" the right "buttons", (thank goodness), and could function normally and fully.
      I talked to the girl about nothing memorable, and I poked her on the nose. I didn't have to explain to her (but I'll explain to you) that it's a thing I do to close friends. Random quote that stuck with me: "You know, you would really be more fun to talk to if you were wearing clean underwear."
      Okay, for one how did she know that? And for two, what the heck is that supposed to be? An awkward pickup line?
      Anyways, after probably almost a half-hour, I got up and...
      Crud. Gap in my dream recall.
      Well, I do remember that I fought a little when the room got attacked, and when we moved to a different room (I was the last in) and I went to sit down by the girl and talk to her some more, there was her slightly possessive older brother there.
      And... I woke up soon after.

    10. Stairway to Hobo

      by , 03-26-2012 at 09:15 AM

      I had left what must have been my dorm and headed down the road toward what I think was the cafeteria when I noticed that it was going to rain. Not wanting to get wet, I quickly ducked into a building on my right. The door was locked, but whoever had locked up the building must have forgotten to shut the door properly, because it had not latched, so I was able to go in.
      Inside, there were two staircases made like fire escapes: corrugated metal patterns that you can see through. I took the one on my right up a floor and found a door in the wall (that would have led outside, I think) and another flight. After going up another floor, I noticed that it was raining heavily outside.
      As I wandered around the building, more and more there were no solid walls, and more and more these metal staircases were the only thing in this 30x100 foot building.
      Then the hobo showed up.
      I call him that because I'm not sure what else to call him. He wore a grimy old torn suit coat over a dirty shirt, pants, and a beat-up top hat; he looked like he must have walked out of the pages of a Mark Twain novel or something.
      Either way, he began mumbling pretty much incoherently and never stopped, even when I ran. (he was really creepy, okay? And it seemed that he was going to get was he wanted out of me however he needed to.)
      In general, I just legged it around, tromping up and down the 4+ floors of these clanky, see-through fire-escape-staircases inside what I had thought was a classroom hall. >_<
      All the while, the hobo trailed after me, mumbling like a mentally retarded 12-year-old. He often referred to someone who he seemed to oppress him by not giving him what he wanted all the time; someone he called "Mr. Slippy".
      At one point, a girl in her later teens showed up through a ground-floor side door, but she didn't seem to mind the hobo, and I didn't stop to talk to her.
      I remember that there was a very shallow flight of stairs that I ran... across, more or less. It had a rise of maybe four feet and a run of thirty or forty. I say across, because it was pivoted in the middle and really just landed me on the floor as before.
      I went up a few more levels and saw ahead of me the girl and the hobo standing there, the one being silent (as usual) and the other mumbling (as usual) and yet again mentioning "Mr. Slippy". I ducked (really hairpin-turned) to my right and saw to playplace-style tube slides, both wet and both going down. Glancing over my shoulder and seeing the hobo shuffling over toward me, I dove into the slide on the right, which returned me to ground level and the door I had first come through.
      Well... I exited the building without any regret (it had even stopped raining) and continued to walk to lunch. Along the way, I joined one guy who seemed nice, and I asked him about the hobo. I don't remember all that he said, bud he seemed to think they guy was pretty harmless, which is believable since the girl earlier didn't seem to think differently.
      We were about to enter the cafeteria when my alarm clock went off

      The thing that scared me about the hobo (as far as I can tell), is that he seemed to be one of those retarded (literally) people that doesn't want to hurt you, but complains about everything and will get insanely upset if you don't agree or if you won't share what he wants with him.
      And somehow I didn't have the guts to just take and give a good beating?
      As soon I turned off my alarm, I noted that I wish I had been lucid so that I could have beaten some contentedness into the hobo. :/ Call me morbid, but I really just wanted the guy to stop complaining.
    11. Wait, I WASN'T dreaming?!?

      by , 02-08-2012 at 12:58 AM
      Okay, so I had been helping tear down a Superchic[k] concert in a church in a nearby town that I've never been to before. (Because I had helped set up.)
      As the last things were being loaded into their trailed, I walked back into the the backstage area, which was designed to also function as a small gymnasium.
      I paused and thought for a moment...
      I am in a what?
      Big, empty room. [dreamsign]
      With what?
      A small number of people in the far corner. [dreamsign]
      And there is what outside?
      A trailer full of stuff.
      Which is?
      A sort of collection of things. [DREAMSIGN]
      And what just got over?
      A concert by a band that is probably a step up in popularity than this venue would be hosting.
      And you're helping them pack away their gear?
      Yes. (Hmm... that's weird)

      ...hey, what's that fifteen feet up the wall?
      It's a door- wait, A DOOR?!?!?
      Yes, it's a door.
      What the heck is a DOOR doing a foot from the ceiling? Wait-

      I promptly spent [roughly] the next 200 seconds performing up to two DOZEN reality checks, many of them multiple times.
      No dice.

      Whaaaaat??? All the criteria in the book have been fulfilled, I have GOT to be dreaming... right?

