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    Lego lucidity help machines.

    by , 07-27-2014 at 10:33 AM (307 Views)
    Began fully lucid in my own room. Left the house and encountered an ice cream truck, with people lining up at it. A police officer tried to stop some imaginary disturbance, but was shooed away by everyone. Somehow made it to college where the police officer was back, but had devolved into a black comedy relief style character. After a few misadventure, which I can't recall, I left him and woke up.

    Brief awakening followed by a return to lucidity where I returned to my house to find my mother talking about college grades. After a while, I left her and went back outside. Tried in vain to fly, but was successful in phasing through the ice cream van. Tried to go to the zombiu world, but instead transitioned to a vaguely digital style platform floating above a stormy sea. To the left were other platforms, which I effortlessly flew to this time. I discovered that the architecture, which consisted of two flower beds and a series of purple cubicles I identified as lucidity help machine, were all made of lego. After destroying the flower beds and collecting studs, I woke up.

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