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    by , 12-22-2016 at 04:22 AM (493 Views)
    So, I've not been on DV recently, as I was going through some important family stuff. However, I'm back with a story about my first full, and intentional lucid experience. It felt about 3 hours long, but, as I didn't have my DJ nor Internet, and it happened 3 days ago, I'm only able to remember some bits.

    ************************************************** ***********

    I don't remember the first portion of it, but I spontaneously plug my nose to do a reality check. I can breathe. What a strange feeling, breathing through a plugged nose. I realize I'm dreaming and attain mild lucidity. First and foremost, I try to fly, naturally. I fall flat on my face. I'm standing up again, and remember reading somewhere that a good way to fly in a dream was to hop, expecting your jumps to get higher and higher as you go. I try it, but my jumping size doesn't increase.

    'No matter,' I think to myself. I decide to explore. I don't remember anything else up until seeing the glass building a while later. I imagine that it's a dungeon and rush inside, and I am greeted with none other than the pits of hell. There's a save point, and I recognize that I'm dreaming again, 'catching' my falling lucidity by doing the same reality check, and admiring the hell-room.

    The dream restarts, and I do the exact same things, except without lucidity. It restarts again, and I am lucid once again. I head down to the same place, except wanting to go past it this time. However, to my surprise, a rich guy is standing on some boxes with a megaphone, advertising the dungeon. I was angered, and woke up.


    So yeah, that was fun. I'm glad I didn't wake up instantly, though I wish I had taken more time to check out the surroundings. It was also interesting that it restarted not once, but twice.

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