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    by , 01-31-2017 at 07:43 AM (225 Views)
    At last after three nights of remembering nothing I have remembered some dream fragments!!

    1) I was on a beach, I remember walking down a path towards the beach over the sand. Then I remember being stood near the beach looking at a fence and hedgrows and thinking this was a classic English beach scene. Next I was looking at a beach hut, someone was in part of it talking to an estate agent about buying a beach hut.

    2) I was in an old lady's house I had to strip all the wiring from the wall going to the TV and phone so it could be replaced. I remember removing a few specific bits of wiring and eventually being able to remove the phone. My dead father in law was there advising me as to which wire to remove, he said he was having some difficulty cutting one wire but I manged to do it. I was then outside leading the old lady back into her house, I almost went into the wrong door.

    3) I parked my car near some doors it needed a jump start. I was going to break into someone's house to connect to there electricity but decided against it.

    4) Vague memory of another dream, nothing specific though.

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