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    Journals From The Void

    (Starting As of March 5, 2018, because I know I'm close now!)


    • Lines indicate a drastic division in what I'm writing before and after the line. They may appear as multiple lines on some devices, because I'm too lazy to try to figure out textbox scaling.

    1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      • Indicates a shift from dream to post-dream notes, or from pre-dream notes to a dream. Notes will not be color-coded when separated from the dream by this line.

    2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Title, info)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      • Indicates a switch from one dream to another. Has the title of the following dream, as well as info about the dream, between two of the lines. This is not required for the title and information of the first entry of a date.

    3. **************************************(Date)****** *******************************************
      • Marks a shift in days if I get lazy and decide to post multiple days' entries on one day.

    In-Text Formatting

    • The in-text formatting indicates how to interpret what is written. If you know basic grammar, you should be good for the most part when reading my DJ.


    • The color-coding of the text indicates a detail about what is written.

    1. Black -- Non-lucid dream, clear
    2. Green -- Non-lucid dream, hazy
    3. Yellow -- Somewhat aware of the fact that I am dreaming; semi-lucid
    4. Red -- Lucid, clear dream
    5. Orange -- Lucid, hazy dream
    6. Purple -- A thought that I'm having in the dream
    7. Blue -- Comments on something in a dream (not actually from the dream), usually in parenthesis

    These formatting choices may change as I write more and more dreams.

    1. Dreams 2/20/18-3/2/18

      by , 03-05-2018 at 08:21 PM (Journals From The Void)
      Hello. I haven't made a DJ entry in a while, but have once again started recording dreams in my personal dream journal on 2/20/18, so I figured I should post some of these dreams here, to test my new formatting and share the dreams.
      ************************************************** **************************************************
      ************************************************** **************************************************
      Cliffs and Smiths
      I am somewhere, looking at a steep cliff that encompasses the entire area. There is a gate with a steep set of stairs going down the cliffs. I point it out for some reason. Just as I do this, a carriage, drawn by two horses, exits the gate, and begins to descend the stairs. The carriage, along with its contents, are bobbing up and down in mid-air rapidly. (This was incredibly funny to me upon waking up. This being written in text really does not do the sight any sort of justice.)

      Suddenly, I am atop the cliff, past the gate (I do recall getting up there somehow, but am unsure as to the exact manner I used to ascend. I believe the dream may have implanted a false memory there, but I'm kind of unsure). I have someone craft something for me, though I am unsure of the specifics of who was crafting what for me. However, I am informed by someone of a certain rule involving crafting: 'You can't look at the craftsman, or he can't work, but you also can't look away from the craftsman, or he can't work.'

      I try to allow the craftsman to work by keeping him in my peripherals as I walk down a road, but I find difficulty in not looking directly at or away from the craftsman. This is the single most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.

      I wake up, without the craftsman ever finishing.

      ************************************************** ************************************************20 18/2/24
      ************************************************** ************************************************
      Shared Dream Quest!

      I am with two of my friends at a dock, in what I assume to be a different country. We are doing 'Shared Dreaming,' (though not really) and looking for multiple pieces of something. We end up in a water dream. I am a fish. I see something embedded in the sand, and go to collect it. I am suddenly surrounded by other fish. Turns out my friends ended up as predatory fish, while I was a prey fish. This, however, would never have any significance, because we 'wake up.'

      I post something along the lines of 'I did it!' to Dreamviews, excitedly.
      Then, Sageous responds by interpreting it, though I am not sure how he did so. It was several paragraphs long, however. For some reason that I am unable to recall, this annoys me (Which is completely out of character for me, by the way).

      I can't remember if the dream continued from there, but it didn't feel like I woke up directly out of the dream.

      ************************************************** ************************************************
      ************************************************** ************************************************

      Space Adventure Thing

      The dream starts in a space wreckage. I maneuver around a bit. I can't really remember much about this part of the dream.

      Suddenly, I am in a 'Classroom,' filled with kids,
      who I understand to be the remnants of humanity. There are buttons in front of all of the sets of children. I press one, and their appearances are shuffled.

      I learn that I am a Youtube Gamer, playing a game.

      Back in the classroom, I tease one of the kids whom
      I understand to be my sister. I don't tease her to be mean, I am only playing around. I wake up.

      ************************************************** ************************************************
      ************************************************** ************************************************

      It's a Papa John's commercial, advertising noodles for some reason. The noodles were called 'Mitsuhashi' or something like that.These noodles looked immensely appetizing. Like, holy crap, those are the best looking noodles I've ever seen in my life. They genuinely were, on recollection, still the best looking looking noodles I have ever (seen?). I ask some people to go get some for me, but they say "Well, mitsuhashi means 'Cowardly' in Korean, so that should tell you all you need to know about it."

      This convinced me that I shouldn't get those noodles, unfortunately. I wake up.


      After the dream, I looked it up. Mitsuhashi has no meaning at all, in either Korean or Japanese (I checked Japanese because it sounded more Japanese than Korean to me).

      I didn't share all of my dreams, because some of them are kinda more personal than I'd like, so... yeah.