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    Plane Crash

    by , 04-14-2018 at 03:56 PM (205 Views)

    - - -

    I was in a plane with my family, we were probably on a flight to America. (We're going there at the end of the year in real life)

    I was sitting next to my sister on the plane.

    The plane started to go down and turn on its side. My first thought was "this is quite a steep turn". Then it got so steep that I knew we were about to crash.
    My sister fainted and fell into the middle isle of the plane.

    I jumped into the isle, sat down and picked up my sister and put her in my arms. My thought was "If I hold her just right, I can cushion the impact and maybe she'll survive". I pretty much expected to die.

    Down the plane went. The farther down it went, the more I adjusted myself to give my sister the best chance, and the more I braced for impact.
    The plane pulled up at the last moment and I then knew the impact would not be as bad as I first thought.


    Next thing I remember is carrying my sister down a street with hundreds of people running about, and bombs going off.
    We were in some sort of Eastern, war-filled country. Sandy streets, sand-coloured buildings.

    My mum was running beside me. I was worried about my dad and the rest of the family, but I trusted my dad to deal with that. All I cared about was getting my mum and my unconscious sister to safety.
    I looked up and saw a missile come towards us, so I shouted, "This way!" and I turned left and my mum followed. We escaped the missile.

    - - -
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