      Well. I guess not.
    12. Nothing much

      by , 01-15-2012 at 06:04 AM

      Nothing much. At one point, I was talking to this old guy, and later I was at a weird sort of musical instrument store. Not weird enough to warrant question, but how the guitars were arranged was weird.
    13. The Serpent of Eden

      by , 01-12-2012 at 10:16 PM

      All I can remember of my dream is that there was a small, sapient snake trying to bite my mom. The setting was back at my house, in front of the garage, and it was night. The snake was trying to poison my mom, but every time it sprang to strike, I would stomp on it, catching it just behind the head. Eventually I made a deal with the snake that it wouldn't come back if I could point out every constellation in the sky. It agreed.
      I quickly ran back into the garage and flipped one of the light switches. Immediately, the stars became brighter and the lines of the constellations became lightly visible. Apparently, the deal was just that the constellations get pointed out, because the snake screeched "you're cheating!" or "I've been cheated!", implying that anyone could call out the constellations (which, obviously, everyone would now that the lines were there).

      That's all I remember.

      Note: I can never think of this dream without thinking of the last verse of Bride's "Kiss the Train":
      In my sleep, I could feel the snake
      Burning body until it ached
      Signed my name in blood, dreamed of salvation
      The morning will come, my love, without reservation
    14. Footrace and Art Deco Semicars

      by , 01-11-2012 at 07:47 PM

      Woke at 8:30 and fell asleep again.

      I was in this sort of race, but it was a foot race and the "track", if you could call it that, was laid out throughout various hallways and corridors of a large building or complex. It was on multiple floors, and there were no real sidelines; the runners simply stayed on the track and the spectators stayed out of the way.
      I came into the event late, sprinting through the front door of the hotel (The building was a really fancy hotel). There was a crowd (mostly made of men in three-piece-suits) between the entry-way and where the runners start about twenty feet in. I made my way through the crowd as it parted an crossed the starting line just as the whistle blew. Everybody took off, and, just like in a video game, about half of them were already moving faster than I was.
      We all ran the course, doing our best not to collide as we tried to not lose speed on sharp corners. I even took to grabbing corners and using them to spin-turn quickly.
      My memory skips here to the end of the race. It sort of trailed off, so I don't know who won, but me and my dad were in our old truck on our way back home. We stopped for gas and I stayed in the truck where I noticed that a bag of anime tapes I had lost [in real life, I decided not to buy them].I remember clearly a Neon Genesis: Evangelion DVD box set, but it had the weirdest-looking case you could imagine for an Eva DVD set. It looked like something from the "Little House with an Orange Roof" manga. Weird.
      We left the station and started home. The route in mu dream was similar to the route we would take home from my Church's old building, including a certain double-overpass. Just like in real life, there was a car dealership to the left of and before the two overpass bridges. What was really cool was that there was a '57 Bel Air pulling out of it in front of us a ways. Then another. When I looked at the dealership, the whole place was full of these cartoon-colored 50's cars.
      All the way home we passed nothing but 50's and late 40's cars. We were even trailing a yellow-and-cream 50's car, big fins and all.
      As we left the city limits [we live a few miles out of town], it was getting dark we crossed under another underpass right after passing a WEIRD and very tall and very cartoon-looking (think "Meet the Robinsons) 40's-sort-of car. To the left of the road, after the overpass, there were probably two or three dozen of them lined up like at a car dealership.
      It was dark now, and we passed another of these strange, colorful, cartoonistic 40's cars. The difference was that we could feel the wind resistance this time, as if we'd just passed a semi truck.
      Then we passed another, and both we and it were going a bit faster [in real life, this part of the route does have an end-sped-zone]. This time the truck physically shook left and right just after passing. The next time (again faster), the back end even fishtailed slightly. The last time, we had sped up considerably. As we passed it, I braced myself for the delayed wind-impact, but... it never happened.
      And the next thing I remember is the next day.
      At the next race. (In the same building.)

      So it's the next race/day, and the gun sounds, and we're all off. The route is different this time, and quickly takes us runners to a grand staircase leading to the next floor. It's sort of split at the top, and my friend L (Previously referenced as "Elizabeth") is sitting on the small pedestal where the bannisters meet. (Yes, the same friend that I got married to in a dream eight months ago.) For whatever reason, I stop to talk to her, and she is happy that I'm participating in the race. I'm normally reluctant to participate in competitive sport-like events, so I'm happy about it too.
      You can call me creepy (if you must), but as friends we didn't find it weird at all that I tickled her as a parting gesture. [You know, to say goodbye.] She giggled and said something like "Oh, don't do that; I'm still getting over that one time." (She was referring to that dream eight months ago.)
      I agreed and, saying goodbye, I turned to continue the race.

      And I awoke, immediately thinking 'Really???' "Really", because I don't even know L as well as half a dozen other friends in my life, and I haven't seen her much in the past four months.

      And that is the account of my dream on the Eighth of January, Two Thousand and Twelve.

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    15. Well, itís about time

      by , 01-06-2012 at 02:36 AM
      [probably D3]

      Like the title implies, Iíve been waiting. Not so patiently. And......... LUCIDITY!!! [I think.]

      Okay, so I was having a dream (duh) where I was talking to my friend A while on some sort of field trip or museum tour of some sort. Without any prompt at all, I became lucid and promptly began doing what any sane veteran of lucidity lore and study would do in my situation.
      I started royally freaking out.
      Really, I was getting all sorts of excited. I even grabbed A by the shoulders and said ďHey! Iím dreaming! I know Iím dreaming!Ē
      And... shortly after that, the dream ended. I didnít even wake up from all that freaking out, I just... stopped dreaming.

      Stupid happiness overload.

      The weird thing is that my recall of the whole thing is no more vivid than my average (recalled) dream. That might be due to my late (or technically early) bedtime last night (again, technically morning) cutting down on my sleep and clarity relatively, but...
      Eh. Who knows.

      Anyways. I am now officially a lucidity virgin no more.
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