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    Boat houses and a new word

    by , 08-10-2015 at 09:32 AM (273 Views)
    Did WILD, arrived outside my Nan's house. It was a bright, sunny day. I looked at the other houses lining the street and I saw that their design was vastly different to the real houses. In an instant, and without any fanfare or beautiful lights, the purpose behind this new design became apparent, as they were in fact large boats. The ground below and around them instantly became water and they sailed for a bit. I turned around and looked at my Nan's house. It too was different, but it was stationary and large and resembled a shopping centre more than anything else. I remembered my dream task and attempted to fly into space, to find a black hole. I failed and the world started fading out. I attempted to will clarity back, but failed at that too.

    I found myself in my room, and convinced I had woken up, went on my laptop. I searched (God knows why) for humans acting as animals (can't recall the exact search term). The first link I encountered was for a TV tropes page called "elephantra". I intuitively knew it was an invented word and looked at the side of my laptop to discover the charging cable was plugged in. In real life, my sister had it. (She broke her own, so, we share). My laptop was also dead in real life and this was enough to make me lucid. Sadly, I woke up (for real, this time).

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